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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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    LOCALE         City                                      Shop:
Washington 206 Des Moines    ---Antique Junktion Mall, 23609 Pacific Hwy. S., Des Moines WA.
               Duvall        ---Duvall Antique Mall, 15906 Main N.E., Duvall WA. (206)844-2292.
               Normandy Park ---Village Keepsake Antique Mall, 17651 1st S., Normandy Park WA.
               Seattle       ---222 Westlake Antique Mall, The, 222 Westlake Ave., N., Seattle WA.
                             ---Antika Antique Mall, 8532 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle WA.
                             (206)789-6393.  <>
                             ---Antique Mall of West Seattle, 4516 California Ave., S.W., Seattle
                             WA.  (888)858-5966, (206)935-9774 or Fax: (206)935-7348.
                             ---Chelsea Antiques & Estate Service, 3622 N.E. 45th, Seattle WA.
                             (206)525-2727. /C/
                             ---Fremont Antique Mall, 3419 Fremont Pl. N., Seattle WA.
                             ---Greenwood Antique Mall, 8414 Greenwood Ave., Seattle WA.
                             ---Hunter's Antiques & Objects d'Art, 106 Denny Way, Seattle WA.
                             (206)285-9172. /C/
                             ---J.T.'s Attic, 9716 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle WA. (206)706-0287.
                             /C/ <>
                             ---Market Street Antique Mall, 2026 N.W. Market St., Seattle WA.
                             ---Pioneer Square Antique Mall, 602 1st Ave., Seattle WA.
                             ---Second Hand Hube & The Upper Level Antique Mall, 7217 Greenwood
                             Ave., N., Seattle WA. (206)782-1335.
                             ---The Downtown Antique Market, 2218 Western Ave., Seattle WA.
                             (206)448-6307.  <>
Washington 253 Auburn        ---Auburn Antique Mall, 136 E. Main St., Auburn WA. (253)939-8541.
                             ---Cedar Chest Mini Mall, The, 119 E. Main, Auburn WA. (253)833-4165.
               Edgewood      ---Anderson's Antique Edgewood Mall, 10215 24th St. E., Edgewood WA.
                             (253)952-5295 or Fax: (253)925-5957.
               Federal Way   ---Coffe House Antiques, 30406 Pacific Hwy. S., Federal Way WA.
                             ---Pearls Collectibles, 29007 Military Rd. S., Federal Way WA.
               Fife          ---Twice Told Tale II, 1414 54th Ave. E., Fife WA. (253)922-1297.
               Graham        ---A & C Mini Mall, 9409 Kapowsin Hwy. E., Graham WA. (253)847-2286.
               Kent          ---Mad Hatter Antiques, 25748 101st Ave., S.E., Kent WA.
                             ---Meeker House Antique Mall, 406 W. Meeker St., Kent WA.
                             ---Robin's Antique Mall, 201 1st Ave. S., Kent WA. (253)854-6543.
                             ---Trunk Show Consignment, 224 W. Meeker, Kent WA. (253)854-2736. /C/
               Parkland      ---Parkland Old Town Antique Mall, 12716 Pacific Ave., Parkland
                             (Tacoma) WA.  (253)531-8600.
               Puyallup      ---Brandy Rose Antique Mall, 316 E. Pioneer Ave., Puyallup WA.
                             ---Carnaby Antique Mall, 926 Main St., Puyallup WA. (253)891-1690.
                             ---NW Antiques, 201 3rd St., S.E., Puyallup WA. (253)845-4471 or Fax:
                             ---Pioneer Antique Mall, 113 Meridian St., S., Puyallup WA.
                             (253)770-0981.  <>
                             ---Stewart Street Antique Mall, 122 E. Stewart St., Puyallup WA.
                             ---Treasure Mart, 110 E. Stewart, Puyallup WA. (253)435-8077. /C/
               Sumner        ---Cobwebs Removed, Inc., 1008 Main St., Sumner WA. (800)570-0631 or
                             (253)863-1924. From Hwy 167 take Hwy 410, 1st Sumner exit. Left to
                             Main St then turn rt. <>
                             ---Whistle Stop Antique Mall, 1109 Main St., Sumner WA. (253)863-3309.
               Tacoma        ---Katy's Antiques & Collectables Mall, 602 E. 25th St., Tacoma WA.
                             ---Lick's Antique Mall, 738 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Tacoma WA.
                             ---Lucky Dog Antique Mall, 3623 S. 54th St., Tacoma WA. (253)474-2807.
                             ---Memory Mall, 744 Broadway, Tacoma WA. (253)272-6476.
                             ---Narrows Plaza Antiques Mall, 2310 Mildred St., W., Tacoma WA.
                             ---Oak Brothers Antique Mall, 5104 N. Pearl, Tacoma WA. (253)752-4055.
