Estate Jewelry

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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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   LOCALE         City                                            Shop:
Oklahoma 405  Alva           ---Doc-N-Gen's Antique Mall, 1014 College Blvd., Alva OK. (405)327-0809.
              Anadarko       ---Anadarko Antique Mall, 108 W. Broadway St., Anadarko OK. (405)247-5744.
              Bethany        ---Apple Seed Antique Mall, 6228 NW 39th Expy., Bethany OK. (405)227-1999. Open
                             Mon.-Sat. 10-5:30.
                             ---Apple Tree Antique Mall, 6748 NW 39th Expy., Bethany OK. (405)495-0602.
                             ---Bethany Antique Mall, 3909 N. College Ave., Bethany OK. (405)495-7091.
                             ---Old Farm Store Antique Mall, 6601 NW  38th St., Bethany OK. (405)789-5655.
              Blanchard      ---Yesterday's Best Antique Mall, 109 N. Main, Blanchard OK. (405)485-2550.
              Broken Bow     ---Whitten Antique Mall, Broken Bow OK. (405)584-2088.
              Chickasha      ---Artistic Expressions Mall, 309 W. Chickasha Ave., Chickasha OK. (405)224-9199
                             ---Legacy Antique Mall, 1181 Hwy. 62 E., Chickasha OK. (405)224-3917. We're
                             about a quarter mile east of the intersection of State Hwy. 62 and H.E. Bailey
                             Tpk. and open Tues-Sat 10-5.
                             ---Showcase Antiques, 416 W. Chickasha Ave., Chickasha OK. (405)224-2210.
                             ---Yellow Rose Antique Mall & Flea Market, 516 W. Chickasha Ave., Chickasha OK.
              Edmond         ---Broadway Antique Mall, 114 S. Broadway St., Edmond OK. (405)340-8215.
                             ---Carriage House Antique Galleries, 6 N. Broadway, Edmond OK. (405)359-1240.
                             ---Edmond Antique Mall, 907 S. Broadway St., Edmond OK. (405)359-1234.
              El Reno        ---Consignment Depot, 522 W. Watts St., El Reno OK. (405)262-1171.
                             ---Route 66 Antique Mall, 1629 E. U.S. Hwy. 66, El Reno OK. (405)262-9366.
              Fairview       ---Pratts', 123 W. Central, Fairview OK. (405)227-4470.
              Guthrie        ---89'er Antique Mall, 810 E. Warner Ave., Guthrie OK. (405)282-2661.
                             ---King's Antique Mall, 107 W. Oklahoma St., Guthrie OK. (405)282-0534.
                             ---Recollections Antique Mall, 124 N. 1st St., Guthrie OK. (405)260-0101.
                             ---Wisteria Antique Mall, 120 W. Oklahoma Ave., Guthrie OK. (405)282-3993.
              Holdenville    ---Freeman's Mini Mall, 114 W. Main St., Holdenville OK. (405)379-3338.
              Kingfisher     ---Kingfisher Antique Mall, 1109 S. Main St., Kingfisher OK. (800)529-6808 or
              Lexington      ---Time In A Bottle Antique Mall, 108 E. Broadway, Lexington OK. (405)527-6156.
              Lindsay        ---Rocking Chair Antique Mall, 104 S. Main St., Lindsay OK. (405)756-3941.
                             ---Rocking Chair Mall, 104 S. Main, Lindsay OK. (405)756-3914.
              Midwest City   ---Remember Me Craft & Antique Malls, 129 W. Atkinson Plz., Midwest City OK.
              Minco          ---Memory Lane Mall, 214 E. Main St., Minco OK. (405)352-4024.
              Moore          ---Crafters Mall of America, 2188 S. Service Rd., Moore OK. (405)793-9888.
                             ---Old Glory Antique Mall, 2600 S. I-35 Service Road, Moore OK. (405)793-1101.
                             ---Southern Antique Mall, 2196 S. Service Rd., Moore OK. (405)794-9898.
              Nennekah       ---Highway 19 Antique Mall, Nennekah OK. (405)785-2345.
              Norman         ---Company Store Antique Mall, 300 E. Main St., Norman OK. (405)360-5959.
                             ---Kensington Market Antique Mall, 208 E. Gray St., Norman OK. (405)364-8840.
