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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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   LOCALE            City                                       Shop:
Wisconsin 262  Bristol            ---Benson Corners Antique Mall, 2000 75th St., Bristol WI.
               Brookfield         ---Stonewood Village Antiques, 17700 W. Capitol Dr., Brookfield
                                  WI.  (262)781-7195.
               Cedarburg          ---Cedar Creek Settlement, 70 W6340 Bridge Rd., Cedarburg WI.
                                  ---Cedarburg Antique Mall, W63 N706 Washington Ave., Cedarburg
                                  WI. (262)375-6262
                                  ---Creekside Antiques, 69 W 6335 Bridge Rd., Cedarburg WI.
                                  ---Stone Mill Antique Corner, N69 W6333 Bridge Rd., Cedarburg WI.
               Kenosha            ---Antique Mall of Racine, 611 58th St., Kenosha WI.
                                  ---Dairyland Antique Mall, 5220 120th Ave., Kenosha WI.
                                  ---Helen's Remember When Antique & Collectibles Mall, 5801 6th
                                  Ave., Kenosha WI. (262)652-2280.
                                  ---Miracle on 58th St., A, 706 58th St., Kenosha WI.
                                  ---Sara Jane's Antique Center, 716 58th St., Kenosha WI.
               Kewaskum           ---General Store Antique Mall, Hwys. 28 & 45, Kewaskum WI.
               Lake Geneva        ---Lake Geneva Antique Mall, 829 Williams St., Lake Geneva WI.
                                  (262)248-6345.  <>
               Menomonee Falls    ---Attic Memories Collectibles & Antiques, 16776 W. Appleton
                                  Ave., Menomonee Falls WI. (262)251-4040.
                                  ---Menomonee Falls Antiques, 8 W. 16683 Appleton Ave., Menomonee
                                  Falls WI.  (262)250-0816.
                                  ---Needful Things, 8 W. 16733 Appleton Ave., Menomonee Falls WI.
               Paddock Lake       ---Always Remember That Antique Mall, 26301 75th St. [Hwy 50],
                                  Paddock Lake WI. (262)843-1786. /H/ Open 10-5; closed Tuesdays.
               Pewaukee           ---Old Lynndale Farm, 7 W 28270 Lynndale Rd., Pewaukee WI.
               Sturtevant         ---Antique Castle Mall, 1701 S.E. Frontage Rd., Sturtevant WI.
                                  ---School Days Mall, 9500 Durand Ave., Sturtevant WI.
               Union Grove        ---Storm Hall Antique Mall, 835 15th Ave., Union Grove WI.
                                  (262)878-1644.  <>
               Waterford          ---Freddy Bear's Antique Mall, 2819 Beck Dr., Waterford WI.
Wisconsin 414  Belgium            ---Zaida's Antique Mall, 755 Main St., Belgium WI. (414)285-7044.
               Burlington         ---Shy Violet Antiques and Collectibles, The, 129 E. Chestnut
                                  St., Burlington WI. (414)767-9390. <>
               Delafield          ---Delafield Antiques Center, 803 N. Genesee St., Delafield WI.
                                  ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, 2358 Lake View Ct., Delafield WI.
               Delavan            ---Delavan Antique & Art Centre, 230 E. Walworth Ave., Delavan
                                  WI.  (800)571-1160 or (414)740-1400.
                                  ---Remember When Antiques & Collectibles, 313 E. Walworth Ave.,
                                  Delavan WI.  (414)728-8670.
               Elkhorn            ---Twin Pines Antique Mall, 5438 S.R. 11, Elkhorn WI.
               Fontana            ---Main Street Fontana Antique Mall, 110 W. Main St., Fontana WI.
               Germantown         ---Pilgrim Antique Mall, W156N11500 Pilgrim Rd., Germantown WI.
               Grafton            ---Grafton Antique Mall, 994 Ulao Rd., Grafton WI. (414)376-0036.
               Hartford           ---Hartford Antique Mall, 147 N. Rural St., Hartford WI.
               Milwaukee          ---5th Avenue Antiques, 1514 Church St., Milwaukee WI.