                             ---Pacific Run Antique Mall, 10228 Pacific Ave., S., Tacoma WA.
                             ---Parkland Parish Antique Mall, 12152 Pacific Ave., S., Tacoma WA.
                             ---Proctor District Antique Mall, 2701 N. Proctor St., Tacoma WA.
                             ---Tacoma Old Town Antique Mall, 8223 Pacific Ave., Tacoma WA.
                             (253)671-8238 or Fax: (253)671-8239.
                             ---Twice Told Tale Antique Mall, 7522 27th St., W., Tacoma WA.
                             (253)566-8589 or Fax: (253)566-3546. <>
Washington 360 Aberdeen      ---Antique Cooperative, 112 W. Wishkah St., Aberdeen WA.
                             ---Clevenger's Antique Mall, Broadway & Wishkah, Aberdeen WA.
               Anacortes     ---Alley Cat Antiques, 309 Commercial Ave., Anacortes WA.
                             (360)293-8020 or Fax: (925)226-4952. /H/ We are in the last block on
                             the E side of Commercial Ave.  Open every day: 10-5 but later in the
                             spring and summer.
                             ---Anacortes Antique Mall, 820 Commercial Ave., Anacortes WA.
                             ---Days Gone By Antiques, Corner 3rd & Commercial, Anacortes WA.
               Battle Ground ---Old Post Office Antique Mall, 614 E. Main St., Battle Ground WA.
               Bellingham    ---Aladdin's Lamp Antique Mall, 427 W. Holly St., Bellingham WA.
                             (800)693-0066 or (360)647-0066.
                             ---Atlantis Antiques / Quality Consignments, 306 W. Holly, Bellingham
                             WA.  (360)676-0974. /C/
                             ---Bellingham Antique Mall, 202 W. Holly St., Bellingham WA.
                             ---I-5 Antique Mall, 4744 Pacific Hwy., Bellingham WA. (360)384-5955.
                             ---Old Town Antique Mall, 427 W. Holly St., Bellingham WA.
               Blaine        ---Once Upon a Time Cafe & Antiques, 463 Peace Portal Dr., Blaine WA.
                             (360)332-3029. <>
               Bremerton     ---Perry Mall Antiques & Collectibles, 2901 Perry Ave., Bremerton WA.
               Buckley       ---Main Street Antiques & Collectibles, 712 Main St., Buckley WA.
               Burlington    ---Burlington Antique Mall, 971 S. Burlington Blvd., Burlington WA.
               Camas         ---Camas Antiques, 305 NE 4th Ave, Camas WA. (360)834-4062 or Fax:
                             (360)883-5479. Open daily 10-6, Sunday 11-5. Closed major holidays.
               Centralia     ---A & D Antique Mall, 405 N. Tower Ave., Centralia WA. (360)330-5240.
                             ---Antique Mall, 200 S. King St., Centralia WA. (360)330-5057.
                             ---Centralia Square & Annex, 201 S. Pearl St. / 120 S. Tower,
                             Centralia WA.  (360)736-6406 (ANNEX: (360)736-4079).
                             ---Duffy's Antique Mall, 310 N. Tower Ave., Centralia WA.
                             (800)732-7411 or (360)736-1282.
               Conway        ---Conway Antiques, 1666 Main St., Conway WA. (360)445-5038. /C/
                             ---Curious Goods Antique Mall, 1663 2nd St., Conway WA. (360)445-2068.
               Coupeville    ---Penn Cove Antique Mall, 12 N.W. Front St., Coupeville WA.
               Enumclaw      ---Cole Street Antique Mall, 1501 Cole St., Enumclaw WA.
               Ferndale      ---Ferndale Antique Mall, 1920 Main St., Ferndale WA. (360)380-3318.
               Ilwaco        ---Antique Gallery, 208 First Ave., S., Ilwaco WA. (360)642-5533. /H/
                             May-Oct: open 11-5 every day. Nov-Apr: 11-4 Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon (Closed Tues-Wed-Thurs)
                             <Hizglass @>
                             ---Ilwaco Vintage Mall, 117 2nd Ave., S.W., Ilwaco WA. (360)642-4700.
               Kalama        ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, 413 N. 1st St., Kalama WA. (360)673-3663.
                             ---River Town Antique Mall, 155 Elm St., Kalama WA. (360)673-2263.
               La Conner     ---Cameo Antique Mall, 508 E. Morris St., La Conner WA. (360)466-2201.
                             ---Morris Street Mall, 503 E. Morris, La Conner WA. (360)466-3000.
               LaConner      ---Morris Street Antiques, 503 E. Morris St., LaConner WA.
               Lynden        ---Dutch Village Antique Mall, The, 655 Front St., Lynden WA.
