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If you know of shops we have listed in your area that are closed, please let us know.



           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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  LOCALE         City                                             Shop:
 Ohio 216  Cleveland         ---Cleveland Antique Center, 7825 Lorain Ave., Cleveland OH. (216)651-5721.
                             ---Highland Antiques, 6119 Highland Rd., Cleveland OH. (216)446-0937.
                             ---Lakewood Antique Mall, 16928 Detroit Ave., Cleveland OH. (216)221-7650. Other
                             shops in area.
                             ---South Hills Antique Gallery, 2010 W. Schaaf Rd. (at Broadview), Cleveland OH.
                             (216)351-8500. [/H/ main floor] Close to I-480 & I-77. Wed.-Sun. 12-5.
                             ---Suite Lorain Antiques, 7805 Lorain Ave., Cleveland OH. (216)281-1959.
           Columbiana        ---Mainstreet Antiques, 13 E. Park, Columbiana OH. (216)482-5202. Approx. 85
                             dealers in area; call or write for brochure of Columbiana & Surrounding Area.
                             ---Time Traveler Antique Mall, 8 S. Main St., Columbiana OH. (800)953-4090.
           New Philadelphia  ---Riverfront Antique Mall, 1203 Front Ave, S.W., New Philadelphia OH.
                             (800)926-9806 or (330)339-4448. /H/
           Seville           ---Chairmaker and Friends, 30 Center St., Seville OH. (216)905-2300. Open
                             Tues-Sat 10-5, Sunday 11-4. Closed Mondays. <garrettaston @>
           Youngstown        ---I-680 Antique Mall, 9026 South Ave., Youngstown OH. (216)726-9261.
 Ohio 330  Akron             ---Fish Market Antique Center, 474 W. Market St., Akron OH. (330)535-7799.
                             ---Trade Winds Antique Mall & Auction Gallery, 2648 Medina Rd., Akron OH.
                             (330)723-5700. Closed Mondays.
           Alliance          ---Mack's Barn, 14665 Ravenna Ave. [Rt 44], Alliance OH. (330)935-2746.
                             ---New Baltimore Antique Center, 14725 Ravenna Ave., N.E., Alliance OH.
           Baltic            ---Hershberger Antique Mall, 3245 SR 557, Baltic OH. (Ans. Serv.: (800)893-3702,
                             ext 0300) Closed Sundays.
           Barberton         ---Barberton Antique Mall, Barberton OH. (330)848-1549.
           Berlin            ---Berlin Antique Mall, 4359 SR 39, Berlin OH. (330)893-3051. Closed
                             ---Berlin Village Antique Mall, 4774 US 62, Berlin OH. (330)893-4100.
                             ---Seasons Antiques, S.R. 62, Berlin OH. (330)893-3602.
           Bolivar           ---Bolivar Antique Mall, 124 N. Central Ave., N.E., Bolivar OH. (330)874-3161.
           Brookfield        ---Valley View Expo Center & Antique Mall, 7281 Warren Sharon Rd., Brookfield
                             OH. (800)587-2535 or (330)448-6866. <>
           Burbank           ---Rose & Thistle Antique Mall, 27 Front, Burbank OH. (330)624-0106.
           Canton            ---Avenue Antiques, 3400 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton OH. (330)492-2991. We are
                             located on the South side of the Milk & Honey building. Park in their lot or in
                             the rear of the building. <>
                             ---Memory Lane Antiques, 929 Wertz Ave., N.W., Canton OH. (330)452-5700.
                             ---Rt. 43 Antique Mall, 8340 Kent Ave., N.E., N. Canton OH. (330)494-9268. /H/
                             ---Somewhere In Time Antique Mall, 3823 Cleveland Ave., N.W., Canton OH.
                             ---This 'N That Antique/Collector's Mall, 516 S. Main St., Canton OH.
                             ---Treasure Trove Antique Mall, The, 4313 W. Tuscarawas St., Canton OH.
           Copley            ---Annex Antiques & Consignment Shop, 1262 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd., Copley
                             OH. (330)666-5544.
                             ---Copley Antique Mall, The, 1451 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd., Copley OH.