                                  ---Antique Center--Walker's Point, 1134 S. 1st St., Milwaukee WI.
                                  (414)383-0655 or 383-3036.
                                  ---Clinton Street Antique Centre, 1110 S. 1st St., Milwaukee WI.
                                  ---Milwaukee Antique Center, 341 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee WI.
                                  (800)510-4300 or (414)276-0605.
                                  ---Rusty Sprocket Antiques, 3391 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee WI.
                                  (414)554-5299. Located on Kinnickinnic and Holt. Open Tue-Sat 12-6,
                                  Sun 12-5, Closed Monday. <rustysprocketantiques @>
                                  ---Water Street Antique Market, 318 N. Water St., Milwaukee WI.
               Racine             ---Antique Mall of Racine, 310 S. Main St., Racine WI.
                                  ---Manor On Taylor Antique Mall, 1913 Taylor Ave., Racine WI.
                                  ---Peddlers Market, 2000 Lathrop Ave., Racine WI. /H/
               Walworth           ---On The Square Antique mall, 109 Madison, Walworth WI.
               Waterford          ---Heavenly Haven Antique Mall, 318 W. Main St., Waterford WI.
               West Bend          ---Main Street Antiques, 229 S. Main St., West Bend WI.
Wisconsin 608  Baraboo            ---Antique Mall of Wisconsin II, S2276 US Hwy. 12, Baraboo WI.
               Brodhead           ---Brodhead Mall, 1027 1st Center Ave., Brodhead WI.
               Cambridge          ---Cambridge Antique Mall, 109 Spring, Cambridge WI.
               Clinton            ---Smokehouse Antiques, 403 Front St., Clinton WI. (608)676-2251.
                                  ---Teresa's Antiques, 244 Allen St., Clinton WI. (608)676-5535.
               Cuba City          ---Tin Lantern Antiques Mall, 712 S. Main St., Cuba City WI.
               Dodgeville         ---Dirty Hollow Antiques, 506 N. Main St. [& Hwy 23], Dodgeville
                                  WI.  (608)935-1554. /H/ Open all week & all year, 10-5.
               Edgerton           ---Edgerton Resale Mall, 204 W. Fulton St., Edgerton WI.
                                  (608)884-8148.  <>
                                  ---Sisters Act Consignment, 114 W. Fulton St., Edgerton WI.
                                  (608)884-6092. /C/
                                  ---Thymes Past Antique Mall, 22 W. Fulton, Edgerton WI.
               Evansville         ---Antique Mall of Evansville, 13 W. Main St., Evansville WI.
               Fennimore          ---Fennimore 1861 Antique Center, 480 Lincoln Ave., Fennimore WI.
               Friendship         ---Friendship Antique & Craft Mall, 214 Main St., Friendship WI.
               Genoa              ---Old Tool Shed Antiques, 612 Main St., Genoa WI. (608)689-2066.
               Janesville         ---27 West Antiques & Art Center, 1405 Creston Park Dr.,
                                  Janesville WI.  (608)752-2727.
                                  ---Carousel Consignments, 31 S. Main St., Janesville WI.
                                  (800)243-9571 or (608)758-0553.
                                  ---Milton Collectibles Mall, 1605 S. River Rd., Janesville WI.
                                  ---Yesterday's Memories Antiques, 4904 S. Hwy. 51, Janesville WI.
               La Crosse          ---4th St. Antique Gallery, 119 South 4th St., La Crosse WI.
                                  (608)782-7278 or Fax: (608)783-4522.
                                  ---Antique Center of La Crosse, Ltd., 110 S. Third St., La Crosse
                                  WI.  (608)782-6533.
                                  ---Caledonia Street Antique Mall, 1213 Caledonia St., La Crosse
                                  WI.  (608)782-8443.
               Lake Delton        ---Old Academy Antiques & Gift Mall, Hwy. 12, Lake Delton WI.
                                  ---Our Gang Antique Mall, Hwy. 23, Lake Delton WI. (608)254-4401.
               Madison            ---Antiques Mall of Madison, 4748 Cottage Grove Rd., Madison WI.
                                  ---Broadway Antiques Mall, 115 E. Broadway, Madison WI.
