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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing.

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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    LOCALE           City                                            Shop:
 Illinois 217  Arcola             ---Emporium Antiques, 201 E. Main St., Arcola IL. (217)268-4523.
               Beardstown         ---Beardstown Antique Mall, 2104 Wall St., Beardstown IL. (217)323-4569.
                                  ---Village Consignment Gallery, 108 W. 2nd St., Beardstown IL.
               Clinton            ---Clinton Antique Mall, 1439 W. State Hwy. 54, Clinton IL. (217)935-8846.
               Danville           ---Queen Ann's Cottage, 407 Ann St., Danville IL. (217)443-5958.
               Decatur            ---Franklin Mall Antiques, 304 S. Franklin St., Decatur IL. (217)422-3456.
                                  ---Nellie's Attic Antique Mall, 3030 S. Mount Zion Rd., Decatur IL.
               Divernon           ---Lisa's Antique Mall II, I-55 & Rt. 104 (Exit 82), Divernon IL.
                                  ---Lisa's Antique Mall, 14266 Frazee Rd., Divernon IL. (217)628-1111.
               Elwin              ---Elwin Antique Mall, 5027 Rt. 51 S., Elwin IL. (217)865-3292.
               Findlay            ---Arches Antique Marketplace, The, 200 Main St., Findlay IL.
                                  ---Sweet Wishes Antique Mall, 301 S. Main, Findlay IL. (217)756-3434.
               Forsyth            ---Forsyth Antique Village Mall, 690 S. Route 51, Forsyth IL.
               Homer              ---Route 49 Antique Mall, 209 N. Main, Homer IL. (217)896-2220.
               Jacksonville       ---Barb's Furniture & Consignment Shop, 912 Coronado St. W., Jacksonville
                                  IL.  (217)245-6070.
                                  ---Old Favorites Antique Mall, 54 N. Central Park Plaza, Jacksonville IL.
                                  ---South Jax Antique Mall, 1850 S. Main St., Jacksonville IL.
               Lincoln            ---L & K Antique & Craft Mall, 121 S. Kickapoo St., Lincoln IL.
               Litchfield         ---Furniture Doctor & Antique Mall, 120 W. Union Ave., Litchfield IL.
               Nauvoo             ---Old Nauvoo Antique Mall, 1265 Mulholland, Nauvoo IL. (217)453-6769.
               New Berlin         ---Curran Antique Mall, 6425 Old Route 54, New Berlin IL. (217)483-8585.
               Pana               ---Karla's Kollectables, Rt. 16 & 51 E., Pana IL. (217)562-2344.
               Pittsfield         ---Red Dome Antiques Mall, 101 E. Washington St., Pittsfield IL.
                                  ---Summer Hill Antique Mall, 19857 US Hwy. 54, Pittsfield IL.
               Quincy             ---Cottage Antiques of Quincy, Illinois, 1500 State St., Quincy IL.
                                  (217)222-2352. <>
                                  ---Pastimes Antique Mall, 300 State St., Quincy IL. (217)222-9568.
                                  ---Yester Year Antique Mall, 615 Maine St., Quincy IL. (217)224-1871.
               Raymond            ---Lighthouse Antique Mall, 19130 W. Frontage Rd., Raymond IL.
               South Paxton       ---Fancies & Fantasies, 931 S. Railroad Ave. [Rt. 45], South Paxton IL.
               Springfield        ---Barrel Antique Mall, The, 5859 S. 6th St. Rd., Springfield IL.
                                  ---Sangamon Antique Mall, 3050 E. Sangamon Ave., Springfield IL.
                                  ---Springfield Antique Mall, 3031 Reilly Dr., Springfield IL.
               Taylor Springs     ---Back When Antique & Collectible Mall, S. Rt. 127, Taylor Springs IL.
               Tuscola            ---Prairie Church Antique Mall, 568 E. Hwy. 36, Tuscola IL. (217)253-3960.
 Illinois 309  Albany             ---Albany Antique Mall, 301 S. Main, Albany IL. (309)887-4850.
               Bloomington        ---Mid America Antique Mall, Rt. 51, Bloomington IL. (309)828-5697.
               Bradford           ---Spoon River Antique Mall, 111 W. Main St. [Rt. 40], Bradford IL.
               Canton             ---Country Junction Antique Mall, 701 S. 5th Ave., Canton IL.
               Coal Valley        ---Country Fair Mall, 504 W. 1st Ave., Coal Valley IL. (309)799-3670.
               East Peoria        ---Pleasant Hill Antique Mall & Tea Room, 315 S. Pleasant Hill Rd., East
                                  Peoria IL. (309)694-4040.
               El Paso            ---El Paso Antique Mall, 15 Linco Dr., El Paso IL. (309)527-3705.