                             (330)665-5581. <>
           Cuyahoga Falls    ---C B A Antique Mall, 1650 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls OH. (330)920-1511.
                             ---Consignment Cottage, 2080 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls OH. (330)929-2080.
                             ---Riverfront Antique Mall, 2776 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls OH. (330)928-0033.
           East Canton       ---East Canton Antique Mall, 224 Wood St. N., East Canton OH. (330)488-9080.
           East Liverpool    ---East Liverpool Antique Mall, 107 E. 5th., E. Liverpool OH. (330)385-0431.
                             ---Pottery City Galleries Antique Mall, Fourth & Washington, E. Liverpool OH.
                             (800)380-6933 or (330)385-6933.
           Greentown         ---Union Station Antiques, 9817 Cleveland Ave., N.W., Greentown OH.
           Hubbard           ---Diana's  --a Craft & Antique Shop, 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Rd., Hubbard OH. 
                             (330)534-2060. /C/ Closed Mon/Tue, Open Wed/Sun 12-5, Thur/Fri/Sat 10-5.
                             ---Hubbard-Liberty Antique Mall, 5959 W. Liberty St., Hubbard OH. (330)534-9855.
           Medina            ---Brothers Antique Mall, 6132 Wooster Pike [Rt. 3 S.], Medina OH.
                             ---Consignment Shop In Granny's Attic, The, 4184 Pearl Rd., Medina OH.
                             ---Heirloom Cupboard, 239 S. Court St., Medina OH. (330)723-1010.
                             ---Medin Depot Antique Mall, 602 W. Liberty St., Medina OH. (330)722-6666.
                             ---Medina Antique Mall, 2797 Medina Rd., Medina OH. (330)722-0017
           Millersburg       ---Antique Emporium, 113 W. Jackson St., Millersburg OH. (330)674-0510.
           New Philadelphia  ---Antique Mall, New Philadelphia OH. (330)484-5931.
           Norton            ---Norton Antique Mall, 2980 S. Hametown Rd., Norton OH. (330)825-8695.
           Orrville          ---Route 57 Antiques Mall, 1314 Wadsworth Rd., Orrville OH. (330)682-0484.
           Peninsula         ---Olde Players Barn Antique Mall, 1039 SR 303, Peninsula OH. (330)657-2886.
                             Closed Tue/Wed.
           Ravenna           ---AAA I-76 Antique Mall, 4284 Lynn Rd., Ravenna OH. (330)325-9776.
                             ---Copper Kettle Antiques, 125 E. Main St., Ravenna OH. (330)296-8708. Open all
           Strasburg         ---Strasburg Antique Mall, 1050 N. Wooster Ave., Strasburg OH. (330)878-4115.
           Uniontown         ---Antique Mall Uniontown, 13443 Cleveland Ave., N.W., Uniontown OH.
           Wadsworth         ---Sharon Center Antique Mall, 725 Sharon Copley Rd., Wadsworth OH.
           Walnut Creek      ---Walnut Creek Antique Mall, 4872 McKinley Place Dr., Walnut Creek OH.
           Wellsville        ---Li'l Red's Antique Mall, 621 Main St., Wellsville OH. (330)532-2803.
           Winesburg         ---Winesburg Antique Mall, 2119 Main St., Winesburg OH. (330)359-2213.
 Ohio 419  Archbold          ---Field of Memories Antique Mall, 5115 SR 66, Archbold OH. (419)445-6255.
                             ---House of Treasures, 4871 S.R. 66, Archbold OH. (419)445-6722. S of SR 2, on
                             SR 66. Open every day 10-5. <>
           Ashland           ---Antiques on Main, 143 W. Main St., Ashland OH. (419)289-8599.
                             ---Ashland Antiques, 1314 Claremont Ave., Ashland OH. (419)289-9550.
           Bellevue          ---Junction Antique Mall, 127 E. Main St., Bellevue OH. (419)483-8227.
           Bellville         ---Bellville Merchants Co-Op
                             ---A&W's Emporium, 90 Main St., Bellville OH. (419)886-4304.