                                  ---Mapletree Antique Mall, 1293 N. Sherman Ave., Madison WI.
                                  ---Northgate Antique Mall, 1293 Sherman Ave., Madison WI.
               Mauston            ---Antique Mall of Mauston, 101 N. Union St., Mauston WI.
                                  ---Country Treasures Mall, 5841 W. McEvoy, Mauston WI.
               Milton             ---Campus Antiques Mall, 609 Campus St., Milton WI.
                                  ---Goodrich Hall Antiques, 501 College St., Milton WI.
                                  ---Whitford Hall Antique Mall, 525 College St., Milton WI.
               Mineral Point      ---Livery Antiques, 303 Commerce St., Mineral Point WI.
               Monroe             ---Monroe Antiques & Collectible Mall, 1003 16th Ave., Monroe WI.
                                  (608)328-8000. Open daily. 45 mi SW of Madison WI.
               Mount Horeb        ---Hoff Mall Antique Center, 101 E. Main St., Mt. Horeb WI.
                                  (800)994-6300 or (608)437-4580. Other shops in area.
                                  ---Hoff Mall Antiques Annex, 111 S. 1st St., Mount Horeb WI.
                                  ---Main Street Antiques, 126 E. Main, Mount Horeb WI.
               Platteville        ---Marilee's Main Street Mall, 70 E. Main St., Platteville WI.
               Reedsburg          ---Big Store Antique Malls I-II-III, 195 E. Main St., Reedsburg
                                  WI.  (608)524-4141.
               Richland Center    ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, 177 E. Haseltine St., Richland
                                  Center WI.  (608)647-8286.
                                  ---Valley Antique Mall, 178 S. Central Ave., Richland Center WI.
                                  (608)647-3793 or 647-2260.
               Sparta             ---Sparta Antique Mall, 100 S. Water St., Sparta WI.
               Spring Green       ---My Little Jelly Bean Antiques & Collectibles, 124 W. Jefferson
                                  St., Spring Green WI. (608)588-3592. /H/ /C/ Located in Historic
                                  Downtown District. Open Mon/Tue by Chance 12-5, Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat
                                  10-5, Sunday 11-4.  <>
               Stoughton          ---Ice House Antiques, 308 S. Forrest St., Stoughton WI.
                                  ---Stoughton Antique Mall, 524 E. Main St., Stoughton WI.
                                  ---Tobacco Co. Mall, 515 E. Main, Stoughton WI. (608)877-1330.
               Sun Prairie        ---Coffee Mill Antique Mall, 3472 Hoepker Rd., Sun Prairie WI.
               Tomah              ---Antique Mall of Tomah, 1510 Eaton Lane, Tomah WI.
                                  (608)372-7853 or Fax: (608)372-6552. <info @
                                  ---Oakdale Antique Mall, Oakdale WI. (608)374-4700.
               Viroqua            ---Court Street Antique Mall, 112 E. Court St., Viroqua WI.
                                  ---Main Street Antique Mall, 207 N. Main St., Viroqua WI.
               Wisconsin Dells    ---Antique Mall of Wisconsin Dells, 720 Oak St., Wisconsin Dells
                                  WI.  (608)254-2422.
                                  ---Days Gone By Antique Mall, 729 Oak St., Wisconsin Dells WI.
                                  ---Oak Street Antiques Mall, 725 Oak St., Wisconsin Dells WI.
Wisconsin 715  Abbotsford         ---Abbotsford Antique Mall, 101 S. 1st St., Abbotsford WI.
               Auburndale         ---Cutler's Antiques & Mercantile, 5768 Main St., Auburndale WI.
               Black River Falls  ---Antique Center, The, 304 Main St., Black River Falls WI.
               Bonduel            ---Hearthside Antique Mall, 129 N. Cecil, Bonduel WI.
               Cadott             ---Kucera Antique Mall, 345 N. Main St., Cadott WI.
               Chippewa Falls     ---Picket Fence Antique Mall, 501 N. High St., Chippewa Falls WI.
               Couderay           ---Argetsinger's General Store & Antique Mall, Hwys. 27 & 70,
                                  Couderay WI.  (715)945-2261.
