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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing.

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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   LOCALE         City                                            Shop:
Kentucky 270 Auburn          ---Auburn Antique Mall, 106 E. Main St., Auburn KY. (270)542-6687.
                             ---Fountain Place Antiques, 114 E. Main St., Auburn KY. (270)542-7700. Off 68-80
                             in downtown Auburn. Open Mon-Thur 10-4:30, Fri 10-5, Sat 9:30-5.
             Beaver Dam      ---Downtown Antique Mall, 103 N. Main St., Beaver Dam KY. (270)274-4774.
             Benton          ---Antique Mall, The, 600 Main St., Benton KY. (270)527-2085.
             Bowling Green   ---Antique Mall at Flea Land, 1100 Three Springs Rd., Bowling Green KY.
                             ---Axehandle Factory Antique Mall, 221 1/2 Gordon Ave., Bowling Green KY.
                             ---Bowling Green Antique Mall, 427 Park Row, Bowling Green KY. (270)843-8583.
                             ---Northside Antique Mall, 5249 Louisville Rd., Bowling Green KY. (270)842-6350.
                             ---Rachel's Antique Mall, 131 Wagon Trail, Bowling Green KY. (270)843-8638.
                             ---River Bend Antique Mall, 315 Beech Bend Rd., Bowling Green KY. (270)781-5773.
                             ---Vette City Antique Mall, 778 Interstate Dr., Bowling Green KY. (270)393-9500.
             Brandenburg     ---West Point Antique Mall, The, 858 Allen Rd., Brandenburg KY. (270)922-4927.
             Buffalo         ---Buffalo Antique Mall, 2433 Greensburg Rd., Buffalo KY. (270)325-3900.
             Cadiz           ---Cadiz Antique Mall, 34 Main St., Cadiz KY. (270)522-7880.
                             ---Cherokee Antique Mall, 36 Main St., Cadiz KY. (270)522-5915.
                             ---Miz Malva's Antique Mall, 47 Main St., Cadiz KY. (270)522-3316.
             Cave City       ---Magaline's Antique Mall, 118 Broadway St., Cave City KY. (270)773-4515.
             Eddyville       ---Anderson's Antique Mall, US Hwy. 62 E., Eddyville KY. (270)388-7400.
                             ---Red Door Antique Mall, The, 35 US Hwy 641 N, Eddyville KY. (270)388-1957 or
                             Fax: (270)388-1958. I24 Exit 40. E on 62 3.5 Mi to 641 N. Left at the Caution
                             Light! Open 7 days 9-5. <>
             Elizabethtown   ---R & R Antique Mall, 6085 Rineyville Rd., Elizabethtown KY. (270)737-2244.
             Elkton          ---Court House Antique Mall, 1 Public Sq., Elkton KY. (270)265-3765.
             Franklin        ---Bright's Antique World, 281 Steele Rd., Franklin KY. (270)598-9901. Take
                             I-65 S to KY Exit 2, just before the TN line. Turn right on 31W. Go to first 
                             light (Steele Rd) and turn left. Drive past the Cracker Barrel (we're directly
                             behind it). We're open all week: Mon-Sat 9-8 and Sundays 10-6. <info @
                             ---Heritage Antique Mall & Collectibles, 111 W. Washington St., Franklin KY.
                             (270)586-3880. <>
                             ---Strictly Country Antique Mall, 5945 Bowling Green Rd., Franklin KY.
             Gilbertsville   ---Twin Lakes Antique Mall, 6953 Hwy. 641 N., Gilbertsville KY. (270)362-2218.
             Glasgow         ---Eighty Eight Antique Mall & Gift, Rt. 88, Glasgow KY. (270)678-6255.
                             ---Hidden Attic Antique Mall, The, 609 Columbia Ave., Glasgow KY. (270)651-8829.
             Glendale        ---Bennie's Barn Antique Mall (behind West Point Bank), (270)369-9677.
                             ---Glendale Antique Mall, 103 E. Railroad Ave., Glendale KY. (270)369-7279.
                             ---Green Top Antiques & Collectibles, 433 E. Main, Glendale KY. (270)369-7943.
                             ---Side Track Shops & Antique Mall, The, 212 E. Main St., Glendale KY.