               Farmer City        ---Farmer City Antiques Center, 201 S. Main St., Farmer City IL.
               Galesburg          ---Galesburg Antique Mall, 349 E. Main St., Galesburg IL. (309)342-8571.
               Geneseo            ---C & S Antique Mall, 705 W. Main St., Geneseo IL. (309)944-9700.
                                  ---Geneseo Antique Mall, 117 E. Exchange, Geneseo IL. (309)944-3777.
               Genseo             ---State Street Antiques, 104 S. State St., Genseo IL. (309)945-3657.
                                  <statestreetantiques @>
               Lewistown          ---Little America Antique Mall, Lewistown IL. (309)668-3262.
               Pekin              ---Olde Settlers Antique Mall, 121 S. 2nd St., Pekin IL. (309)346-9401.
               Peoria             ---Illinois Antique Center, 311 S.W. Water St., Peoria IL. (309)673-3354.
 Illinois 312  Chicago            ---Chicago Antique Market, 1350 W. Randolph, Chicago IL. (312)666-1200 or
                                  Fax: (312)666-1199. /H/ Open the last weekend of the month, May through
 Illinois 618  Albion             ---Home Front Antique Mall, 28 N. 4th St., Albion IL. (618)445-2440.
               Alton              ---Alton Antique Center, 401 E. Broadway, Alton IL. (618)463-0888.
                                  ---Alton Exchange Antique Mall, 2990 Homer M. Adams Pkwy., Alton IL.
                                  ---Debbie's Decorative Antiques, 108 George St., Alton IL. (618)465-6018 or
                                  Fax: (618)465-6960.
               Bethalto           ---Craft & Antique Mall, 60 Airport Plz., Bethalto IL. (618)307-0430.
               Du Quoin           ---Outpost Mall, 3031 US Rt 51, Du Quoin IL. (618)542-6422.
               Fairview Heights   ---St. Clair Antique Mall, Hwys. 64 & 159, Fairview Heights IL.
               Flora              ---Copperhead Antique Mall & Museum, 129 E. North Ave., Flora IL.
               Lebanon            ---General Store Antique Mall, 112 E. St. Louis St., Lebanon IL.
               Marion             ---Herrin Wye Antique Mall, Old Rt. 13 & 148, Marion IL. (618)997-2397.
                                  ---Warehouse Antique Mall, 600 N. Van Buren St., Marion IL. (618)997-7810.
                                  ---Whitecotton Antique Mall, 10348 Whitecotton Rd., Marion IL.
               Mt. Carmel         ---Main Street Mall, 427 N. Market St., Mt. Carmel IL. (618)263-3946.
               Nashville          ---Jozwiak's Antique Mall, 367 N. Main St., Nashville IL. (618)478-2329.
                                  ---Perry County Antique Mall, 21314 SR 127, Nashville IL. (618)336-5300.
                                  /H/ Exit 50 from I-64, then 11 mi. S on SR 127. Open 10-5 Mon-Fri, 1-5 on
                                  Sunday.  <>
               Pocahontas         ---T/G's Antique Mall, Antique Alley [I70 Exit 36], Pocahontas IL.
               Robinson           ---Hawk's Nest Antique Mall, 219 S. Cross St., Robinson IL. (618)544-7320.
               Saint Elmo         ---Flo's Attic Antique Mall, 314 N. Main St., Saint Elmo IL. (618)829-3556.
               Wood River         ---Tommie's 6th Street Mini Mall, 6 S. 6th St., Wood River IL.
 Illinois 630  Geneva             ---Geneva Antique Market, 227 S. Third Street, Geneva IL. (630)208-1150.
               Glendale Heights   ---Bazaar Antique Mall, 520 E. North AVe., Glendale Heights IL.
               Lombard            ---Village Green Antique Mall, 404 E. North Ave., Lombard IL.
               Naperville         ---Antiques on Jefferson, 34 W. Jefferson Ave., Naperville IL.
               Plano              ---Plano Antique Mall, 420 W. US Hwy. 34, Plano IL. (630)552-4478.
                                  ---Route 34 Antique Mall, 1200 W. U.S. Hwy. 34, Plano IL. (630)552-4242.
               St. Charles        ---Antique Market I, 11 N. Third St., St. Charles IL. (630)377-1868.
                                  ---Antique Market II (Downstairs), 303 W. Main St., St. Charles IL.
                                  ---Antique Market II, 303 W. Main St., Upstairs, St. Charles IL.
                                  (630)377-5676. <>
                                  ---Antique Market III, 413 W. Main St. [Rt. 64], St. Charles IL.
                                  ---Consign- Tiques, 214 W. Main St., St. Charles IL. (630)584-7535.
               Warrenville        ---Route 59 Antique Mall, 3 S. 450 Rt. 59, Warrenville IL. (630)393-0100.
