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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing.

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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  LOCALE          City                                            Shop:
Indiana 219  Chesterton      ---Antiques One 02, 402 Broadway, Chesterton IN. (219)395-8899.
                             ---Yesterday's Treasures Antique Mall, 700 W. Broadway, Chesterton IN.
             Crown Point     ---Antique Mall of Crown Point, 103 W. Joliet St., Crown Point IN. (219)662-1219
             Hebron          ---Carol's Antique Mall, 108 N. Main St., Hebron IN. (219)996-4656.
             Hobart          ---Treasure House Antique Mall, 402 N. Hobart Rd., Hobart IN. (219)942-1947.
             Kentland        ---Pastyme Peddlers, 210-212 N. 3rd St., Kentland IN. (219)474-9306.
             LaPorte         ---Antique Junction Mall, 711 Lincolnway, LaPorte IN. (219)324-0363.
                             ---Coachman Antique Mall, 500 Lincolnway, LaPorte IN. (574)219-5933.
             Lowell          ---Antique Center, 132 W. Commercial Ave., Lowell IN. (219)696-7738.
             Michigan City   ---Antique Market, The, 3707 N. Frontage Rd., Michigan City IN.
                             ---Days Gone By Antique Mall, 10673 W 300 N, Michigan City IN. (219)879-7496.
                             ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, 214 W. US Hwy. 20, Michigan City IN. (800)953-2212.
                             ---Stocking Bale Antiques Mall, 227 W. 7th St., Michigan City IN. (219)873-9270.
                             ---Timeless Treasures, 1410 Franklin St., Michigan City IN. (219)879-4064.
             Rensselaer      ---Greene's Exit 215 Antique Mall, 3300 W. Clark St., Rensselaer IN.
             San Pierre      ---IGA Antique Mall, 110 N. Broadway [Rt. 421], San Pierre IN. (219)828-3023.
             Valparaiso      ---Valparaiso Antique Mall, 212 Lincolnway, Valparaiso IN. (219)465-1869.
Indiana 260  Angola          ---Angola Mini Mall, 109 W. Gale St., Angola IN. (260)665-7394.
                             ---Then & Now Mini Mall, 200 W. Maumee St., Angola IN. (260)665-6650.
             Auburn          ---Sixth Street Emporium, 106 W. 6th St., Auburn IN. (260)925-2563.
             Berne           ---Berne Antique Mall, The, 105 W. Water St., Berne IN. (260)589-8050.
             Bluffton        ---Antique & Collectible Mall, 101 N. Main St., Bluffton IN. (260)824-1618.
             Decatur         ---Memories Past Antique Mall, 111 W. Jefferson St., Decatur IN. (260)728-2643.
                             ---Yvonne Marie's Antique Mall & Collectibles, 152 S. 2nd St., Decatur IN.
             Fort Wayne      ---Baxter's On Broadway Antique Mall, 1115 Broadway, Fort Wayne IN.
                             ---Bayman's Antique Mall, 2601 Broadway, Fort Wayne IN. (260)456-8459.
                             ---Nature's Corner Antiques /Collectibles /Crafts, 2305 Spy Run Ave., Fort Wayne
                             IN. (260)483-5236 or Fax: (260)471-9821.
                             ---Stoller's Antique Mall, 909 N. Coliseum Blvd., Fort Wayne IN. (260)422-8527.
             Geneva          ---Jemea's Antique Mall, 400 N. Main St. [US 27 N], Geneva IN. (260)368-9411.
             Grabill         ---Country Shops of Grabill, 13756 State, Grabill IN. (260)627-6315.
             Markle          ---Markle Antique Mall, 250 E. South St., Markle IN. (260)758-2038.
             Portland        ---Jay Garment Antique Mall & Exhibition Center, 500 S. Meridian [US Rt. 27],
                             Portland IN. (260)726-8891. <>
             Shipshewana     ---Trading Place Antique Gallery, S.R. 5, Shipshewana IN. (260)768-7090 or Fax:
             Warren          ---Antique Mall & What Knox, 202 N. Wayne, Warren IN. (260)375-2908.