              Oklahoma City  ---23rd Street Antique Mall, 3023 N.W. 23 ST, Oklahoma City OK. (405)947-3800
                             or Fax: (405)942-8777. /H/ 4 blocks E of I-44 (Exit 122) on NW 23 Street.
                             ---Ancient Days Antique Mall, 5129 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Ancient Of Days Antique Mall, 2714 N.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Anita's Corner Mall, 4335 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City OK. (405)521-9335.
                             ---Antique Centre, The, 1433 N.W. Expressway St., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Antique Co-Op, 1227 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City OK. (405)942-1214.
                             ---Apple Barrel Antique Mall, 4619 N.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Apple Orchard Antique Mall, 2921 N.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Apple Tree Antique Mall, 1111 N. Meridian Ave., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Bare Necessities Mall, 2842 N.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City OK. (405)943-2238.
                             ---Britton Street Mall, 2625 W. Britton Rd., Ste A, Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Colonies, The, 1116-1120 N.W. 51 St., Oklahoma City OK. (405)842-1279.
                             ---Crow's Nest Antique Mall, 2800 N.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City OK. (405)947-6655
                             ---Family Tree Antique Mall, A, 2422 S. Agnew Ave., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Gin Rummy Antique Mall, 4363 N.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City OK. (405)942-6205.
                             ---Golden Oldies Antique Mall, 3208 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City OK. (405)942-5202
                             ---HeartLand Mall, 3498 N.W. Expressway, Oklahoma City OK. (405)721-8888 or Fax:
                             (405)721-5590. /H/ 1/2 mi. W of Council & 1/2 E of Kilpatrick Tpk. Open Mon-Sat
                             10-6, Sundays 1-5. <>
                             ---Mystique Consignment Furnishings, 7100 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City OK.
                             (405)848-2442. /C/
                             ---Raggedy Anne's Market Antiques, 311 So. Klein Ave., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Recollections Antique Mall, 3900 N.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Red Rooster Antique Mall, 305 SW 89th St., Oklahoma City OK. (405)635-1441.
                             ---Remember When Antique Mall, 2209 N. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City OK.
                             ---Scranton Antique Mall, 7512 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City OK. (405)848-9300.
                             ---Villa Antique Mall, 3132 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City OK. (405)949-1185.
              Piedmont       ---Piedmont Craft & Antique Mall, 325 Piedmont Rd. N., Piedmont OK.
              Ponca City     ---Vintage Co-Op, 603 S. 1st St., Ponca City OK. (405)762-6966.
              Purcell        ---Grapevine Antique Mall, 123 W. Main St., Purcell OK. (405)527-0462.
                             ---T's Antique Mall, 116 W. Main St., Purcell OK. (405)527-2766.
              Shawnee        ---Amelia's Antiques, 120 N. Broadway, Shawnee OK. (405)275-6668. /H/
                             ---Green Valley Farms Antique Mall, 301 N. Oklahoma St., Shawnee OK.
                             ---Wishing Well Antique Mall, 225 E. Main St., Shawnee OK. (405)273-9474
              Stillwater     ---Antique Mall of Stillwater, 116 E. 9th, Stillwater OK. (405)372-7833.
              Tuttle         ---Rusty Trunk Antique Mall, 210 E. Main St., Tuttle OK. (405)381-4337.
              Union City     ---Union City Mall, 104 N. Main St., Union City OK. (405)483-5229.
              Walters        ---Broadway Antique Mall, 124 S. Broadway, Walters OK. (405)875-3717.
              Wewoka         ---Wewoka Switch Mall, 121 S. Wewoka Ave., Wewoka OK. (405)257-2959.
Oklahoma 480  Guymon         ---Wolf Creek Mini Mall, 514 SE 4th St., Guymon OK. (580)338-6464.
Oklahoma 580  Ada            ---Ada Antique Mall, 222 E. Main St., Ada OK. (580)332-9927.
              Altus          ---North Main Antique Mall, 601 N. Main St., Altus OK. (580)477-1991.
              Ardmore        ---Main Antique Mall, One W. Main, Ardmore OK. (580)226-0447.
                             ---Village Marketplace & Antiques, 815 W. Broadway, Ardmore OK. (580)223-7223 or
              Blackwell      ---Ashby's Antique Mall, 110 N. Main St., Blackwell OK. (580)363-4410.
