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If you know of shops we have listed in your area that are closed, please let us know.



           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing.

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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  LOCALE          City                                        Shop:
Florida 239 Fort Myers        ---College Parkway Antique Mall, 16571 S. Tamiami Trl., Fort Myers FL.
                              ---Fort Myers Antique Mall, 924 Ortiz Ave., Fort Myers FL.
                              ---McGregor Antique Mall, 12720 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers FL.
                              ---Pine Island Antiques Center, 15671 Quail Trl., Fort Myers FL.
                              ---Purple Rose Antique Mall, 1520 Lee Street, Fort Myers FL.
            Naples            ---Homer Helter's Antique & Military Mall, 5510 Shirley St., Naples
                              FL.  (239)594-9900.
                              ---Shirley Street Antique Mall, 50 Goodlette, Naples FL.
Florida 305 Coral Gables      ---Red Sunset Art & Antique Gallery, 1569 Sunset Dr., Coral Gables FL.
            Goulds            ---Victorian Emporium, The, 22400 Old Dixie Hwy., Goulds FL.
            Homestead         ---Jacobsen's Antiques & Collectibles, 144 N. Krome Ave., Homestead
                              FL.  (305)247-4745.
            Miami             ---Alhambra Antiques Center, 3640 Coral Way, Miami FL. (305)446-1688.
                              ---Antique Center, 2640 S.W. 28th Ln., Miami FL. (305)858-6166.
                              ---Antique Mall YALL, 17425 SW 97 Ave., Miami FL. (305)969-0696.
                              ---General Consignment, 4215 S.W. 75th Ave., Miami FL. (305)261-3200.
                              ---Only Yesterday Antique Market, 6576 S.W. 40th St., Miami FL.
            Miami Beach       ---Miami Beach Antiques & Collectibles Center, 8701 Collins Ave.,
                              Miami Beach FL. (800)843-0102 or (305)865-6661
Florida 321 Cocoa             ---Almost Antiques Mall, 625 Florida Ave., Cocoa FL. (321)639-8992.
                              ---Antiques and Old Lace Mall, 1803 N. Cocoa Blvd., Cocoa FL.
                              ---Cocoa Antique Mall, 234 Willard St., Cocoa FL. (321)633-6380.
                              ---Cocoa Village Antique Mall, 105 Brevard Ave., Cocoa FL.
                              ---Hearts of Gold Antique Mall, 5380 N. US 1, Cocoa FL. (321)633-7400.
            Grant             ---Grant Antique Mall, 5900 S. U.S. 1, Grant FL. (321)726-6778 or Fax:
                              (253)669-9586. /H/ Located 12 mi S of Melbourne and half hr N of Vero.
                              Open all week 10-5.  <>
            Melbourne         ---Antique Mall & Collectibles, 3830 W. New Haven Ave., Melbourne FL.
                              ---Indian River Antique Mall, 1433 S. Babcock St., Melbourne FL.
            Palm Bay          ---River Breeze Antique Mall, 1569 Palm Bay Rd., Palm Bay FL.
                              (321)726-6919. /H/ Open 7 days a week, 10-6.
            Rockledge         ---Dancing Turtles Antique Mall, 4657 US Rt 1, Rockledge.
            Titusville        ---Dusty Rose Antique Mall, 1101 So. U.S. 1, Titusville FL.
Florida 352 Belleview         ---Mossy Oaks Antique Mall, 6260 SE 118th Pl., Belleview FL.
            Brooksville       ---Antique Sampler Mall, 31 S. Main St., Brooksville FL.
                              ---Barnette's Antique Mall & Collectibles, 2 N. Broad St., Brooksville
                              FL.  (352)544-0910.
                              ---Old World Antiques, 31 S. Main St., Brooksville FL. (352)796-2729.
            Crystal River     ---Heritage Antiques Mall, 103 N.W. US Hwy. 19, Crystal River FL.
            Dade City         ---Fort Dade Antique Mall, 37838 Pasco Ave., Dade City FL.
                              ---Remember When Antique Mall, 14129 7th St., Dade City FL.
                              ---Sugarcreek Antiques, 37846 E. Meridian Ave., Dade City FL.
                              ---Twin City Antiques Mall, 20715 US Hwy. 301, Dade City FL.
            Eustis            ---Old South Antique Mall, 320 S. Grove St., Eustis FL. (352)357-5200.