             Warsaw          ---Indiana Antique Company, 123 S. Buffalo St., Warsaw IN. (260)901-1306. 
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             Wolcottville    ---Wolcottville Antique Mall, 106 N. Main St., Wolcottville IN. (260)854-3111 or
                             Fax: (260)854-4226.
Indiana 317  Avon            ---Maunted Bridge Antique Mall, 184 N. S.R. 267, Avon IN. (317)272-6957.
             Carmel          ---Antique Emporium Group Shop, 1055 S. Range Line Rd., Carmel IN. (317)844-8351
                             ---Carmel Old Town Antique Mall, 38 W. Main St., Carmel IN. (317)566-1908.
             Coatesville     ---Heritage Antique Mall, 7420 E. US Hwy. 36, Coatesville IN. (317)539-4233.
             Danville        ---Danville Antique Mall, 132 W. Main St., Danville IN. (317)745-1774.
             Franklin        ---Jeri's Antique Mall & Interiors, 56 E. Jefferson St., Franklin IN.
                             ---Peddler's II Mall, 90 W. Jefferson, Franklin IN. (317)736-6299.
             Greenfield      ---J.W. Rileys Emporium, 107 W. Main St., Greenfield IN. (317)462-5268.
                             ---Red Ribbon Antiques, 101 W. Main St., Greenfield IN. (317)462-5211.
                             ---Red Rooster & Friends, The, 1001 W. Main St., Greenfield IN. (317)462-0655.
                             ---Sugar Creek Antique Mall, 2244 W. U.S. 40, Greenfield IN. (317)467-4744.
             Greenwood       ---Old Towne Antique Shoppes, 1128 Pilgrim Rd., Greenwood IN. (317)882-4455.
             Indianapolis    ---Allisonville Road Antique Mall, 6230 N. Allisonville Rd., Indianapolis IN.
                             (317)259-7318 or Fax: (317)259-7322. <>
                             ---Antique Center, The, 3422 N. Shadeland Ave., Indianapolis IN. (317)545-3879.
                             ---Antique Mall of Irvington, 5501 E. Washington, Indianapolis IN. (317)322-1970
                             ---Antiques N More, 3440 N. Shadeland Ave., Indianapolis IN. (317)542-8526.
                             ---Antiques on the Square, 1056 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis IN. (317)916-8125.
                             ---D & D Antique Mall, 6971 W. Washington St., Indianapolis IN. (317)486-9760.
                             ---Eleven S. Kitley, 11 S. Kitley, Indianapolis IN. (317)352-7711. /C/ Open
                             Tues-Sat 10-6, Sunday 1-5. <>
                             ---Indianapolis Downtown Antique Mall, 1044 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis IN.
                             ---Main Attraction Antique Mall, 1450 Main St., Indianapolis IN. (317)248-1450.
                             ---Manor House Antique Mall, 5454 S. East St., Indianapolis IN. (317)782-1358 or
                             Fax: (317)782-1371.
                             ---Olde Shadeland Antique Mall, 3444 N. Shadeland Ave., Indianapolis IN.
                             ---Southport Antique Mall, 2028 E. Southport Rd., Indianapolis IN. (317)786-8246
                             or Fax: (317)786-9926.
             Larwill         ---Countryside Antiques, 8049 US 30 W., Larwill IN. (317)327-3050.
             Mooresville     ---Forgotten Treasures, 235 Indianapolis Rd., Mooresville IN. (317)834-9761.
                             ---Remember When Antique Mall, 115 W. Main St., Mooresville IN. (317)831-2883.
                             ---Yellow Moon Antique Mall, 8 W. Main St., Mooresville IN. (317)831-8599.
             Noblesville     ---Logan Village Mall, 977 Logan St., Noblesville IN. (317)776-9999.
                             ---Noblesville Antique Mall, 20 N. 9th St., Noblesville IN. (317)773-5095.
             Plainfield      ---Gilley's Antique Mall, 5789 E. U.S. Hwy. 40, Plainfield IN. (317)839-8779.