               Wheaton            ---Wheaton Antique Mall, 1621 N. Main St., Wheaton IL. (630)653-7400.
               Winfield           ---Antiques of Winfield, 27W461 Beecher, Winfield IL. (630)665-2525.
                                  Open every day, 10-5.
 Illinois 708  Blue Island        ---Three Sisters Antique Mall, 13042 Western Ave., Blue Island IL.
               Crete              ---A dozen shops located in Crete and nearby Beecher and Richton Park. For
                                  more information write or call Crete-Beecher Dealers, Ltd., P.O. Box 453,
                                  Crete IL 60417. (708)672-8298 or 672-5554.
               Forest Park        ---Forest Park Emporium, 7345 Madison St., Forest Park IL. (708)488-1618.
                                  /H/ 3 blocks N of 290 and 3 W of Harlem. Open daily at 11: T/W to 6,
                                  Th/Fri/Sat to 8, Sun to 5; Closed Mondays. <>
               Grayslake          ---Antique Warehouse, 2 S. Lake St., Grayslake IL. (708)223-9554.
               La Grange Park     ---La Grange Park Antique Mall, 800 E. 31st St., La Grange Park IL.
               Lockport           ---Station House Antique Mall, 12305 W. 159th St., Lockport IL.
               Lyons              ---Antique Showcase, 7929 Ogden Ave., Lyons IL. (708)442-0022.
               Riverside          ---Riverside Antique Market, 30 East Ave., Riverside IL. (708)447-4425.
               Villa Park         ---Village Green Antique Mall, 213-217 S. Villa Ave., Villa Park IL.
 Illinois 773  Chicago            ---Acorn Antiques & Uniques, The, 5241 N. Clark St., Chicago IL.
                                  ---Antiques Centre at Kinzie Square, 220 W. Kinzie St., Chicago IL.
                                  ---Armitage Antique Gallery, The, 1529 W. Armitage, Chicago IL.
                                  ---Belmont Antique Mall West, 2229 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago IL.
                                  ---Belmont Antique Mall, 2039 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago IL. (773)549-9270.
                                  ---Broadway Antique Market, 6130 N. Broadway, Chicago IL. (773)743-5444.
                                  ---Chicago Antique Mall, 1934 W. North Ave., Chicago IL. (773)252-6900 or
                                  Fax: (773)252-6901. <>
                                  ---Crossings Antiques Mall, The, 1805 W. 95th St., Chicago IL.
                                  ---Edgewater Antique Mall, 6314 N. Broadway Ave., Chicago IL.
                                  (773)262-2525. /H/ Open daily 11-6.
                                  ---Lincoln Antique Mall, 3115 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago IL. (773)604-4700
                                  or Fax: (773-267-9422. /H/ Open all week, 11-7.
                                  ---Phil's Factory Antique Mall, 2040 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago IL.
 Illinois 815  Bourbonnais        ---Castle Antique Mall, 1789 N. SR 50, Bourbonnais IL. (815)936-1505.
                                  ---Indian Oaks Antique Mall, 1300 Larry Power Rd., Bourbonnais IL.
                                  (815)933-9998. <>
               Chebanse           ---River Valley Antique Mall, 7426 Rt 45-52, Chebanse IL. (815)697-3040.
               Forest City        ---Old Hatchery Antique Mall, 5103 N 2700 E. Rd., Forest City IL.
               Freeport           ---Antique Market, 2047 N. Ayp Rd., Freeport IL. (815)235-7926.
                                  ---Freeport Antique Mall, 8 W. Stephenson St., Freeport IL. (815)297-8255.
                                  ---Luecke's Antique Mall, 102 E. Main St., Freeport IL. (815)233-0021.
               Galena             ---Galena Antique Mall, 8201 Rt. 20, Galena IL. (815)777-3440.
               Gilman             ---Gilman Antique Mall, 161 N. Central St., Gilman IL. (815)265-4254.
               Harvard            ---Dairy Barn Antiques, 708 W. Brink [Rt. 173 W.], Harvard IL.
               La Moille          ---La Moille Mercantile Co. Antique Mall, 103 Martin St., La Moille IL.
               Lockport           ---Locks Antique Port, 201 W. 10th St., Lockport IL. (815)838-1845.
               Manteno            ---Manteno Antique Mall, 35 E. 3rd St., Manteno IL. (815)468-0114.
               Mendota            ---Berry'd Treasures Antique Mall, Mendota IL. (815)539-5225.
                                  ---Prairie Trail Antique Mall, The, 704 Illinois Ave., Mendota IL.
               Oregon             ---South Wing Antique Mall, 201 N. 3rd St., Oregon IL. (815)732-4522.
               Ottawa             ---Gramma's Attic Antique Mall, 221 W. Main St., Ottawa IL. (815)434-7332.