                             ---Clearfork Valley Antique Mall, 610 St. Rt. 97, Bellville OH. (419)886-2197.
                             ---Rainbow's End Antiques, 100 Main St., Bellville OH. (419)886-6690.
                             ---Sweet Memories, 105 Main St., Bellville OH. (419)886-3525.
           Bluffton          ---Deer Creek Shoppes, 124 N. Main St., Bluffton OH. (419)358-7467.
           Bowling Green     ---Millikin Antique Mall, 101 S. Main St., Bowling Green OH. (419)354-6606.
           Castalia          ---Cloud's Antique Mall, Rt. 269, Castalia OH. (419)684-7566.
           Celina            ---Michael's Antique Mall, 125 W. Fayette St., Celina OH. (419)586-7973.
           Clyde             ---Farmstead Antique Mall, 2005 W. McPherson Hwy., Clyde OH. (419)547-2555.
           Delphos           ---Miami-Erie Antique Mall, 132 S. Main, Delphos OH. (419)695-6926.
           Elmore            ---Lazy Dog Antiques & the Toy Chop, 366 Rice St. [Rt. 51 at the light], Elmore
                             OH. (419)862-3632. <>
           Findlay           ---C & S Antique Mall, 46771 E. SR 12, Findlay OH. (419)266-6700.
                             ---Jeffrey's Antique Gallery, 11326 County Rd. 99, Findlay OH. (419)421-7500.
           Fostoria          ---Fostoria Town Center Antique Mall, 318 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria OH.
           Grand Rapids      ---Warehouse Mall, The, 17593 Mill St., Grand Rapids OH. (419)832-0397.
           Mansfield         ---Antique Gallery, The, 1700 S. Main St., Mansfield OH. (419)756-6364.
                             ---Mansfield Antique Mall, 1095 Koogle Rd., Mansfield OH. (419)589-5558.
                             ---Mid-Ohio Antique Mall, 155 Cline Ave., Mansfield OH. (419)756-5852.
                             ---Yester-Year Mart, 1237 Park Ave. W., Mansfield OH. (419)529-6212.
           Maumee            ---Maumee Antique Mall, 1552 Reynolds Rd., Maumee OH. (419)893-2468.
           Milan             ---Milan Inn-Tiques, 29 E. Church St., Milan OH. (419)499-4939.
           Norwalk           ---Northern Ohio Antique Mall, 22 E. Main St., Norwalk OH. (419)660-8686.
                             ---Norwalk Depot Antique Mall, 4 Railroad, Norwalk OH. (419)663-4211.
           Pioneer           ---Pioneer Antiques Mall, 103 E. Baubice St., Pioneer OH. (419)737-2179.
                             ---Tri State Antique Mall, S.R. 15, Pioneer OH 43554. (419)485-5610.
           Plymouth          ---Plymouth Antique Mall, 5 W. Broadway St., Plymouth OH. (419)687-6500.
           Toledo            ---Cobblestone Antiques Mall, 2635 W. Central Ave., Toledo OH. (419)475-4561.
                             ---Downtown Antiques & Collectibles Mall, 333 N. Superior St., Toledo OH.
                             ---H H Antique & Collectible Mall, 14 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd., Toledo OH.
                             (419)867-1676. <antiques @>
                             ---K & G Antiques Mall, 1601 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo OH. (419)878-7778.
           Van Wert          ---Years Ago Antique Mall, 108 W. Main St., Van Wert OH. (419)238-3362.
           Wapakoneta        ---Auglaize Antique Mall, 116 W. Auglaize St., Wapakoneta OH. (419)738-8004.
                             Many other shops also in area. <>
           Waterville        ---Mill Race Antiques, 217 Mechanic St., Waterville OH. (419)878-8762.
           West Salem        ---Deb's Unique Antique Mall, 47 E. Buckeye St., West Salem OH. (419)853-4288.
           Willard           ---Margo's Antique Mall, 1320 S. Conwell Ave., Willard OH. (419)935-6255.
 Ohio 440  Ashtabula         ---Ashtabula Antique Mall, 4876 N. Ridge Rd. W., Ashtabula OH. (440)989-9648.