               Crivitz            ---Collector's Paradise Antique Mall, N 9205 Hwy. 141, Crivitz
                                  WI. (715)854-3187
               Eau Claire         ---Antique Emporium, 306 Main St., Eau Claire WI. (715)832-2494.
               Hayward            ---Antiquity Square Antique Mall, 10440 Florida Ave., Hayward WI.
               Lake Tomahawk      ---Lake Tomahawk Antique Mall, 7225 Bradley St., Lake Tomahawk
                                  WI. (715)277-4333
               Marshfield         ---Four Seasons Antique Mall, 355 S. Central Ave., Marshfield WI.
               Merrill            ---Antique Mall of Merrill, W4669 Prairie Crest Ln., Merrill WI.
                                  ---Highway 51 N. Antique Mall, N. 265 Brandenburg Ave., Merrill
                                  WI.  (715)539-0008.
               Minocqua           ---Gaslight Antiques, 415 Oneida St. [Hwy 51 S], Minocqua WI.
                                  (715)358-9775. /H/ We're in the upper level of Gaslight Square
                                  (elevator), southbound side of Hwy. 51, downtown. Open year
                                  'round: Summer 10-6 and Sun 10-5; Winter 10-5 and Sun 10-4.
                                  ---Island City Antique Market, 8661 US Hwy. 51 N., Minocqua WI.
               Neillsville        ---Old Hotel Shoppe and Mall, 105 W. Seventh St., Neillsville WI.
               Osseo              ---Many Little Things Mall, 216 W. Seventh St., Osseo WI.
               Plover             ---Mall Antiques & Collectibles, 1501 Plover Rd. #17, Plover WI.
               Prescott           ---Prescott Antique Mall, 213 N. Broad St., Prescott WI.
               Rhinelander        ---Gathering Room Antiques Mall, 1920 Stevens St., Rhinelander
                                  WI. (715)369-1372
               River Falls        ---Chicken Cooperative Antiques, River Falls WI. (715)425-5716.
                                  ---Riverfalls Antique Mall, 102 S. Main St., River Falls WI.
               Saint Croix Falls  ---Antique & Art Emporium, 2012 US Hwy 8, Saint Croix Falls WI.
               Shawano            ---Yesterday's Antique Mall, 712 E. Green Bay St., Shawano WI.
               Siren              ---Crossroad Antique Mall, 24810 S.R. 35, Siren WI.
                                  ---Siren Antiques, Collectibles & Gifts, 24530 SR 35/70, Siren
                                  WI.  (715)349-7573. One Mi. N of Siren. Summer: Apr-Oct daily
                                  10-5, Winter: Nov-Mar Fri-Sun 10-5.
               Spooner            ---Antique Associates Mall, 220 Walnut St., Spooner WI.
               Spring Valley      ---Red Barn Antiques Mall, Corner Rts. 63 & 29, Spring Valley WI
                                  54767.  (715)778-5651.
               Superior           ---Allouez Antiques, 4101 E. Second St., Superior WI.
                                  ---Superior Antique & Art Depot, 933 Oakes Ave., Superior WI.
               Tomahawk           ---Antique Mall of Sheboygan, Tomahawk WI. (715)453-1679.
               Waupaca            ---Danes Home Antique Mall, 301 N. Main St., Waupaca WI.
               Wausau             ---Antiques Mall of Wausau, 626 N. 3rd Ave., Wausau WI.
                                  (800)286-0234 or (715)842-5519.
                                  ---Ginny's Antiques & Consignments, 416 3rd St., Wausau WI.
                                  ---Grand Avenue Antiques Mall, 1930 Grand Ave., Wausau WI.
                                  ---Rib Mt. Antique Mall, 3300 Eagle Ave., Wausau WI.
               Wisconsin Rapids   ---Antique Heaven Mall, 3626 8th St. S., Wisconsin Rapids WI.
Wisconsin 920  Algoma             ---Algoma Antique Mall, 300 4th St., Algoma WI. (920)487-3221.
                                  ---White Birch Village, N9698 Elder Dr., Algoma WI.