             Stilesville     ---Old Gym Antique Mall, 8351 Morgan St., Stilesville IN. (317)539-6930.
             Westfield       ---Westfield Antique Mall, 800 E. Main St., Westfield IN. (317)867-3327.
Indiana 574  Elkhart         ---Elkhart Antique Mall, 51772 N. S.R. 19, Elkhart IN. (574)264-1800.
             Goshen          ---Antiques & Collectables Mall, 2626 Peddler's Village Rd., Goshen IN.
                             ---Goshen Antique Mall, 107 S. Main St., Goshen IN. (574)534-6141.
             Granger         ---Your Quest Ends Here Antique Mall, 51050 Bittersweet Rd., Granger IN.
             LaPorte         ---It's A Wonderful Life Antique Mall, 708 Lincolnway, LaPorte IN.
                             (574)326-7532. Open M-S 10-5, Sunday 12-5. <>
                             ---Tall Oaks, Rt. 20, LaPorte IN. (574)861-0010.
             Leesburg        ---Alley Cats Antiques, 310 S. Main St., Leesburg IN. (574)453-2287 or Fax:
                             (574)453-9092. Located on SR 15 N, 6mi N of Warsaw IN and 20mi S of Goshen.
             Ligonier        ---Creative Visions Craft & Antique Mall, 115 S. Cavin St., Ligonier IN.
             Middlebury      ---Goshen Antique Mall, 426 N. Main St., Middlebury IN. (574)825-3310.
                             ---Main Street Antique Mall, 511 S. Main St., Middlebury IN. (574)825-9533.
                             ---Unique Antique Mall, 106 Wayne St., Middlebury IN. (574)825-1900.
             Monticello      ---Main Street Antiques Mall, 127 N. Main St., Monticello IN. (574)583-2998.
                             ---Uptown Antique Mall, 138 S. Main St., Monticello IN. (574)583-3202.
             Nappanee        ---Amishland Antique Mall, 106 W. Market St., Nappanee IN. (574)773-4795.
                             ---Antiques On Six Antique Mall, 26358 US Hwy. 6, Nappanee IN. (574)773-7755.
                             ---Borkholder Dutch Village, C.R. 101, Nappanee IN. (574)773-2828.
             North Webster   ---Heart of the Lakes Antique Mall, 132 N. Main St., North Webster IN.
                             (574)834-3000. /H/ Located 8 mi N of Pierceton IN intersection at SR 13 and US
                             30. Open all week 10-5; Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter.
             Pierceton       ---Gregory's Antique Mall, S.R. 13, Pierceton IN. (574)594-5718.
                             ---Old Theater Antique Mall, 103 N. First St., Pierceton IN. (574)594-2533.
             South Bend      ---Antique Avenue Mall, 52345 SR 933, South Bend IN. (574)272-2558.
                             ---Classic Boutique & Consignment, 1636 Lincoln Way W., South Bend IN.
                             (574)232-6360. /C/
                             ---Thieves Market Mall, 2309 Edison Rd., South Bend IN. (574)233-0916.
                             ---Unique Antique Mall, 50981 SR 933, South Bend IN. (574)271-1799.
             Walkerton       ---Keepsake Antique Mall, 8112 N. S.R. 23, Walkerton IN. (574)586-7778.
             Warsaw          ---Apple Antiques & Art Mall, 117 E. Center St., Warsaw IN. (574)267-0600.
Indiana 765  Alexandria      ---Grandma's Attic Antique Mall, 113 N. Harrison St., Alexandria IN.
             Anderson        ---Main Street Antique Mall, 448 E. Main St., Anderson IN. (765)378-0165.
                             ---Sixty-Seven Mall Antiques & Collectibles, 6425 Pendleton Ave., Anderson IN.
             Arcadia         ---Arcadia Antique Mall, 101 W. Main, Arcadia IN. (765)984-7107.
             Bainbridge      ---Covered Bridge Antique Mall, 108 E. Main St., Bainbridge IN. (765)522-3265.
             Boswell         ---Antique Mall of Boswell, 111 N. Old U.S. 41, Boswell IN. (765)869-5525 or
                             Fax: (765)869-4243.