                             ---Moses Antiques Mall, 4135 State Rd., Ashtabula OH. (440)992-5556.
           Avon              ---Antique Center, The, 36675 Detroit Rd., Avon OH. (440)934-6977.
           Chardon           ---Antiques on the Square, 101 Main St., Chardon OH. (440)286-1912.
           Chesterland       ---Steeplechase Antiques, 8386 Mayfield Rd., Chesterland OH. (440)729-0900.
           Cleveland         ---Trackside Antique Mall, 9545 Columbia Rd. [Rt. 252], Cleveland OH.
           Highland Heights  ---Highland Antique Mall, 6119 Highland Rd., Highland Heights OH. (440)446-0937.
           Kirtland          ---Kirtland Antique Mall, 10535 Chillicothe Rd. [Rt. 306], Kirtland OH.
           Middlefield       ---Country Collections Antique Mall, 15848 Nauvoo Rd., Middlefield OH.
                             ---Settlers Antique Mall, 14269 Old State Rd., Middlefield OH. (440)632-5750.
           North Ridgeville  ---Hatchery Antique Mall, 7474 Avon-Belden Rd. [Rt. 83], N. Ridgeville OH.
           Parkman           ---Auntie's Antique Mall, 15567 Main Market St. [Rt. 422], Parkman OH.
           Willoughby        ---Crooked Creek Antique Mall, 4122 Erie St. [Rt. 20], Willoughby OH.
 Ohio 513  Cincinnati        ---Antique Mall at Riverside Center, 3742 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati OH.
                             ---Covered Bridge Antique Mall, 7508 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati OH.
                             ---Ferguson's Antique Mall, 4937 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati OH.
                             ---Grand Antique Mall, 9701 Reading Rd. [SR 42], Cincinnati OH. (513)554-1919.
                             <grandantiquemall @>
                             ---Ivy Cottage Antiques and Accents, The, 3954 Brotherton Rd., Cincinnati OH.
                             (513)272-1489. <iantiques @>
                             ---Master Pieces Antiques, 4031 Red Bank Rd., Cincinnati OH. (513)271-8765. /H/
                             Open Tues-Fri 11-6, Sat 10-5, Sunday 12-5. <>
                             ---Oakley Antique Mall, 3715 Madison Rd., Cincinnati OH. (513)321-0900.
           Fairfield         ---Ohio Valley Antique Mall, 7285 Dixie Hwy., Fairfield OH. (513)874-7855.
           Kettering         ---Treasure Barn Antique Mall, 1142 E. Dorothy Ln., Kettering OH. (513)294-2281.
           Lebanon           ---Broadway Antique Mall, 15 S. Broadway, Lebanon OH. (513)932-1410.
                             ---Hardy's Antique Market, 208 Wright Ave., Lebanon OH. (513)932-2951.
                             ---Miller's Antique Market, 201 S. Broadway, Lebanon OH. (513)932-8710.
                             ---Mulberry Street Antiques, 31 E. Mulberry, Lebanon OH. (513)932-2525.
                             Open 7 days 11-6.
                             ---Shoe Factory Antique Mall, 120 E. South St., Lebanon OH. (513)932-8300.
           Lockland          ---Lockland Antique Mall, 110 Mill St., Lockland OH. (513)761-2268.
           Loveland          ---Lucinda's, 1615 SR 28, Loveland OH. (513)722-0999. /C/
           Mason             ---Route 42 Antique Mall, 1110 Reading Rd., Mason OH. (513)398-4003.
           Miamitown         ---Miamitown Antiques, Miamitown OH. (513)353-4598.
                             ---Werts & Bledsoe Antique Mall, 6818 State Rt. 128, Miamitown OH.
           Middletown        ---Bronze Horse Antiques Mall, 1200 Central Ave., Middletown OH. (513)727-9133.
                             ---Middletown Antique Mall, 1607 Central Ave., Middletown OH. (513)422-9970.
                             ---Remember When Antique Mall, 1406 Central Ave., Middletown OH. (513)727-8658.
           Milford           ---Mercantile Mall, 100 Main St., Milford OH. (513)248-0350.
