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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing.

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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   LOCALE          City                                            Shop:
Nebraska 308 Grand Island     ---Alley Cat Antique Mall, 213 W 3rd St., Grand Island NE. (308)384-9876.
                              ---Heartland Antique Mall, 216 W. 3rd., Grand Island NE. (308)384-6018.
                              ---Railroad Towne Antique Mall, 321 W. 3rd St., Grand Island NE. (308)398-2222.
                              ---Rare Find Antiques & Treasures, The, 3235 S. Locust, Grand Island NE.
                              (308)381-4075. /H/ Open Daily.
             Kearney          ---Antique Co-Op, 229 Central Ave., Kearney NE. (308)236-6990.
             Kimball          ---Plaza Antique Mall, 315 W. 3rd St., Kimball NE. (308)255-2803.
             Lexington        ---Antique Mall & BBQ, The, I-80 & Hwy. 283, Lexington NE. (308)324-2816.
             North Platte     ---Antique Mini Mall & Flea Market, 507 N. Jeffers St., North Platte NE.
             Ogallala         ---Antique Mall, 605 E. A ST. S., Ogallala NE. (308)284-2083.
             Saint Paul       ---Brick Street Mall, 611 Howard Ave., Saint Paul NE. (308)754-5853.
             Scottsbluff      ---Homestake Antique Mall, 1824 Broadway, Scottsbluff NE. (308)630-2345.
Nebraska 402 Auburn           ---Auburn Antique Center, 922 Central Ave., Auburn NE. (402)274-3056.
             Bellevue         ---Enamel and Lace Antique Mall, 1001 Fort Crook Rd., N., Bellevue NE.
             Columbus         ---Billy Bob's Antique Mall, 2707 13th St., Columbus NE. (402)562-8408.
                              ---Cottonwood Antique Mall & Flea, 2423 11th St., Columbus NE. (402)564-1099.
             Crete            ---Main Street Antique Mall, 1316 Main Ave., Crete NE. (402)826-2618.
                              ---Mill Road Emporium, 140 W 13 ST, Crete NE. (402)826-4433 or 826-4747.
             Fairbury         ---Fairbury Antique Mall, 222 W. 14th St., Fairbury NE. (402)729-5105.
                              ---Memories & More Antique Mall, 409 D St., Fairbury NE. (402)729-5464.
                              ---Sheri's Antique Mall, 502 Third, Fairbury NE. (402)729-3494.
                              ---Stagecoach Mall, 510 E Street, Fairbury NE. (402)729-4034.
             Falls City       ---Norma's Antique Mall, 1715 Stone St., Falls City NE. (402)245-4338.
             Fremont          ---John C Antique Mall, 544 N. Main St., Fremont NE. (402)721-7092.
                              ---Park Avenue Antiques, 515 N. Park, Fremont NE. (402)721-1157.
             Greenwood        ---Platte Valley Antique Mall, 13017 238th St., Greenwood NE. (402)944-2949 or
                              Fax: (402)944-3179.
             Hastings         ---Hidden Treasures, 212 W. 2nd, Hastings NE. (402)463-0260. /H/ Open T-F 10-6,
                              Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5. <>
             Lincoln          ---Aardvark Antique Mall, 5800 Arbor Rd., Lincoln NE. (402)464-5100.
                              ---Antique Corner Cooperative, 1601 S. 17th St., Lincoln NE. (402)476-8050.
                              ---B B & R Antique Mall, 1709 O St., Lincoln NE. (402)474-7505.
                              ---Burlington Antique Mall, 201 N 7th St., Ste 102, Lincoln NE. (402)475-7502.
                              ---Cornhusker Mall, 2120 Cornhusker Hwy., Lincoln NE. (402)438-5122.
                              ---Flea Market Emporium, 3235 S. 13th, Lincoln NE. (402)423-5380.
                              ---Pack Rats -- A Cooperative, 1617 S. 17th St., Lincoln NE. (402)474-4043.
                              ---Pepperberg Galleria, 815 O St., Lincoln NE. (402)438-1700.
                              ---Q Street Mall, 1835 Q St., Lincoln NE. (402)435-3303.
                              ---St. George Antique Mall, 1023 O St., Lincoln NE. (402)477-4400.
                              ---TNT Crafts & Collectibles & Antiques, 4750 Normal Blvd., Lincoln NE.
                              (402)477-1252 or Fax: (402)489-8065. /H/ At 48th & Normal. Open Tue-Fri 11-5,
                              Sat 12-4, Closed Sun/Mon. <gary @>
                              ---Vintage Village Antique Mall, 2425 O St., Lincoln NE. (402)742-0063.
             Nebraska City    ---Nebraska City Antique Mall, 800 Central Ave., Nebraska City NE. (402)873-9805
             Neligh           ---The Trailside Antique Mall, 606 P St., Neligh NE. (402)887-4879.
             Norfolk          ---Custer Citchen & Consignments, 800 Custer Ave., Norfolk NE. (402)379-4529.
             Omaha            ---A & A Antiques Co-Op Mall, 1244 S. 13th St., Omaha NE. (402)346-2929.
                              ---Blue Ribbon Flea Market & Antique Mall, 6606 Grover St., Omaha NE. Phone or
                              Fax: (402)397-6811.
                              ---Brass Armadillo Antique Mall, 10666 Sapp Bros. Drive., Omaha NE.
                              (800)896-9140 or (402)896-9140.
                              ---Country Shops Antiques, 1957 S. 13th St., Omaha NE. (402)346-0222.
                              ---Downtown Antique Mall, 3035 Harney St., Omaha NE. (402)341-1465.
                              ---Joe's 13th St. Co-Op Antiques & Collectables, 1414 S. 13th St., Omaha NE.
                              ---Meadowlark Antique Mall, 10700 Sapp Brothers Dr., Omaha NE. (402)896-0800 or
                              Fax: (402)894-9527.
             Seward           ---Seward Antiques & Collectibles Mall, 1251 S. Hwy. 15, Seward NE.
             South Sioux City ---Cj Consignment, 1104 E. 6th St., Apt. 45, S. Sioux City NE. (402)494-7070.
             Waterloo         ---Venice Antique Mall, 26250 W. Center Rd., Waterloo NE. (402)359-5782.


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