             Brookville      ---Brookville Antique Mall, 656 Main St., Brookville IN. (765)647-2797.
             Cambridge City  ---National Road Antique Mall, US 40, Cambridge City IN. (765)478-9070.
             Centerville     ---Webb's of Indiana, 200 W. Union St., Centerville IN. (765)855-5551 or Fax:
             Cloverdale      ---Antique Mall and Flea Market, 15 N. Main [Jct. I-70 & US 231], Cloverdale IN.
             Connersville    ---Cloverleaf Antique Mall, 505 Central, Connersville IN. (765)825-0529.
             Crawfordsville  ---Cabbages and Kings Antique Mall, 124 S. Washington St., Crawfordsville IN.
                             ---Fireside Antique Mall, The, 4035 S. R. 32 E., Crawfordsville IN.
                             ---LA Rose On Main Antique Mall, 124 W. Main St., Crawfordsville IN.
             Daleville       ---Daleville Antique Mall, SR 67 E., Daleville IN. (765)378-4426.
             Delphi          ---Delphi Antique Mall, 117 S. Washington St., Delphi IN. (765)564-3990.
             Fairmount       ---Fairmount Antique Mall, 101 S. Main, Fairmount IN. (765)948-5550.
                             <antique @> Other shops in area.
             Greentown       ---Greentown Antique Mall, 115 E. Main St., Greentown IN. (765)628-2612.
             Knightstown     ---Glass Cupboard Antique Mall, 115 E. Main St., Knightstown IN. (765)345-7572.
                             ---Knightstown Antique Mall, The, 136 W. Carey St., Knightstown IN.
             Kokomo          ---Original Treasure Mart, The, 1201 E. Vaile Ave., Kokomo IN. Open Mon-Sat
                             10-8, Sunday 12-5. <tmart @>
                             ---Treasure Mart Mall 2, 116 W. Alto Rd., Kokomo IN. (765)455-9855.
                             ---White Bungalow Antique Mall, 906 S. Main St., Kokomo IN. (765)459-0789.
             Lafayette       ---Leaping Leopard Antiques, 2145 S. 4th St., Lafayette IN. (765)474-9100. /H/
                             Take SR 52 to Teal Rd., go to end to 4th St. In Valley Plaza Shopping Center.
                             Open Mon-Sat 10-5, Sunday 12-5, closed most holidays. <leaping.leopard @
             Marion          ---Hummel Hill Antiques Mall, 2210 N. Huntington Rd., Marion IN. (765)668-7488.
                             ---Jake's Antiques, 1438 W. Winona Ave., Marion IN. (765)664-9765.
                             ---Marion Antique Mall & Flea Market, 3316 S. Nebraska St., Marion IN.
                             ---Uptown Gardens Antique Mall, 221 S. Adams St., Marion IN. (765)664-8506.
             Milton          ---Old Milton School Mall, 207 N. Central Ave., Milton IN. (765)478-6245.
             Muncie          ---Cowan Antique Mall, 504 W. County Rd. 600 S., Muncie IN. (765)284-2785.
                             ---Off Broadway Antique Mall, 2404 N. MLK Jr Dr., Muncie IN. (765)747-5000.
                             ---Old Sixty-Seven Antique Mall, 601 W. Fuson Rd., Muncie IN. (765)288-6702.
             New Castle      ---Imperial Antique Mall, 1318 Broad St., New Castle IN. (765)521-7418.
             North Salem     ---North Salem Antique & Craft Mall, 101 W. Pearl St., North Salem IN.
             Pendleton       ---Heritage Antique Mall, 231 S. Pendleton Ave., Pendleton IN. (765)778-4726.
             Richmond        ---Potter's Antique Mall, 1635 New Paris Pike, Richmond IN. (765)966-2556.
                             ---Top Drawer Antique Mall, 801 Promenade, Richmond IN. (765)939-0349.
             Roann           ---Roann Antique Mall, 200 N. Chippewa St., Roann IN. (765)833-6242.
             Rockville       ---Covered Bridge Mall, 115 S. Jefferson St., Rockville IN. (765)569-3145.
