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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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   LOCALE         City                                       Shop:
Virginia 276 Abingdon        ---Highlands Antique Mall, 246 W. Main St., Abingdon VA.
             Axton           ---Dusty Treasures Antiques & Storage, 16693 Martinsville Hwy., Axton
                             VA.  (276)650-3200.
                             ---Ray A. Lambert Antique Mall, Ltd., US Hwy. 58, Axton VA.
             Bristol         ---Bristol Antique Mall, 619 State St., Bristol VA. (276)466-4064.
                             ---State Street Antique Mall, 629 State St., Bristol VA.
             Cana            ---Stateline Village Antique Mall, Hwy. 52 S., Cana VA. (276)755-4411.
             Fries           ---Fries Antiques & Consignment, 208 1/2 Church St., Fries VA.
                             (276)744-3475.  /C/
             Marion          ---Post Office Antique Mall, 142 E. Main St. [Rt 11], Marion VA.
                             (276)782-9332. <>
             Rose Hill       ---Cumberland Antique Center, Old Hwy. 58 between Rts 907 & 911, Rose
                             Hill VA.  (276)445-4545. <>
             Tazewell        ---Kelly Park Antiques, Collectibles, Arts & Crafts Mall, 124 W. Main
                             St., Tazewell VA. (276)988-5945. <>
             Wytheville      ---Antique Station, 998 E. Lee Hwy., Wytheville VA. (276)228-6030.
                             ---Old Fort Antique Mall, 2028 E. Lee Hwy., Wytheville VA.
                             (276)228-4438.  <>
                             ---Snoopers Antique Mall, 2114 E. Lee Hwy., Wytheville VA.
                             (276)637-6992.  <>
Virginia 434 Charlottesville ---Antiquers Mall, 2335 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville VA.
                             (434)973-3478.  <>
                             ---Consignment House Unlimited, 121 W. Main St., Charlottesville VA.
                             (434)977-5527. /C/
                             ---Cottage Consignments of Charlottesville, 617 W. Main St.,
                             Charlottesville VA. (434)293-6100. /C/ Closed Sundays.
                             ---Eternal Attic, 2125 Ivy St., Charlottesville VA. (434)977-2667.
             Chatham         ---Chatham Antique Gallery & Auction, 30 S. Main St., Chatham VA.
                             9434)432-0400 or Fax: (434)432-9148. /H/ Open Mon-Sat 9-5, Sunday 1-5.
             Forest          ---Peddler Antiques Mall, 1165 Burnbridge Rd. [Rt 854], Forest VA.
                             (434)525-6030. <>
             Jetersville     ---Emerson's Antique Mall, 19720 Patrick Henry Hwy., Jetersville VA.
             Lynchburg       ---Antiques to Envy, Hwy. 29, Lynchburg VA. (434)821-3771. /H/
                             ---Lynchburg Antique Center, 908 Main St., Lynchburg VA.
                             ---Scarlett's Main Street Antique Mall, Main St., Lynchburg VA.
             Nellysford      ---Tuckahoe Antique Mall, 4202 Rockfish Valley Hwy. [Rt 151],
                             Nellysford VA.  (434)361-2121. Thurs-Sun 10-5.
             Ruckersville    ---Pease Antique Mall, Rt. 29 N., Ruckersville VA. (434)985-4030.
                             ---Yesteryear Antique Mall, Rt. 29 S., Ruckersville VA. (434)985-7232.
             South Boston    ---My Brother's Place Antique Mall, 234 Main St., S. Boston VA.
                             ---South Boston Antique Mall, 511 Broad St., So. Boston VA.
                             (434)572-3474.  <>
             Stanardsville   ---Antiquer's Mall, RR 29, Stanardsville VA. (434)985-1977.
                             ---Country Store Antique Mall, Rts. 29 N. & 33, Stanardsville VA.
                             ---Greene House Shops Antique Mall, Stanardsville VA. (434)985-6053.
Virginia 540 Bedford         ---Olde Liberty Antique Mall, 202 E. Washington St., Bedford VA.
             Berryville      ---Serendipity Junction -- an antiquated boutique, 6967 Lord Fairfax
                             Hwy., Berryville VA. (540)955-4255. /H/ /C/ Located on Rt 340 directly
                             between Boyce & Berryville. Open Thursdays 12-6, Fridays and Saturdays
                             10-5; Closed all other days plus major holidays. <info @
             Catlett         ---Cedar Run Antique Center, 9219 Elk Run Rd., Catlett VA.