           Shandon           ---1848 House Antique Mall, 4777 Cinti-Brookvl. Rd., Shandon OH. (513)738-8816.
           Springboro        ---Springboro Antique Mall, 140 S. Main St., Springboro OH. (513)748-3040.
                             ---Springboro Antique Mall, 205 East St., Springboro OH. (513)748-1338.
           Waynesville       ---Golden Pomegranate Antique Mall, 140 S. Main St., Waynesville OH.
                             ---High Street Antique Market, 180 High St., Waynesville OH. (513)897-4533.
                             ---Mad Anthony Curio Mall, 88 S. Main St. Waynesville OH. (513)897-5088.
                             ---Waynesville Antique Mall, 69 S. Main St., Waynesville OH. (513)897-6937.
 Ohio 614  Columbus          ---Anew Fine Consignment Furnishings, 664 N. High St., Columbus OH.
                             ---Antiques Etc Mall, 3265 N. High St., Columbus OH. (614)447-2242.
                             ---German Village Antique Mall, 1763 S. High St., Columbus OH. (614)449-0100.
                             ---German Village Antique Mall, 740 S. High St., Columbus OH. (614)443-3113.
                             ---Grandview Mercantile Co., 1390 Grandview Ave., Columbus OH. (614)487-9515 or
                             Fax: (614)487-9567. <>
                             ---Greater Columbus Antique Mall, 1045 So. High St., Columbus OH. (614)443-7858.
                             ---Heritage on High Antique & Collectible Mall, 1224 S. High St., Columbus OH.
                             ---Heritage Square Antique Mall, 1865 Channingway Center Dr., Columbus OH.
                             ---Peddler's Village, 1881 W. Henderson Rd., Columbus OH. (614)326-0022.
                             ---Victoria's Treasures Antique & Collectible Mall, 3525-27 N. High St.,
                             Columbus OH. (614)262-6283.
           Groveport         ---Kay's Madison House Antique & Collectible Mall, 576 Main St., Groveport OH.
           Harpster          ---Old General Store Antique Mall, 7223 SR 294, Harpster OH. (614)496-2532.
           Mount Vernon      ---Farley & Moore Antiques & Collectibles, 104 S. Main St., Mount Vernon OH.
           Pataskala         ---T.C. Antiques & Toy Mall, 10465 Columbus Expressway E., Pataskala OH.
           Powell            ---Powell Liberty Antique Mall, 22 N. Liberty St., Powell OH. (614)885-5588.
           Westerville       ---Finders Keepers Antique Mall, 13 E. College Ave., Westerville OH.
                             ---Heart's Content Antique Mall, 9 N. State St., Westerville OH. (614)891-6050.
                             ---Springhouse Antique Mall, 2 N. State St., Westerville OH. (614)882-2354.
                             ---Westerville Antiques Mall, 34 E. College Ave., Westerville OH. (614)891-6966.
 Ohio 740  Ashville          ---Ashville Antique Mall, 73 W. Main St. [SR 316], Ashville OH. (740)983-8829.                             
                             ---South Bloomfield Antique Mall, 5004 US Hwy. 23, Ashville OH. (740)983-4300.
           Athens            ---Athens Ohio Antique Mall, 180 Columbus Rd., Athens OH. (740)589-5207 or Fax:
                             1-888-477-8428. Off Rt 33 on Columbus Rd. Open: Sun 1-5, Tue/Wed/Thurs/Sat 10-6,
                             Fri 10-7, Closed Monday. <athensohioantiques @>      
           Barnesville       ---Barnesville Antique Mall, 202 N. Chestnut, Barnesville OH. (740)425-2435.
           Belpre            ---Memory Mall Antiques & Collectibles, 2516 Washington Blvd., Belpre OH.
           Caldwell          ---Olde Barn Antiques & Collectibles, Caldwell OH. (740)732-7453.
           Cambridge         ---Guernsey Antique Mall, 623 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge OH. (740)432-2570.
                             ---Penny Court Antiques & Collectables Mall, 637 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge OH.