                             ---Rockville Antique Mall, 411 E. Ohio St. [U.S. 36], Rockville IN.
                             (800)585-9264 or (765)569-6873.
             Rossville       ---Village Antiques, Rossville IN. (765)379-9000.
             Swayzee         ---Swayzee Antique Mall, 115 N. Washington [S.R. 13], Swayzee IN. (765)922-7903.
             Thorntown       ---Countryside Antiques Mall, 4889 N. U.S. 52, Thorntown IN. (765)436-7200.
             Union City      ---Union City Antiques Mall, 201 N. Columbia St., Union City IN. (765)964-3203.
                             ---Union Street Antique Mall, 225 N. Union St., Union City IN. (765)964-7711.
Indiana 812  Bedford         ---Bedford Antique Mall & Auction, 3300 16th St., Bedford IN. (812)275-7151.
             Bloomington     ---Bloomington Antique Mall, 311 W. 7th St., Bloomington IN. (812)332-2290 or
                             Fax: (812)332-1307. /H/ Closed major holidays.
                             ---Little This & That, 2524 S. Rogers St., Bloomington IN. (812)339-8587.
                             ---Second Street Antique Mall, 222 W. 2nd. St., Bloomington IN. (812)332-3222.
             Boonville       ---Kountry Klassic Mall, 4488 Hwy. 62 W., Boonville IN. (812)897-0550.
             Brazil          ---A Link to the Past Antique Mall, 111 W. National Ave., Brazil IN.
                             (812)442-1918. Open every day, 10-6. <>
                             ---Red Roof Antiques, 217 W. National Ave., Brazil IN. (812)446-1737.
                             ---Treasure Chest Antiques Mall, 115 W. National Ave., Brazil IN. (812)446-0505.
             Carlisle        ---Star Store Antiques Mall, Carlisle IN. (812)398-9221.
             Celestine       ---Millers Antique Mall, SR 164, Celestine IN. (812)482-3789.
             Chandler        ---Guthrie's Antique Mall, 520 W. Lincoln Ave., Chandler IN. (812)925-3347.
             Columbus        ---Columbus Antique Mall, 9151 W. Tulip Dr., Columbus IN. (812)375-2918.
                             ---Victorian Parlour Antique Mall, 7270 E. State Rd. 7, Columbus IN.
             Corydon         ---Red Barn Antique Mall, The, 215 Hwy. 62 W., Corydon IN. (812)738-6000.
             Edinburgh       ---Exit 76 Antique Mall & Car Museum, 12595 N. Executive Dr., Edinburgh IN.
                             (812)526-7676 or Fax: (812)526-5998. <>
                             ---Step Back In Time Antique Mall, 126 E. Main Cross, Edinburgh IN.
             Evansville      ---Columbia St. Antique Mall, 39 W. Columbia St., Evansville IN. (812)423-8353.
                             I64 S. on Hwy. 41, W. on Columbia Street. Closed Wed., Open daily 10-5 and 12-5
                             on Sunday.
                             ---Franklin Street Antique Mall, 2123 W. Franklin St., Evansville IN.
                             ---Riverside Antique Mall, 1205 E. Riverside Dr., Evansville IN. (812)469-2255.
                             ---Riverview Antique Mall, 327 Main St., Evansville IN. (812)422-8980.
                             ---Treasures Antique Mall, 1104 S. Green River Rd., Evansville IN. (812)473-2988
                             ---Walkway Mall, 518 Main St., Evansville IN. (812)421-9727.
             Farmersburg     ---Colonial Antiques, Farmersburg IN. (812)696-2600.
             French Lick     ---French Lick Antique Mall, 8647 W. College Ave., French Lick IN. (812)936-2898
                             ---Village Market, 525 S. Church St., French Lick IN. (812)936-2533.
             Greensburg      ---Margaret Tremain Gallery, 919 N. Lincoln, Greensburg IN. (812)663-2911.
                             ---Stone Bridge Collections, 1440 S. County Rd. 600 E., Greensburg IN.