                             ---Rowe's Antique Mall, 116 N. Main St., Blackwell OK. (580)363-2233.
              Clinton        ---Angel's Crossing Antique Mall, 215 S. 4th St., Clinton OK. (580)323-6663.
                             ---Antique Mall of Clinton, 815 Frisco Ave., Clinton OK. (580)323-2486.
                             ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, 624 Frisco Ave., Clinton OK. (580)323-5263.
              Davis          ---Dusty Steamer Mall, 222 E. Main St., Davis OK. (580)369-2959.
                             ---Miss Sarah's Antiques, 201 E. Main, Davis OK. (580)369-2092. /H/ Take 55 exit
                             off I35.
              Duncan         ---Antique Mall of Duncan, The, 920 W. Main, Duncan OK. (580)255-2552.
                             ---Antique Marketplace/Tea Room, 726 W. Main, Duncan OK. (580)255-2499.
                             ---Colonial Cottage Antique Mall, 905 W. Main St., Duncan OK. (580)255-7999.
                             ---Pat's Corner Mall, 809 W. Main St., Duncan OK. (580)255-4988.
              Elk City       ---Old Route 66 Antique Mall, 401 E. 3rd St., Elk City OK. (580)225-9695.
                             ---Opera House Mall, Hwys. 152 & 183, Elk City OK. (580)832-5557.
              Enid           ---Cherokee Strip Antique & Craft Mall, 124 S. Independence St., Enid OK.
                             ---Emporium Antiques and Home Decor Mall, The, 5120 W. Owen K. Garriott Rd.,
                             Enid OK. (580)402-6716. /H/ Open Tues-Sat 10-6, Sunday 1-5.
                             ---Mini-Mall, 129 E. Broadway Ave., Enid OK. (580)233-5521.
                             ---Olden Daze Antique Mall, The, 117 N. Grand St., Enid OK. (580)242-5633.
              Frederick      ---Sweet Magnolias Antique Mall, 124 W. Grand Ave., Frederick OK. (580)335-3235.
              Hobart         ---Now & Then Antique & Gift Shop, 127 W. Fourth, Hobart OK. (580)726-2948 or
                             Fax: (580)726-5544. /H/ We're on the corner of 4th and Washington, one block W
                             of Main St. Open Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat 9-5.
              Lawton         ---Lawton Antique Mall, 331 SW C Ave., Lawton OK. (580)595-7210.
                             ---Pickles Antique Mall, 620 S.W. D. Ave., Lawton OK. (580)353-5050.
              Madill         ---Old Market Mall, 510 N. 1st St., Madill OK. (580)795-5999.
              Perry          ---Cherokee Strip Antique Mall, 511 Delaware St., Perry OK. (580)336-4598.
              Ponca City     ---Marland Mall, 419 E. Grand Ave., Ponca City OK. (580)767-1178.
              Rush Springs   ---Le Wins Memory Mall, Hwy. 81 W., Rush Springs OK. (580)476-2201.
              Tonkawa        ---Annie Antique Mall, 110 E. Grand Ave., Tonkawa OK. (580)628-5046.
              Turpin         ---Hill Street Antique Mall, 309 E. Hill St., Turpin OK. (580)778-3493.
              Watonga        ---Watonga Floral & Antique Mall, 108 W. Main St., Watonga OK. (580)623-2223.
              Waurika        ---Nancy's Antiques Mall & Gifts, Hwy. 70, Waurika OK. (580)228-2575.
              Weatherford    ---Southwestern Antique Mall, 1225 E. Main St., Weatherford OK. (580)772-1535.
Oklahoma 918  Bartlesville   ---Gan's Mall, 3801 S.E. Kentucky St., Bartlesville OK. (918)335-1046.
              Bixby          ---Rebecca's Memories Antique Mall, 2 E. Dawes Ave., Bixby OK. (918)298-6255.
              Broken Arrow   ---Antique Centre, 412 S. Main St., Broken Arrow OK. (918)251-7092.
                             ---Antique Yesterday & Today Mall, 412 N. Main St., Broken Arrow OK.
                             ---Heart to Heart Crafters Mall, 114 W. Dallas St., Broken Arrow OK.
                             ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, 211 S. Main St., Broken Arrow OK. (918)251-9060.