             Greensburg      ---Glover's Station Antique Mall, 121 S. Public Square, Greensburg KY.
             Hanson          ---Wanamaker Lee's Vintage Department Store, 25 Sunset Rd., Hanson KY.
                             (270)322-9008. Open Tues-Sat 10-5. <>
             Hardin          ---Merchantile Antique Mall, U.S. Hwy. 68 W., Hardin KY. (270)474-2333.
             Hazel           ---Charlie's Antique Mall, 303 Main St., Hazel KY. (270)492-8175.
                             ---Hazel Antique Mall, 303 Main St., Hazel KY. (270)492-8170.
                             ---Horse's Mouth Antique Mall, 308 Main St., Hazel KY. (270)492-8128.
                             ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, Main St., Hazel KY. (270)492-8646.
                             ---Tooter's Antique Mall, Hwy. 641, Hazel KY. (270)492-6111.
             Hopkinsville    ---Hopkinsville Peddler's Mall, 2605 Fort Campbell Blvd., Hopkinsville KY.
             Horse Cave      ---Country Treasures Antique Mall, 114 E. Main St., Horse Cave KY. (270)786-4445
             Livermore       ---Heritage House Antique Mall, 225 Hill St., Livermore KY. (270)278-9008.
             Madisonville    ---Madisonville Antique Mall, 254 E. Center St., Madisonville KY. (270)825-1390.
                             ---Ole House Antique Mall, 343 E. Center St., Madisonville KY. (270)821-4020.
                             ---Red Wagon Antiques, Crafts & Collectibles, 455 Madison Square Ave, Madisonville
                             KY. (270)821-3966.
             Mayfield        ---Mayberry Antique Mall, The, 114 W. Broadway St., Mayfield KY. (270)247-1979.
             Owensboro       ---Owensboro Antique Mall, 500 W. 3rd St., Owensboro KY. (270)684-3003.
                             ---Peachtree Galleries Antique Mall, 104 W. 2nd St., Owensboro KY. (270)683-6937
                             or (270)926-1081.
             Paducah         ---Antiques Cards & Collectibles Inc, 203 Broadway, Paducah KY. (270)443-9797.
                             ---Jememiah's Antique Mall, 229 Broadway St., Paducah KY. (270)443-5282.
                             ---Just English Antiques - Downtown Mall, 212 Broadway St., Paducah KY.
                             ---Sherry & Friends Antique Mall, 208 Kentucky Ave., Paducah KY. (270)442-4103.
             Princeton       ---Big Springs Antique Mall, 132 E. Main St., Princeton KY. (270)365-3700.
             Radcliff        ---Peddler's Mall, 151 E. Lincoln Trail Blvd., Radcliff KY. (270)352-5580.
                             ---Radcliff Antique Mall, 509 S. Dixie Blvd., Radcliff KY. (270)351-5155.
                             ---Somewhere In Time Antique Mall, 332 N. Dixie Blvd., Radcliff KY.
             Russell Springs ---Russell Springs Antique Mall, The, 224 Dan St., Russell Springs KY.
             Russellville    ---Russellville Antique Mall, 141 E. 5th St., Russellville KY. (270)726-6900.
             Scottsville     ---Scottsville Antique Mall, 101 W. Main St., Scottsville KY.
                             (270)237-4595 or Fax: (270)237-4982. Located on the Public Square. 9-5:30,
                             Mon.-Sat. /H/ <>
             Sonora          ---Bennie's Barn Antique Mall, 434 Main St., Soora KY. (270)369-9677.
             Sturgis         ---Antique & Craft Mall, 515 N. Main St., Sturgis KY. (270)333-9315.
             Vine Grove      ---Main Street Antique Mall, 116 W. Main, Vine Grove KY. (270)877-5001.
             Whitesville     ---Whitesville Antique Mall, Hwy. 54, Whitesville KY. (270)233-9669.
Kentucky 502 Bardstown       ---Consignments, Etc., 222 N. 3rd St., Bardstown KY. (502)349-6837. /C/
                             ---Crepps Antiques Mall, 216 N. 3rd St., Bardstown KY. (502)348-6181.
                             ---Mackin Antique Mall, 213 W. Stephen Foster Ave., Bardstown KY. (502)348-9070.