             Christiansburg  ---Cambria Emporium, 596 Depot St. N.E.,[Cambria], Christiansburg VA.
                             ---Memory Lane Antiques & Collectibles, 295 Jarrett Dr.,
                             Christiansburg VA.  (540)381-8658.
                             ---Virginia Inn Antiques Mall, 6 W. Main St., Christiansburg VA.
             Clifton Forge   ---Clifton Forge Antique Mall, 528 Main St., Clifton Forge VA.
             Culpeper        ---Country Shoppes of Culpeper, 10046 James Monroe Hwy. [US 29],
                             Culpeper VA.  (540)547-4000.
                             ---Culpeper Antique and Marketplace, 137 S. Main St., Culpeper VA.
                             ---Minuteman Minimall, Rt. 3, Culpeper VA. (540)825-3133 or Fax:
             Delaplane       ---Delaplane Store & Antique Center, Delaplane Grade Rd., Delaplane
                             VA.  (540)364-2754.
             Dublin          ---Country House Antique Center, Dublin VA. (540)674-3002.
                             ---Remember When, 29 Giles Ave., Dublin VA. (540)674-9436. Open
                             Tues-Sat 10-5, Sunday 1-5.
             Fredericksburg  ---Antique Court of Shoppes, 1001 Caroline St., Fredericksburg VA.
                             ---Antique Village, 4800 Plank Rd., Fredericksburg VA. (540)786-9648.
                             ---Consignment Junction Limited, 2012 Lafayette Blvd., Fredericksburg
                             VA.  (540)898-2344. /C/
                             ---Fredericksburg Antique Gallery, The, 1023 Caroline St.,
                             Fredericksburg VA.  (540)373-2961.
                             ---Fredericksburg Antique Mall, 211 William St., Fredericksburg VA.
                             ---Gold Rooster Consignment, 4010 Lafayette Blvd., Fredericksburg VA.
                             (540)898-4349. /C/
                             ---La Spada's House of Treasures, 5099 Jefferson Davis Hwy.,
                             Fredericksburg VA. (540)891-8977.
                             ---Upstairs Downstairs Antiques, 922 Caroline St., Fredericksburg VA.
             Front Royal     ---Grandma Hazel's Attic, 403 E. Main St., Front Royal VA.
                             ---Middle of Main Antique Emporium, The, 213 E. Main St., Front Royal
                             VA.  (540)636-7787 or Fax: (540)636-7708. <>
             Greenville      ---Greenville Country Store, Flea Market & Antique Mall, Rt 11 S.,
                             Greenville VA. (540)337-4641.
             Hamilton        ---Hamilton Antiques, 55 E. Colonial Ave., Hamilton VA. (540)338-0522.
             Harrisonburg    ---Antique Barn (located inside Shenandoah Heritage Farmers Market),
                             Rt. 11 S., Harrisonburg VA. (540)564-0642.
                             ---Rolling Hills Antique Mall, 779 E. Market St., Harrisonburg VA.
                             ---Valley View Antiques & Collectibles, Rt. 33 E., Harrisonvurg VA.
             Lexington       ---Arts and Antiques Gallery of Lexington, The, Lexington VA.
                             ---Lexington Antique Center, 1495 Lee Hwy. [Rt 11 N], Lexington VA.
             Madison         ---Blue Ridge Emporium Antiques, US Rt. 29 N., Madison VA.
                             ---Miss Pattie's House, 203 S. Main St., Madison VA. (540)948-5606.
                             Other shops in area.
                             ---Roaring Twenties Antiques, Route 29N, Madison VA. Phone/Fax:
                             (540)948-3744.  /H/ Between Culpeper & Charlottesville VA on Rt 29N.
             Mauzy           ---Shoppes at Mauzy, The, 10559 N. Valley Pike, Mauzy VA.
                             (866)222-9173 or (540)896-9867.
             Middleburg      ---Middleburg Antique Emporium, 105 W. Washington St., Middleburg VA.
             Millwood        ---Antique Associates of Millwood, Brookside, Millwood VA.
             New Castle      ---Antique Mall, 312 Main St., New Castle VA. (540)864-7246.
             Orange          ---People's Antique Warehouse, 112 May-Fray Ave., Orange VA.
             Radford         ---StageCoach Antiques Mall, 3980 Mud Pike Rd. [intersection I-81 &
                             Exit 109], Radford VA. (540)639-0397.