                             ---Persimmon Hollow Antique Village, 6927 S. 115th East Ave., Broken Arrow OK.
              Checotah       ---Downtown Antique Mall, 219 S. Broadway St., Checotah OK. (918)473-5097.
              Chouteau       ---Antique Mall of Chouteau, Hwy. 69 S., Chouteau OK. (918)476-6188.
                             ---Cherry's Chouteau Mall, 610 S. Chouteau Ave., Choutea OK. (918)476-8858.
                             ---Frailey's Antiques & Country Mall, Hwy. 69 S., Chouteau OK. (918)476-6581.
              Claremore      ---Antique Peddlers Mall, 422 W. Will Rogers Blvd., Claremore OK. (918)341-8615.
                             ---Chamwood Antique Mall Too, 319 W. Will Rogers Blvd., Claremore OK.
                             ---Chamwood Antique Mall, 2409 E. Highway 20, Claremore OK. (918)341-7817.
                             ---Frontier General Store & Antique Mall, 318 W. Will Rogers Blvd., Claremore
                             OK. (918)341-3442.
                             ---Hoover's Have All Mall, 714 W. Will Rogers Blvd., Claremore OK.
                             ---Hudson-Metcalf Antique Mall, 500 W Will Rogers Blvd., Claremore OK
                             ---Sanbear Antique Mall, 508 W. Will Rogers Blvd., Claremore OK. (918)341-6227.
              Collinsville   ---Rainbow's End Mall, 1002 W. Main St., Collinsville OK. (918)371-5226.
              Cushing        ---Broadway Mall, The, 118 E. Broadway, Cushing OK. (918)225-2891. /H/ Located
                             in downtown Cushing. Open 10-5 Mon-Sat, 1-5 Sun or any time by appt.
                             ---Grandma White's Antiques & Collectibles Mini Mall, 213 E. Broadway St.,
                             Cushing OK. (918)225-4247.
              Dewey          ---Dewey Antique Mall, 202 N. Osage Ave., Dewey OK. (918)534-2660.
              Eufaula        ---Main Street Antique Mall, 317 N. Main St., Eufaula OK. (918)689-7177.
              Grove          ---Antique & Craft Mall, Lake Rd. 4, Grove OK. (918)786-9733.
                             ---B & K Treasures, 101710 Hwy. 59 N., Grove OK. (918)791-0244. /H/ Open every
                             day, 9-6. <>
                             ---EKG, The Heart of Art, 5527 Hwy. 59 N., Grove OK. (918)791-9958. /H/ Open
                             Mon-Fri 9-6, Sunday 12-6. <>
                             ---Grand Lake Galleria Antique Crafters Mall, 8027 US Hwy. 59 N., Grove OK.
                             ---Nook & Cranny Mall, 1010 Harber Rd., Grove OK. (918)786-6590.
                             ---Times Past Antique Mall, 2136 Hwy. 59 N., Grove OK. (918)786-8858.
              Henryetta      ---Attic Treasures Mall, 115 N. 2nd St., Henryetta OK. (918)652-2484.
              Jenks          ---Auntie Em's Antique Mall, 101 W. Main St., Jenks OK. (918)299-7231.
                             ---Main Street Antique Mall, 105 E. Main St., Jenks OK. (918)299-2806.
              Locust Grove   ---Crossroads Antique Mall, Locust Grove OK. (918)479-5144.
                             ---McFarlads Antiques Mall, 524 E. Main St., Locust Grove OK. (918)479-6311.
              Mcalester      ---Old Town Antique Mall, 2700 N. Main St., Mcalester OK. (918)423-8620.
              Miami          ---Gramma's Antique Mall, 417 D St., N.E., Miami OK. (918)542-1585.
              Muskogee       ---Antiques Galore, 2225 W. Shawnee, Muskogee OK. (918)683-3281.
                             ---Collectible Corner & Antique Mall, 30 W. Broadway St., Muskogee OK.
                             ---Downtown Antique Mall, 419 Cumberland Dr., Muskogee OK. (918)683-1300.
                             ---Flo's Antique Mall, 2332 W. Shawnee St., Muskogee OK. (918)686-6060.
                             ---Main Street USA Antique Mall, 2426 N. 32nd St., Muskogee OK. (918)687-5517 or
                             Fax: (918)687-6188. <>
                             ---Mid-American Antique Mall, 2251 S. 32nd, Muskogee OK. (918)840-3997.