             Carrollton      ---Court Square Antique Mall, 128 Court St., Carrollton KY. (502)732-8067.
                             ---Two Rivers Antique Mall, 427 Main St., Carrollton KY. (502)732-0080.
             Crestwood       ---Schoolhouse Antique Mall, S. Hwy. 53, Crestwood KY. (502)222-9097.
             Frankfort       ---B & J's Antique & Collectable Mall, 1438 Versailles Rd., Frankfort KY.
                             ---Old Bridgeport School Antique Mall, Cafe and Gift Shoppe, 555 Bridgeport Rd.,
                             Frankfort KY. (502)352-2858. /H/ Open Tue-Sat 10-5, Sunday 1-5. Closed Mondays.
                             <oldbridgeportschool @>
             Georgetown      ---Georgetown Antique Mall, 114 E. Main St., Georgetown KY. (502)863-4018.
             Lawrenceburg    ---Kavanaugh Antique Mall, 241 E. Woodford St., Lawrenceburg KY. (502)839-9880.
             Louisville      ---Baxter Avenue Antique Mall, 625 Baxter Ave., Louisville KY. (502)568-1582.
                             ---Consignment Cellar, 113 Cannons Ln., Louisville KY. (502)895-0648.
                             ---Crazy Daisy Antiques Mall, 1430 Mellwood Ave., Louisville KY. (502)560-1335.
                             ---Den of Steven Antique Mall, 945 Baxter Ave., Louisville KY. (502)458-9581.
                             ---Derby City Antique Mall, 3819 Old Bardstown Rd., Louisville KY. (502)459-5151
                             ---Louisville Antique Mall, 900 Goss Ave., Louisville KY. (502)635-2852.
                             ---Red Barn Mall, 12125 Old Shelbyville Rd., Louisville KY. (502)245-8330.
                             ---South Louisville Antique & Toy Mall, 4150 E. Blue Lick Rd., Louisville KY.
                             (502)955-5303. <>
                             ---Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall, 3269 Taylor Blvd., Louisville KY.
             Mt. Washington  ---Buky's Antique Mall, 264 N. Bardstown Rd., Mount Washington KY. (502)538-7078
             Saint Matthews  ---Holland House Quality Home Consignments, 129-D St. Matthews Ave., Saint
                             Matthews KY. (502)895-2707.
             Shelbyville     ---Antiques For You Mall, 528 Main St., Shelbyville KY. (502)633-7506.
                             ---Ruby Rooster Antique Mall, 514 Main St., Shelbyville KY. (502)633-0001.
                             ---Shelbyville Antique Mall, 524 Main St., Shelbyville KY. (502)633-0720.
             Shepherdsville  ---Cedar Grove Antique Mall, Shepherdsville KY. (502)543-4174.
                             ---Sparrow Drive Antique Mall, 230 Sparrow Dr., Shepherdsville KY. (502)543-3382
             Taylorsville    ---Talk Time Antique Mall, 57 W. Main St., Taylorsville KY. (502)477-0240.
Kentucky 606 Burnside        ---Lakeshore Antique Mall, 51 W. Lakeshore Dr., Burnside KY. (606)561-5966.
             Catlettsburg    ---Catlettsburg Antique Mall, 2606 Louisa St., Catlettsburg KY. (606)739-9786.
             Corbin          ---Past Times Antique Mall, 135 W. Cumberland Gap Pkwy., Corbin KY.
             Georgetown      ---Antiques on Broadway, 131 N. Broadway, Georgetown KY. (606)570-9844. /H/
                             Tues-Sat 10-5; Sunday 12:30-5. <>
                             ---Central Kentucky Antique Mall, 114 E. Main St., Georgetown KY. (606)863-4018.
                             ---Vault Antiques & Collectibles Mall, The, 201 E. Main St., Georgetown KY.
                             (606)863-2728. <>
             Heidrick        ---Vendors Mall & Pawn Shop, 581 Blue Gable Straight, Heidrick KY.
             Manchester      ---Clay County Mini Mall, 102 Clay Co. Shopping Ctr., Manchester KY.
             Morehead        ---Midway Antique Mall & Variety, 4775 US Hwy. 60 W., Morehead KY.