             Haubstadt       ---Haubstadt Antique Mall, 1058 E SR 68, Haubstadt IN. (812)768-6000.
             Huntingburg     ---Treasure Chest Antique Mall, 302 N. Main St., Huntingburg IN. (812)683-4709.
             Jeffersonville  ---Spring Street Antique Mall, 252 Spring St., Jeffersonville IN. (812)284-5339.
                             ---Trader Baker Malls, 1710 E 10t ST., Jeffersonville IN. (812)218-1542.
             Linton          ---Main Street Crafts & Antiques, 74 Main St., Linton IN. (812)847-3215.
             Madison         ---Antiques on Main, 129 E. Main St., Madison IN. (812)265-2240.
                             ---Evan Sommerfield Antique Mall, 118 E. Main St., Madison IN. (812)265-2026.
                             ---Lumber Mill Antique Mall, 721 W. First St., Madison IN. (812)273-3040.
                             ---Madison Antique Mall & Flea Market, 202 Jefferson St., Madison IN.
                             ---Main Street Antique Mall, 210 E. Main St., Madison IN. (812)274-4125.
                             ---Riverwest Antique Mall, 1029 @. 2nd St., Madison IN. (812)273-0534.
                             ---Winnefred Farm Antique Mall, 3319 State Rt. 56, Madison IN. (812)273-4415.
             Montgomery      ---Montgomery Antique Mall, 1st St., Montgomery IN. (812)486-2982.
             Nashville       ---Antique Alley, Nashville IN. (812)988-4554.
                             ---Brown County Antique Mall, 3288 SR 46 E., Nashville IN. (812)988-1025.
                             ---Grandma Had One Antique Center, 216 S. Van Buren St., Nashville IN.
             New Albany      ---Aunt Arties Antique Mall, 128 W. Main St., New Albany IN. (812)945-9494.
             New Harmony     ---Antique Showrooms in the Mews, 531 Church St., New Harmony IN. (812)682-3490.
                             ---New Harmony Antique Mall, 500 Church, New Harmony IN. (812)682-3948.
                             ---Sweet Magnolia Antique Mall, New Harmony IN. (812)682-3193.
                             ---Treasure Trove Mall, The, New Harmony IN. (812)682-4112.
             Newburgh        ---River Town Antique Mall, 1 W Jennings St., Newburgh IN. (812)858-7800.
             North Vernon    ---North Vernon Antique Mall, 247 E. Walnut St., North Vernon IN. (812)346-8604.
             Oolitic         ---Oolitic Antique Mall, 118 Main St., Oolitic IN. (812)279-0539.
             Paoli           ---Ritz Antique Mall, 2024 W. Main St., Paoli IN. (812)723-5112.
             Princeton       ---Princeton Antique Mall, 115 W. Broadway St., Princeton IN. (812)385-1045.
             Scottsburg      ---Days Gone By Antique Mall, 2 W. McClain Ave., Scottsburg IN. (812)752-9355.
                             ---Scottsburg Antique Mall, 4 S. Main St., Scottsburg IN. (812)752-4645.
                             <info @>
             Sellersburg     ---Memphis Antique Mall, 13611 Highway 31 E., Sellersburg IN. (812)246-3214.
                             ---Sellersburg Antique Mall, 400 N. Indiana Ave., Sellersburg IN. (812)246-3388.
             Seymour         ---Crossroads Antiques Mall, I-65 & U.S. 50 W., (behind Holiday Inn), Seymour IN
             Spencer         ---Antique Mall, Rt. 67, Spencer IN. (812)829-1459.
                             ---Spencer Antique Mall, 165 S. Main St., Spencer IN. (812)829-2271 or Fax:
             Terre Haute     ---Nancy's Downtown Mall, 901 Poplar St., Terre Haute IN. (812)238-1129.
                             ---Shady Lane Antique Mall, 9247 U.S. Hwy. 41 S., Terre Haute IN. (812)299-1625.
                             [/H/ except restroom] <>
             Vincennes       ---Red Barn Antique Mall, U.S. Rt. 41, Vincennes IN. (812)886-6024.




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