                             ---Old America Antique Mall, 2720 S. 32nd St., Muskogee OK. (918)687-8600.
                             ---Old America Too Antique Mall, 24th & W. Shawnee [Hwy. 62], Muskogee OK.
              Nowata         ---Bear Necessities Antique Mall, 104 E. Cherokee Ave., Nowata OK. (918)273-3463
              Okemah         ---Pioneer Mall, 215 W. Broadway St., Okemah OK. (918)623-9124.
              Okmulgee       ---On The Square Antique Mall, 114 W. 7th St., Okmulgee OK. (918)756-2400.
              Pawhuska       ---Osage Emporium and Traders Gallery, 519 Ki-he-kah, Pawhuska OK.
                             (918)287-2600. Open Mon-Sat, 10-5.
                             ---Promised Land Antique Mall, 721 Kiheka Ave., Pawhuska OK. (918)287-9120.
              Pawnee         ---Antique Mall of Pawnee, 656 Harrison St., Pawnee OK. (918)762-3134.
              Poteau         ---Bright's Antique Mall, 223 Dewey Ave., Poteau OK. (918)647-7134.
                             ---Peppercorn Antique & Gift Mall, 212 Dewey Ave., Poteau OK. (918)647-3675.
              Pryor          ---Almost Anything Mall, 31 S. Mill St., Pryor OK. (918)825-6658.
                             ---Heritage Antique Mall, 122 S. Adair St., Pryor OK. (918)825-5714.
              Sallisaw       ---Olive Tree Antique Mall, 315 S. Kerr Blvd., Sallisaw OK. (918)775-5000.
                             ---Red Rose Antique Mall, Sallisaw OK. (918)775-4845.
                             ---Sallisaw Antique Mall, 122 E. Cherokee Ave., Sallisaw OK. (918)776-0221.
              Sapulpa        ---Dewey St. Market, 209 E. Dewey Ave., Sapulpa OK. (918)227-4508.
              Skiatook       ---Antique Mall of Skiatook, 101 W. Rogers Blvd., Skiatook OK. (918)396-1279.
              Stroud         ---Antique Alley Mall, 309 W. Main St., Stroud OK. (918)968-3761.
              Tahlequah      ---Love's Briar Patch, 14587 Hwy. 62, Tahlequah OK. (918)453-0403. Open Mon-Sat
                             10-5:30 & Sun 12-5. <>
                             ---Tahlequah Antique Mall, 204 S. Muskogee Ave., Tahlequah OK. (918)456-2400.
              Tulsa          ---Consignment Connection, 8210 E. 41st St., Tulsa OK. (918)622-8970 or Fax:
                             (918)622-0037. /C/
                             ---Consignment Treasures, 3807-G S. Peoria, Tulsa OK. (918)742-8550.
                             ---Craftique Mall, 1926 S. Garnett Rd., Tulsa OK. (918)234-2425.
                             ---Generations Antique Mall, 4810 E. 11th St., Tulsa OK. (918)834-7577.
                             ---Great American Antique Mall, 9210 E. Admiral Pl., Tulsa OK. (918)836-6255 or
                             Fax: (918)492-3477. <>
                             ---Great American Flea Market & Antique Mall, 9216 E. Admiral Pl., Tulsa OK.
                             ---I-44 Antique Mall, 5111 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa OK. (918)712-2222.
                             ---Snow's Consignment Store, 909 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa OK. (918)266-7446.
              Vinita         ---Vinita Antique Mall, 127 S. Wilso St., Vinita OK. (918)256-5754.
              Wagoner        ---Cooperative Antique Mall, 300 Blake Dr., Wagoner OK. (918)485-5667.
                             ---D J's Antique Mall, 3700 S. Hwy. 69, Wagoner OK. (918)485-8191.
                             ---Hen House Antique Mall, 2001 S. Hwy. 69, Wagoner OK. (918)485-2014.
                             ---Wagoner Switch Antique Mall, 300 Blake Dr., Wagoner OK. (918)485-5701.
              Yale           ---Glory Days Antique Cottage, 420 N. Tull, Yale OK. (918)387-2317. Turn off Hwy
                             51 on Tull St.: go 2 blocks. Open Tues-Sat 9:30-4:30 or by appt.


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