                             ---Home Treasures & Flea Market, 444 Front St., Lynden WA.
                             ---Keepsakes, 413 Front St., Lynden WA. (360)354-0841.
               Marysville    ---Old Towne Square Antique & Crafters Emporium, 1520 3rd St.,
                             Marysville WA.  (360)658-1633.
               McKenna       ---Red Barn Antique Mall, 34011 SR 507 S., McKenna WA. (360)458-2870.
               Monroe        ---Antiques and Company, 110 E. Main St., Monroe WA. (360)794-2004.
               Mt. Vernon    ---Old Movie House Antique Mall, 520 Main St., Mt. Vernon WA.
                             Phone/Fax: (360)336-8919.
                             ---West Side Antique Mall, 1592 Memorial Hwy., Mt. Vernon WA.
               Oak Harbor    ---Oak Harbor Antique Mall, 885 S.W. Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor WA.
               Port Angeles  ---Waterfront Antique Mall, 124 W. Railroad Ave., Port Angeles WA.
               Port Orchard  ---Olde Central Antique Mall, 801 Bay St., Port Orchard WA.
                             ---Side Door Mall, 701 Bay St., Port Orchard WA. (360)876-8631.
               Port Townsend ---Port Townsend Antique Mall, 802 Washington St., Port Townsend WA.
               Poulsbo       ---Cat's Meow, The, 18940 Front St. NE, Poulsbo WA. (360)697-1902.
                             ---Granny & Papa's Antique Mall, 19669 7th Ave., N.E., Poulsbo WA.
                             ---Liberty Bay Mall, 19006 Front St., N.E., Poulsbo WA. (360)598-4567.
                             ---Poulsbo Antique Mall, 18955 Anderson Pkwy., N.E., Poulsbo WA.
               Raymond       ---Collector's Mall, 236 3rd St., Raymond WA. (360)942-3779.
               Seaview       ---Seaview Antique Mall, 4705 Pacific Hwy. S., Seaview WA.
               Sequim        ---Country Cottage Antique Mall, 243 W. Washington St., Sequim WA.
               Shelton       ---Railroad Avenue Antique Mall / Rupert West Cafe, 321 Railroad Ave.
                             W., Shelton WA. (360)432-8893. <> Take
                             Hwy 101 N from Olympia to Hwy 3 which turns into 1st ST in downtown
                             Shelton. Go L on Railroad Ave from 1st to 3rd. We're one block down
                             from the train on the sidewalk; ample parking across the street.
               Silverdale    ---Antiques LTD, 9621 Ridgetop Blvd., Silverdale WA. (360)308-9727.
               Snohomish     ---Black Cat Antique Malls, The, 923 & 1019 1st St., Snohomish WA.
                             (360)568-8144, (360)568-8145.
                             ---Michaels 1st St. Antique Mall, 1202 1st St., Snohomish WA.
                             ---Remember When Antique Mall, 908 1st St., Snohomish WA.
                             ---River City Antique Mall, 1007 First St., Snohomish WA.
                             ---Sharon's Antique Mall, 111 Glen Ave., Snohomish WA. (360)568-9854.
                             ---Snohomish Antique Gallery, 117 Glen Ave., Snohomish WA.
                             ---Star Center Antique Mall, 829 2nd St., Snohomish WA. (360)568-2131
                             or Fax: (360)568-1191. Open 7 days a week, 10-5.
                             ---Victoria Village Antique Mall, 1108 1st St., Snohomish WA.
               Tumwater      ---Homespun Crafters Mall, 5729 Little Rock Rd., Tumwater WA.
               Vancouver     ---Downtown Main Antique Mall, 1108 Main St., Vancouver WA.
                             ---Homespun Crafters Mall, 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Dr., Vancouver WA.
                             ---Old Glory Antique Mall, 2000 Main St., Vancouver WA. (360)906-8823.
                             ---Old Town Antique Market, 806 Main St., Vancouver WA. (360)936-3602.
                             /H/ City Center Exit off I-5N or Rt 14W, Mill Plain Exit off I-5S,
                             located between 8th and 9th St., downtown Vancouver. Open all week
                             11-6 and until 8 pm during all antique EXPOs. <contactus @
                             ---St. John's Station Antique Mall, 6101 Northeast St. Johns Rd.,
                             Vancouver WA. (360)693-9984.
                             ---Vendor's Outlet Mall, 7907 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver WA. (360)574-6674.
Washington 425 Bothell       ---Town Hall Antique Mall, 23730 Bothell-Evrt. Hwy., Bothell WA.
                             (888)285-2895 or (425)487-8979.
                             ---White House Antique Mall & Candy Store, 23712 Bothell-Everett Hwy.,
                             S.E., Bothell WA. (888)285-2901 or (425)483-0676.