               Appleton           ---Fox River Antique Mall, 1074 S. Van Dyke Rd., Appleton WI.
                                  ---Memories Antique Mall, 400 Raldolph Dr., Appleton WI.
                                  ---On The Avenue Antique Mall, 513 W. College Ave., Appleton WI.
               Berlin             ---Berlin Depot Antiques, 153 W. Franklin St., Berlin WI.
                                  (920)361-3778. Open Mon-Sat, 10-4 year 'round; closed Sundays &
                                  Holidays.  <>
               Columbus           ---Antique Shoppes of Columbus Mall, 141 W. James St., Columbus
                                  WI.  (920)623-2669.
                                  ---Antique Shoppes of Columbus, 902 Park Ave., Columbus WI.
                                  ---Columbus Antique Mall & Museum, 239 Whitney, Columbus WI.
                                  Phone/Fax: (920)623-1992.
               Egg Harbor         ---Olde Orchard Antique Mall, 7381 State Hwy. 42, Egg Harbor WI.
               Fish Creek         ---Peninsula Antique Center, Fish Creek WI. (920)868-3360.
               Fort Atkinson      ---5 Star Antiques Mall, 125 N. Main St., Fort Atkinson WI.
               Green Bay          ---Yesteryear's Antiques Mall, 611 9th St., Green Bay WI.
               Kewaunee           ---Olde Towne Antique Mall, 300 N. Main St., Kewaunee WI.
               Lake Mills         ---Opera Hall Antique Center, The, 211 W. Main St., Lake Mills
                                  WI. (920)648-5026
               Manitowoc          ---Antique Mall of Manitowoc, 301 N. 8th St., Manitowoc WI.
                                  ---C. R. Antique Mall, 7428 Highway CR, Manitowoc WI.
                                  (920)726-4460. /H/ Open every day, 10-5.
                                  ---Harbor Antique Mall, 828 Memorial Dr., Manitowoc WI.
                                  ---I-43 JJ Antique Mall, 6000 Co. Hwy. JJ, Manitowoc WI.
                                  (920)684-5926 or Fax: (920)732-4394.
                                  ---Washington Street Antique Mall, 910 Washington St., Manitowoc
                                  WI.  (920)684-2954 or Fax: (920)684-6630.
               Menasha            ---Not New Now Antiques, 212 Main St., Menasha WI. (920)725-5545.
               Oconto             ---What's Hot Antique Mall, 711 Brazeau Ave., Oconto WI.
               Oshkosh            ---Originals Mall, 1475 S. Washburn, Oshkosh WI. (920)235-0495.
                                  ---Ramblinrose Antique Mall, 105 Indian Point Rd., Oshkosh WI.
               Plymouth           ---Hub City Antique Mall, 127 E. Mill St., Plymouth WI.
                                  ---Timekeepers Clocks & Antiques Mall, 11 Stafford St., Plymouth
                                  WI.  (920)892-8463.
               Princeton          ---Parkside Antique Mall, 501 S. Fulton St., Princeton WI.
                                  ---Princeton Antiques Mall, 101 Wisconsin, Princeton WI.
                                  ---River City Antique Mall, 328 S. Fulton St., Princeton WI.
               Sheboygan          ---City Streets Antiques, 701 s. Eighth St., Sheboygan WI.
                                  ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, 1321 N. 14th St., Sheboygan WI.
                                  ---One Stop Antique Shop, 1322 N. 14th St., Sheboygan WI.
                                  ---Sheboygan Antiques, 336 Superior Ave., Sheboygan WI.
               Theresa            ---Rock River Antique Mall, 121 Menomonee, Theresa WI.
               Watertown          ---Peddler's Daughter, 210 S. Water St., Watertown WI.
               Waupun             ---Little Bit Everything Antique Mall, 24 E. Main St., Waupun WI.
               Wautoma            ---Silver Lake Antique Mall, 3587 State Rt. 21, Wautoma WI.
               Weyauwega          ---Horse & Buggy Mall, 105 E. Main, Weyauwega WI. (920)867-2389.
               Wild Rose          ---Wild Rose Antique Mall, 505 Main St., Wild Rose WI.




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