             Raphine         ---Horsefeathers & Other Good Stuff, Rt. 11, Raphine VA.
             Remington       ---Shoppes of Mountainwood, The, Rts 28/29, Remington VA.
             Roanoke         ---12 East Campbell, 12 Campbell Ave., S.E., Roanoke VA.
                             ---Carriage House, 5999 Franklin Rd., Roanoke VA. (540)776-0499.
                             ---Roanoke Antique Mall, 2302 Orange Ave., N.E., Roanoke VA.
                             (540)344-0264 or Fax: (540)342-7211. <>
             Rocky Mount     ---A-1 Flea Market & Antique Emporium, 21231 Virgil H Goode Hwy.,
                             Rocky Mount VA. (540)334-2323.
                             ---Blue Ridge Antique Center, 20100 Virgil H. Goode Hwy. [Rt. 220 N.],
                             Rocky Mount VA. (540)483-2362. /H/ <>
             Salem           ---Dixie Caverns Antique Mall, 5753 W. Main St., Salem VA.
                             ---Elite Antiques & Consignments, 17 W. Main St., Salem VA.
                             (540)389-9222. /C/
                             ---Green Market Antique Mall, 8 E. Main St., Salem VA. (540)387-3879.
                             ---Virginia Showcase Antiques, 4 E. Main St., Salem VA. (540)387-5842.
                             /H/ <>
                             ---Wright Place Antique Mall, 27 W. Main St., Salem VA. (540)389-8507.
             Sperryville     ---Sperryville Antique Market, 3 River Lane, Sperryville VA.
             Stafford        ---Boswell's Corner Antiques & Collectibles, 3857 Jeff Davis Hwy. [Rt.
                             1], Stafford VA. (540)221-6900.
                             ---Courthouse Antiques & Collectibles, 2152 Jefferson Davis Hwy.,
                             Stafford VA.  (540)720-7208. /H/ Open 10-5 weekdays (closed Tues.),
                             12-5 Sundays.  <>
             Staunton        ---Jolly Roger Haggle Shop, 27 Middlebrook Ave., Staunton VA.
                             ---Wharf Antiques, The, 14 Byers St., Staunton VA. (540)885-5200.
             Strasburg       ---Strasburg Antique Emporium, 160 N. Massanutten St., Strasburg VA.
                             (540)465-3711. <>
                             ---Vilnis & Co. Antiques, Strasburg VA. (540)465-4405.
             Stuarts Draft   ---Stuarts Draft Antique Mall, School Blvd. [Rt. 340 S.], Stuarts
                             Draft VA.  (540)946-8488. /H/ Provide wheelchair, strollers. 4 mi. S
                             off I-64 at exit 94. <>
             Verona          ---Factory Antique Mall & Marketplace, The, 50 Lodge Lane, Verona VA.
                             (540)248-1110 or Fax: (540)248-6813.
                             ---Verona Antiques & Collectibles, Rt. 11, Verona VA. (540)248-3532.
             Vinton          ---Vinton Antique Mall, 107 N. Pollard St., Vinton VA. (540)344-6847.
                             Closed Sundays.
             Warrenton       ---Fox Den Antique Mall, 39 Lee Hwy., Warrenton VA. (540)347-1162.
                             ---Opal Antique Center, 10076 James Madison Hwy., Warrenton VA.
             Waterford       ---Waterford Antiques, 38801 Charlestown Pike, Waterford VA.
                             (540)882-4474.  Fri/Sat/Sun 11-6.
             Winchester      ---Antique Mini Mall, 1000 Valley Ave., Winchester VA. (540)678-8821.
                             ---Galleria, The, 134 N. Loudoun St., Winchester VA. (540)665-2800.
                             ---Millwood Crossing, 381 Millwood Ave., Winchester VA. (540)662-5157
                             or Fax: (540)662-4252. <>
                             ---Past & Present 2, 725 N. Loudon St., Winchester VA. (540)722-4800.
                             ---Past & Present Antiques & Collectibles, 1121 Berryville Ave.,
                             Winchester VA. (540)678-8766.
             Woodstock       ---Valley Treasures Mini Shoppes, 660 N. Main St. [Rt 11], Woodstock
                             VA.  (540)459-2334.
Virginia 703 Alexandria      ---Alexandria's House of Antiques, 124 S. West St., Alexandria VA.