                             (740)432-4369. <>
                             ---Tenth Street Antique Mall, 127 S. 10th St., Cambridge OH. (740)432-3364.
           Carroll           ---Antique Palace Mall, Rt. 33 & Coonpath Rd., Carroll OH. (740)756-4411.
           Circleville       ---Circleville Antique Mall, 105 W. Main St., Circleville OH. (740)474-6257.
           Coshocton         ---Coshocton Antique Mall, 315 Main St., Coshocton OH. (740)622-7792.
           Delaware          ---Delaware Antique Mall, 18 N. Sandusky St., Delaware OH. (740)369-4963.
           Dennison          ---250 Antique Mall, 9043 Rt. 250 E., Dennison OH. (740)922-6900.
           Gallipolis        ---French City Mall, 350 2nd Ave., Gallipolis OH. (740)446-9020.
           Jackson           ---Jackson Antique Mall, 190 1/2 Twin Oaks Dr., Jackson OH. (740)286-0172.
           Lancaster         ---Olde Shoe Antiques, 301 Forest Rose Ave., Lancaster OH. (740)687-1760.
           Logan             ---Logan Antique Mall, 12795 S.R. 664 S., Logan OH. (740)385-2061.
                             ---Spring Street Antique Mall, 55 S. Spring St., Logan OH. (740)385-1816.
           Macksburg         ---Yellow Rose Antique Mall, S.R. 821, Macksburg OH. (740)783-4300.
           Marietta          ---Antique Mall of Marietta, 135 2nd St., Marietta OH. (740)376-0038.
                             ---Antique Mall, 949 Greene St., Marietta OH. (740)434-5906.
                             ---Marietta Front Street Antique Mall, 176 Front St., Marietta OH.
                             (740)376-2653. <>
                             ---Tin Rabbit, The, 204 Front St., Marietta OH. (740)373-1152.
           New Concord       ---Bogart's Antique Mall, 1030 Friendship Dr., New Concord OH. (740)826-7439.
           Newark            ---Arcade Korner Mall, 20 N. 4th St., Newark OH. (740)345-9176.
           Norwich           ---Bogart's Antique Mall, 7527 E. Pike, Norwich OH. (740)872-3514.
                             ---Glass House Antique Mall, The, 8825 E. Pike [Rt. 40], Norwich OH.
                             ---White Pillars Antiques Mall, 7525 East Pike, Norwich OH. (740)872-3720.
           Philo             ---Salt Creek Merchant Mall, 8775 Chandlersville Rd., Philo OH. (740)674-6479.
           Portsmouth        ---A Ghost in the Attic, 543 2nd St., Portsmouth OH. (740)353-6111.
                             ---Olde Towne Antique Mall, 541 2nd., Portsmouth OH. (740)353-7555.
           Powell            ---Powell Antiques Center, 34 W. Cherry St., Powell OH. (740)888-6447.
           Sunbury           ---Cozy Cottage Antique Mall, 266 Greenbriar Rd., Sunbury OH. (740)882-1939.
                             ---Pieces of the Past, 74 E. Cherry St., Sunbury OH. (740)965-1231.
                             ---Sun-Berry Antique Mall, 20 S. Vernon St., Sunbury OH. (740)965-2279.
                             ---Weidner's Village Square Antique Mall, 31 E. Granville St., Sunbury OH.
                             (740)965-4377. Open 7 days a week.
           Zanesville        ---Christine's Unique Antique Mall, 28 N. 7th St., Zanesville OH. (740)455-2393.
                             ---Clossman Antiques Market, 621 Main St., Zanesville OH. (740)450-2567.
                             ---Elaine's Antique and Collectible Mart, 531 Main St., Zanesville OH.
                             ---Old Towne Antique Mall, 527 Main St., Zanesville OH. (740)453-8694.
 Ohio 937  Aberdeen          ---Craycraft Mini Mall, 762 US 52, Aberdeen OH. (937)795-0015.
           Beavercreek       ---Beavercreek Antique Mall, 3854 Kemp Rd., Beavercreek OH. (937)320-1910.
           Bellefontaine     ---Bellefontaine Antique Mall, 210 W. Columbus Ave., Bellefontaine OH.