               Edmonds       ---Aurora Antique Pavilion, 24111 Hwy. 99, Edmonds WA. (425)744-0566.
                             ---Country Cove Used Furniture & Antiques, 529 Dayton St., Edmonds WA.
                             (425)672-9277. /C/
                             ---Glorious Treasures Antique Shoppe, 518 Main St., Edmonds WA.
                             ---Old Milltown Antiques, 201 5th Ave., S., Edmonds WA. (425)771-9466.
                             ---Times Square Antique Mall, 10117 Edmonds Way, Edmonds WA.
                             ---Waterfront Antique Mall, 190 Sunset Ave., S., Edmonds WA.
               Everett       ---Grand Central Antique Mall, 2804 Grand Ave., Everett WA.
                             (425)252-1089. Fax: (425)252-1093. <>
               Fall City     ---Mr. Garry's Garage Sale, 33511 S.E. Red.-Fall City Rd., Fall City
                             WA.  (425)222-5768. /C/
               Issaquah      ---Gilman Antique Gallery, 625 NW Gilman Blvd., Issaquah WA.
                             (425)391-6640. /H/
                             ---Issaquah Antique Shop, 160 NW Gilman Blvd., Issaquah WA.
                             (425)746-2777. /C/
               Kirkland      ---Antique Mart at Kirkland, 151 3rd St., Kirkland WA. (425)827-7443.
                             /H/ Open Mon-Sat 10-5:30, Sundays 12-5. <>
               North Bend    ---Main Street Junction, 110 Main Ave. S., North Bend WA.
                             (425)888-1171. /C/
                             ---Snoqualmie Valley Antique Co., 116 W. North Bend Way, North Bend
                             WA.  (425)888-5900.
               Renton        ---Antique Palace Too, 807 S. 3rd. St., Renton WA. (425)235-9171.
                             ---Cedar River Antique Mall, 900 S. 3rd St., Renton WA. (425)255-4900.
                             ---Downtown Renton Antique Mall, 210 Wells Ave., S., Renton WA.
               Woodinville   ---Woodinville Antique Gallery, 14450 Woodinville-Redmond Rd.,
                             Woodinville WA.  (425)402-6459.
Washington 509 Cashmere      ---Cashmere Antique Mall, 112 Cottage Ave., Cashmere WA.
               Clarkston     ---Bric-a-Brac Mall, 834 6th St., Clarkston WA. (509)758-7772.
               Colfax        ---Whitman Mall, 121 S. Main St., Colfax WA. (509)397-2522.
               Ellensburg    ---Main Street Market Antique Mall, 308 N. Main St., Ellensburg WA.
                             (509)925-1762. <>
                             ---Showplace Antique Mall, 103 E. 3rd Ave., Ellensburg WA.
               Mead          ---Robin's Nest Antique Mall, N. 12004 Market, Mead WA. (509)466-0489.
               Naches        ---Country Classics Antiques, 10000 Hwy. 12, Naches WA. (509)653-2108.
                             10 mi W of Yakima on SR 410/Hwy 12.
               Pullman       ---Square One Antique Mall, 107 S. Grand Ave., Pullman WA.
               Quincy        ---Quincy Antique Mall, 915 Central Ave., S., Quincy WA.
               Spokane       ---Duprie's Antique Mall, 920 W. Cora Ave., Spokane WA. (509)327-2449.
                             ---Hillyard Variety Consignment, 5009 N. Market St., Spokane WA.
                             (509)482-3433. /C/
                             ---Spokane Antique Mall, 12 W. Sprague Ave., Spokane WA.
                             ---Spokane Valley Antique Mall, 23 S. Pines Rd., Spokane WA.
                             ---Third Avenue Antique Mall, 905 E. 3rd Ave., Spokane WA.
                             ---United Hillyard Antique Mall, N 5016 Market St., Spokane WA.
                             ---Vintage Rabbit Antique Mall, 2317 N. Monroe St., Spokane WA.
               Thorp         ---Thorp Fruit & Antique Mall, 410 Gladmar Rd., Thorp WA.
                             (509)964-2474 or Fax: (509)964-2974.
               Walla Walla   ---Vintage Square Antiques Mall, 315 S. 9th Ave., Walla Walla WA.
               Wenatchee     ---Antique Mall of Wenatchee, 11 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee WA.
               Yakima        ---Antique Alley Minimall, 1302 W. Lincoln Ave., Yakima WA.
                             ---Antiques Etc Mini-Mall, 5703 Tieton Dr., Yakima WA. (509)966-2513.
                             ---Homespun Crafters Mall, 3710 Tieton Dr., Yakima WA. (509)965-5581.
                             ---Yesterday's Village Antiques, 15 W. Yakima Ave., Yakima WA.




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