               Princeton          ---Sherwood Antique Mall, 1661 N. Main St., Princeton IL. (815)872-2580 or
                                  Fax: (815)875-4905. /H/ 1/2 mile south of I-80 at Exit 56.
                                  ---Windchimer Antique & Craft Mall, 1101 N. Main St., Princeton IL.
               Richmond           ---1905 Emporium Mall, Broadway & Rt. 12, Richmond IL. (815)678-4414.
               Rock Falls         ---Color of Country Antique Mall, 1118 1st Ave., Rock Falls IL.
                                  ---Rock River Antique Center, 2105 E. Rt. 30, Rock Falls IL. (815)625-2556.
               Rockford           ---Antiques Mall of Rockford, 1444 Myott Ave., Rockford IL. (815)964-1625.
                                  ---Antiques Mall, 5411 E. State St., Rockford IL. (815)397-8080.
                                  ---East State Street Antiques Mall, 5301 E. State St., Rockford IL.
                                  ---Jackson's Antique Mall, 7051 W. State St., Rockford IL. (815)962-2880.
                                  ---Jenning's Consignment Furniture & Antique Mall, 986 W. Riverside Blvd.,
                                  Rockford IL. (815)639-9343.
               Savanna            ---Pulford Opera House Antique Mall, 330 Main St., Savanna IL.
               Somonauk           ---Country Antique Mall, 100 S. Depot St., Somonauk IL. (815)498-9428.
               Sterling           ---American Heritage Antique Center, 202 1st Ave., Sterling IL.
               Volo               ---Volo Antique Mall, 27640 W. Rt. 120, Volo IL. (815)344-6062.
               Wilmington         ---Water Street Antique Mall, 121 N. Water St., Wilmington IL.
                                  (815)476-5900.  More shops in area.
               Woodstock          ---Colonial Antique Mall, 890 Lake Ave., Woodstock IL. (815)334-8960 or
                                  Fax: (815)334-8353. <>
                                  ---Merchant's Antique Mall, 214 Main St., Woodstock IL. (815)337-0275.
               Wyanet             ---Wyanet Antique Mall, 320 W. Main St. [Rt. 34], Wyanet IL. (815)699-7256.
 Illinois 847  Antioch            ---Antioch Antique Mall, 42189 N. Lake Ave., Antioch IL. (847)395-0000.
                                  ---Collection Connection, 400 W. Lake St., Antioch IL. (847)395-8800.
                                  ---Park Avenue Antique Mall, 345 Park Ave., Antioch IL. (847)838-1624.
               Arlington Heights  ---Oakton Street Antique Center, 2430 E. Oakton St., Arlington Heights IL.
               Barrington         ---Barrington Consignment Gallery, 420 W. Northwest Hwy., Barrington IL.
                                  (847)304-0510. /C/
               Countryside        ---La Grange Antique Mall, 35 E. Plainfield Rd., Countryside IL.
               Dundee             ---Antique Emporium, The, Rt. 25, Dundee IL. (847)468-9667.
               Elk Grove Village  ---Antiques Mart, 1170 W. Devon Ave., Elk Grove Village IL. (847)895-8900.
               Gurnee             ---Gurnee Antique Center, 5742 Northridge Dr., Gurnee IL. (847)782-9094.
               Hampshire          ---Olde Saint Pete's Antiques, 12N950 Plank Rd. & Rt. 47, Hampshire IL.
               Highland Park      ---Ravinia Antique Consignments, 453 Roger Williams Ave., Highland Park IL.
                                  (847)433-2222. /C/
               Huntley            ---Huntley Jewelry & Antique Mall, 11800 Factory Shops Blvd., Huntley IL.
               Lake Bluff         ---Shops on Scranton, The, 37 E. Scranton Ave., Lake Bluff IL.
                                  (847)735-0001.  /C/
               Lake Forest        ---On Consignment Limited Antiques, 207 E. Westminster Rd., Lake Forest IL.
                                  (847)295-6090. /C/
               Lake Villa         ---Anamosa Antiques, 19056 W. Grand Ave., Lake Villa IL. (847)356-0832. /C/
                                  NW cor. Rts. 132 & 45. <>
                                  ---Antique Warehouse, 37041 N. Rt. 83, Lake Villa IL. (847)265-9090.
               Mundelein          ---Village Antique Mall, 131 E. Maple, Mundelein IL. (847)566-2363.
               Palatine           ---Palatine Antique Center, 23 E. Northwest Hwy., Palatine IL.
               Wilmette           ---Heritage Trail Mall, 410 Ridge Rd., Wilmette IL. (847)256-6208.
               Zion               ---Zion Antique Mall, 2754 Sheridan Rd., Zion IL. (847)731-2060.




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