                             ---Red Earth Gallery & Antique Mall, 2650 US Hwy. 60 W., Morehead KY.
                             ---The Old School House Antique & Craft Mall, 82 Old US Hwy 60, Morehead KY.
             Somerset        ---Cumberland Antique Mall, 6111 S. Hwy 27, Somerset KY. (606)561-8622.
                             ---North 27 Antique Mall, 3000 N. Hwy. 27, Somerset KY. (606)679-1923.
                             ---Pitman Creek Antique Mall, 6940 S. Hwy. 27, Somerset KY. (606)561-5178.
                             ---Somerset Antique Mall & Art Gallery, 209 E. Market St., Somerset KY.
                             ---Somerset Peddler's Mall, 345 N. Hwy. 27, Somerset KY. (606)679-1040.
             Staffordsvile   ---Vendors Mini Mall, 1711 KY Rt3. 40 W., Staffordsville KY. (606)297-6276.
Kentucky 859 Berea           ---Boone Square Mini Mall, 307 Richmond Rd., N., Berea KY. (859)986-1719.
                             ---Something Olde Antique Mall, 437 Chestnut St., Berea KY. (859)986-6057.
             Carlisle        ---Carlisle Antique & Collectibles Mall, 132 E. Main St., Carlisle KY.
             Covington       ---Sentimento Antique & Collectible Mall, 525 Main St., Covington KY.
             Falmouth        ---Falmouth Antique Mall, The, 107 W. Shelby St., Falmouth KY. (859)654-4653.
             Florence        ---Florence Antique Mall, 8145 Connector Dr., Florence KY. (859)371-0600.
             Harrodsburg     ---Antique Mall of Harrodsburg, The, 540 N. College St. [Hwy. 127], Harrodsburg
                             KY. (859)734-5191. Closed holidays.
                             ---Flea Mall & Antiques Center, 900 S. College St., Harrodsburg KY.
                             ---Granny's Antique Mall, 1286 Louisville Rd., Harrodsburg KY. (859)734-2327.
                             ---Harrodsburg Antique Mall, 123 S. Main St., Harrodsburg KY. (859)733-9555.
                             ---North Main Center Antique Mall, 520 N. Main St., Harrodsburg KY.
             Lancaster       ---Collector's Paradise Antique Mall, 1276 Stanford Rd., Lancaster KY.
                             ---Lancaster Antique Market, 102 Hamilton Ave., Lancaster KY.
             Lexington       ---Antique Mall at Todd's Square, 535 W. Short St., Lexington KY. (859)252-0296.
                             ---Lexington Antique Gallery, 637 E. Main St., Lexington KY.
                             ---Lexington Peddler's Mall, 1205 E. New Circle Rd., Lexington KY.
                             ---Meadowthorpe Antique Mall, 1455 Leestown Rd., Lexington KY. (859)255-2607.
             Mt. Sterling    ---Mount Sterling Antique Mall, 29 S. Maysville St., Mount Sterling KY.
             Newport         ---Peluso Antique Mall & Prop Shop, 649 York St., Newport KY. (859)291-2870.
             Nicholasville   ---Antiques on Main Mall, 119 Fairway Dr., Nicholasville KY. (859)887-2767.
                             ---Coach Light Antique Mall, 213 N. Main St. [Rt. 27], Nicholasville KY.
             Paint Lick      ---Old Paint Lick School Antique Mall, 11000 Hwy. 52 W., Paint Lick KY.
                             ---Todd's Antique Mall, 1305 Paint Lick Rd., Paint Lick KY. (859)986-9087.
             Richmond        ---Peddler's Mall, 449 Eastern Byp., Richmond KY. (859)626-0688.
                             ---Waterstreet Mall, 129 S. 1st St., Richmond KY. (859)625-1524.
             Versailles      ---Olde Towne Antique Mall, 161 N. Main St., Versailles KY. (859)873-6326.
             Winchester      ---Opera House Antique Mall, 21 E. Lexington Ave., Winchester KY. (859)744-6511.
                             ---Winchester Antique Mall, 63 S. Main St., Winchester KY. (859)744-6096.
                             ---Winchester Peddler's Mall, 110 Shoppers Village Plz., Winchester KY.


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