                             ---Mount Vernon Antique Mall, 8734 Richmond Hwy. [Rt. 1], Alexandria
                             VA.  (703)360-6863.
                             ---Mt. Vernon Antique Center, 8101 Richmond Hwy. [Rt 1], Alexandria
                             VA.  (703)619-5100.
                             ---Trojan Antiques, 1100 King St., Alexandria VA. (703)548-8558.
             Annandale       ---Annandale Antique Center, 7130A Little River Tpk., Annandale VA.
                             ---Annandale Antique Emporium, 7120 Little River Tpk., Annandale VA.
                             ---Annandale Antiques Center, 7123 Little River Tpk., Annandale VA.
             Arlington       ---Consignments Unlimited, 2645 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington VA.
                             (703)276-0051.  /C/
             Dumfries        ---Antique Station, The, 17650 Possum Point Rd., Dumfries VA.
                             (703)221-7534.  <>
             Fairfax         ---Fairfax Antique Mall, 11051 Lee Hwy., Fairfax VA. (703)591-8883.
             Falls Church    ---Old Market Antiques, 442 S. Washington St. [Rt 29], Falls Church
                             VA.  (703)241-1722.
             Gainesville     ---Buckland Treasures, 16326-28 Lee Hwy., Gainesville VA.
                             (703)753-1182.  <>
                             ---Parks Flea Market, 14221 Lee Hwy., Gainesville VA. (703)754-4087.
             Leesburg        ---Black Shutter Antique Shoppes, 1 Loudoun St., Leesburg VA.
                             (703)443-9579.  <>
                             ---Leesburg Antique Emporium, 32 S. King St., Leesburg VA.
                             ---Leesburg Court of Shoppes Antiques Mall, Rt. 15 S., Leesburg VA.
                             ---Leesburg Downtown Antiques Center, 27 S. King St., Leesburg VA.
                             ---National Antique Center, The, 446 S. King St., Leesburg VA 22075.
                             (703)779-8088 or 779-8089.
             Manassas        ---Antique Boutique of Manassas, 9071 Liberia Ave., Manassas VA.
                             ---Blue Sky Antique Mall, 7223 Centreville Rd., Manassas VA.
                             ---Iron Horse Antiques, 9200 Prescott Ave., Manassas VA.
                             ---Laws Antique Center, 7208 Centreville Rd., Manassas VA.
                             ---Laws Antique Complex, 7209 Centreville Rd., Manassas VA.
                             ---Liberia Antique Mall, 9111 Antique Way (Cor. Liberia/Euclid Ave.),
                             Manassas VA. (703)369-2000.
                             ---Old Town Manassas Antiques, 9110 Mathis Ave., Manassas VA.
             Moneta          ---Moneta Antique Mall, Rt. 122, Moneta VA. (703)297-4734.
             Triangle        ---Quality Antiques, 18309 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Triangle VA.
Virginia 757 Exmore          ---Antique Addicts, 3515 Main St., Exmore VA. (757)442-5100.
                             ---Exmore's Antique & Craft Emporium, 3304 Main St., Exmore VA.
             Hampton         ---Olde Hampton Antique Shoppe, 120 W. Queens Way, Hampton VA.
                             ---Return Engagements, 116 E. Mellen St., Hampton VA. (757)722-0617.
             Keller          ---Blue Crow Antique Mall, The, 32124 Lankford Hwy. [Rt 13], Keller
                             VA.  (757)442-4150.
             Norfolk         ---Belmont Antiques, 517 W. 21st St., Norfolk VA. (757)627-1900.
                             ---Ghent Market & Antique Centre, 1400 Granby St., Norfolk VA.
                             (757)625-2897 or Fax: (757)625-2793.
                             ---Granby Street Antique Mall, 1022 Granby St., Norfolk VA.
                             (800)279-0031 or (757)622-6996.
                             ---Table Talk Shoppe, 840 W. 25th St., Norfolk Va. (757)623-5818. /C/
             Portsmouth      ---Old School House Antiques & Collectibles, 4903 Portsmouth Blvd.,
                             Portsmouth VA. (757)465-3145. Wed/Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5.
             Smithfield      ---Smithfield Antiques Center, 131 Main St., Smithfield VA.
                             (757)365-0223.  <> Other shop in area.
             Toano           ---Colonial Antique Center, 7828 Richmond Rd., Toano VA.
             Virginia Beach  ---Barrett Street Antique Center, 2645 Dean Dr., Virginia Beach VA.