                             (888)384-6480 or (937)292-7000.
           Blanchester       ---Broadway Antique Mall #2, 102 S. Broadway St., Blanchester OH.
                             ---Mona Lisa's Broadway Mall, 102 S. Broadway St., Blanchester OH.
           Clifton           ---Clifton Antique Mall, 301 N. Main St., Clifton OH. (937)767-2277.
                             ---Weber's Antiques, Clay St., Clifton OH. (937)767-8581.
           Covington         ---Covington Antiques, SR48, Covington OH. (937)669-5335.
                             ---Fort Rowdy Antique Mall, cor. SR 41 & Mote Dr., Covington OH. (937)473-2799.
           Dayton            ---Another Man's Treasures Antique Mall, 638 Watervliet Ave., Dayton OH.
                             ---Peddler's Mall, 1684 Woodman Dr., Dayton OH. (937)252-4376.
                             ---Treasure Barn Antique Mall, 1043 S. Main St., Dayton OH. (937)222-4400.
           Georgetown        ---Georgetown Antique Mall, 216 S. Main St., Georgetown OH. (937)378-3281.
           Higginsport       ---Higginsport Mini Mall, 312 Columbia, Higginsport OH. (937)375-6008.
           Hillsboro         ---D & L Mini Mall, 12057 N. Shore Dr., Hillsboro OH. (937)981-4606.
                             ---Diana's Memory Lane Mall, 116 S. High St., Hillsboro OH. (937)393-8202.
           Jamestown         ---Buckles Avenue Antique Mall, 12 S. Buckles Ave., Jamestown OH. (937)675-3004.
           Lynchburg         ---Lynchburg Antique Mall, 174 S. Main St., Lynchburg OH. (937)364-9036.
           Marysville        ---Marysville Antique Mall, 117 S. Main St., Marysville OH. (937)642-9393.
           Miamisburg        ---K & D Antiques & Consignments, 11 N. 4th St., Miamisburg OH. (937)865-9596.
           Mount Victory     ---Grandma's Attic Antique Mall, 119 S. Main St., Mount Victory OH.
                             ---House of Yesteryear Antique Mall, 125 S. Main St., Mount Victory OH.
           New Carlisle      ---Midwest Memories and Antiques, 123 S. Main St., New Carlisle OH.
                             (937)846-1002. /H/
           New Paris         ---New Paris Antique Mall, 102 E. Main St., New Paris OH. (937)437-0048.
           Piqua             ---Piqua Antique Mall, 430 N. Main St., Piqua OH. (937)773-8101.
           Ripley            ---Olde Piano Factory Antique Mall, 307 N. 2nd St., Ripley OH. (937)392-9243.
           Springfield       ---AAA I-70 Antique Mall, 4700 S. Charleston Pike, Springfield OH. (937)324-8448
                             or Fax: (937)324-4861. /H/ <>
                             ---Heart of Ohio Antique Center, 4785 E. National Rd., Springfield OH.
                             (937)324-2188. /H/ <>
                             ---Springfield Antique Center, 1735 Titus Rd., Springfield OH. (937)322-8868 or
                             Fax: (937)322-8049. /H/
           Tipp City         ---Benkin Antique Gallery, 14 E. Main St., Tipp City OH. (937)667-5526.
                             ---Hotel Gallery, The, 109 E. Main St., Tipp City OH. (937)667-3696.
           Wilmington        ---Antique Gallery, 64 W. Main, Wilmington OH. (937)382-7735.
           Yellow Springs    ---Clifton Antique Mall Annex, 74 Water St., Yellow Springs OH. (917)767-2088.
                             ---Weber's Antique Mall, 63 Clay St., Yellow Springs OH. (937)767-5060.




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Marty's Ski and Board Shop
Marty's Ski and Board Shop
Marty's Ski and Board Shop
Marty's Ski and Board Shop
Marty's Ski and Board Shop
Marty's Ski and Board Shop
U.S. Rack
U.S. Rack
U.S. Rack
U.S. Rack
U.S. Rack
U.S. Rack

Printing one copy for personal use or in-shop display allowed.
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