                             ---Chambord Antiques & Art Center, 2224 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia
                             Beach VA. (757)463-2975.
                             ---Colonial Cottage Antique Mall, 3900 Bonney Rd., Virginia Beach VA.
                             ---Eddie's Antique Mall, 4801 Virginia Beach Blvd #A, Virginia Beach
                             VA.  (757)497-0537.
                             ---Encore Consignment Department Store, 3636 Virginia Beach Blvd.,
                             Virginia Beach VA. (757)431-6941 or Fax: (757)340-8786. /C/
             Williamsburg    ---Attic Collections, 2229 Richmond Rd., Williamsburg VA.
                             ---Southern Belle's Antiques, 7434 Richmond Rd. [Rt 60], Williamsburg
                             [Norge] VA. (757)564-8200.
                             ---Williamsburg Antique Mall, The, 500 Lightfoot Rd., Williamsburg VA.
                             (757)565-3422. <>
             Yorktown        ---Galeria Ltd., 7628 George Washington Mem. Hwy., Yorktown VA.
                             (757)890-2950 or Fax: (757)898-4695.
Virginia 804 Amelia          ---Amelia Antique Mall, Hwy. 360, Amelia VA. (804)561-2511.
                             ---Emerson Antique Mall, 19720 Patrick Henry Hwy., Amelia VA.
             Bon Air         ---Goodstuff Consignments, 2724 Tinsley Dr., Bon Air VA.
                             (804)560-4015. /C/
             Center Cross    ---Somethin' Old Somethin' New Antiques Mall, 31781 Tidewater Trl. [Rt
                             17], Center Cross VA. (804)443-2314 or Fax: (804)443-2879.
             Gloucester      ---Marketplace Antiques, Rt. 17, Gloucester Va. (804)694-0544.
                             ---Plantation Antique Mall, Rt. 17, Gloucester VA. (804)695-1410.
                             ---Stage Coach Markets & Antique Village, Rt. 17, Gloucester VA.
                             (804)693-3951. Multi-dealer shop and flea market Sat./Sun.
             Heathsville     ---Bay Gallery Antique Mall, 8126 Northumberland Hwy. [SR 360],
                             Heathsville VA. (804)580-2294.
             Kilmarnock      ---Kilmarnock Antique Gallery, 144 School St., Kilmarnock VA.
                             (800)497-0083 or (804)435-1207.
             Ladysmith       ---Virginia Bazaar, The, 8436 Ladysmith Rd., Ladysmith VA.
                             (804)448-9488 or Fax: (804)448-5477. /H/ /P/ I-95 Exit 110, betw.
                             Richmond & Fredericksburg. Open every Sat/Sun 9-5.
             Mechanicsville  ---Antique Village, 10203 Chamberlayne Rd., Mechanicsville VA.
                             ---Mechanicsville Antique Mall, 7508 Mechanicsville Tpk.,
                             Mechanicsville VA.  (804)730-5091 or Fax: (804)730-2182.
             Midlothian      ---Midlothian Antique Center, 13591 Midlothian Tpk., Midlothian VA.
             Petersburg      ---Eden House Antiques & Interiors, 23 Old St., Petersburg VA.
                             ---Second Hand Rose, 16 W. Old., Petersburg VA. (804)733-5050.
             Richmond        ---American Antiques Associates, 8211 Bevlynn Way, Richmond VA.
                             ---Bellwood Flea Market, 9201 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Richmond VA.
                             (800)793-0707 or (804)275-1187.
                             ---Chippenham Antique Center, 8004 Midlothian Tpk., Richmond VA.
                             ---Distinctive Consignments Ltd, 3422 W. Cary St., Richmond VA.
                             (804)359-3778.  /C/
                             ---Jahnke Road Antique Center, 6207 Jahnke Rd., Richmond VA.
                             ---West End Antiques Mall, 6504 Horsepen Rd., Richmond VA.
                             (800)280-1916 or (804)285-1916.
             Tappahannock    ---Essex Square Antique Mall, 1629 Tappahannock Blvd., Tappahannock
                             VA.  (804)443-0335. <>
                             ---Queen Street Mall, 227 Queen St., Tappahannock VA. (804)443-2424.
             Urbanna         ---Urbanna Antique Mall, 124 Rappahannock Ave., Urbanna VA.
                             ---Urbanna Flea Market & Antiques, Rt. 227, Urbanna VA. (804)758-4042.




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