            Gainesville       ---Antiques & More, 3465 Williston Rd., Gainesville FL. (352)336-8061.
                              ---quell modern, 107 N. Main St., Gainesville FL. (352)219-7340 or
                              Fax: (352)481-0094. Open all year: Tues-Sat, 12-7.
            Homosassa         ---Antique Mall, 4950 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa FL. (352)621-9800.
                              ---Antique Place Mall, The, 5959 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa FL.
                              ---Ms. Jean's Emporium, 6373 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa FL.
            Inverness         ---Maine-Ly Antiques, 1259 S. Elmwood Dr., Inverness FL.
                              (352)637-3133.  <>
            Jonesville        ---Heddy's Antiques & Consignment, 14103 W. Newberry Rd., Jonesville
                              FL.  (352)258-0303. /H/ Open Fri/Sat/Sun 12-7, Tue/Wed/Thur by
                              appointment.  <>
            Leesburg          ---Leesburg Antique Mall, 403 W. Main St., Leesburg FL. (352)323-3396.
                              ---Morning Glori Antique Mall, 1111 S. 14th St. [Hwy. 27], Leesburg
                              FL.  (352)365-9977. <>
            Micanopy          ---Antique Mall Downtown, 110 NE Cholokka Blvd., Micanopy FL.
                              ---Micanopy Mall of Memories, 502 NE 1st St., Micanopy FL.
                              ---Smiley's Antique Mall, 17020 County Rd. 234, Micanopy FL.
                              (352)466-0707.  <>
            Mount Dora        ---5th Avenue Antique Mall, 130 W 5th Ave., Mount Dora FL.
                              ---Iris' Attic Antique Mall, 317 N. Donnelly St., Mount Dora FL.
                              ---Mount Dora Antique Mall, 315 N. Donnelly St., Mount Dora FL.
                              ---Renninger's Antique Center, 20651 US Hwy. 441, Mount Dora FL.
                              ---Village Antique Mall, 405 N. Highland St., Mt. Dora FL.
                              (352)385-0257 or Fax: (352)385-0267. <>
                              ---Wild Rose Antique Mini Mall, 140 E. 4th Ave., Mount Dora FL.
            Ocala             ---A Antique Mall, 175 at St Rd 318 Exit 368, Ocala FL. (352)591-0588.
                              ---Central Florida Antique Mall, 8900 S. US Hwy. 441, Ocala FL.
                              ---Hen's Nest Antique Mall, 4185 W. Hwy. 40, #A, Ocala FL.
                              ---High Hopes & Memories Mall, 4445 Hwy. 441 N., Ocala FL.
                              ---Ocala Antique Mall, 3700 S. Pine Ave., Ocala FL. (352)622-4468.
                              ---Ole Cracker House Antique Mall, 1734 NW Pine Ave., Ocala FL.
                              ---Remembering You Antique Mall, 3970 S. Pine Ave., Ocala FL.
            Waldo             ---Waldo Antique Village, 17803 N.E. US Hwy. 301, Waldo FL.
            Webster           ---Memory Lane Antique Mall, S.R. 471, Webster FL. (352)568-2588.
            Wildwood          ---Traditions Antique Mall, 3107 E. SR 44, Wildwood FL. (352)748-6255.
                              ---Wildwood Antique Mall, 101 S. Main St., Wildwood FL. (352)748-0788.
            Williston         ---Uncle Mike's Antique Mall, 5 N. Main St., Williston FL.
Florida 386 Daytona Beach     ---American Pioneer Antique Mall, 230 N. Beach St., Daytona Beach FL.
                              ---Beach Street Antique Mall & Emporium, 166 S. Beach St., Daytona
                              Beach FL.  (386)258-5990.
                              ---Our Old Stuff Antique Mall, 1005 Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach FL.
                              ---Riverfront Antique Mall, 140 N. Beach St., Daytona Beach FL.
                              (800)749-0688.  [as of early '01 this business offered for sale]
            Deland            ---Deland Antique Mall, 142 S. Woodland Blvd., Deland FL.
                              ---Mystic Mall Antiques, 1204 N. Woodland Blvd., Deland FL.
                              ---Rivertown Antique Mall, 114 S. Woodland Blvd., Deland FL.
            High Springs      ---Main Street Antique Mall, 10 So. Main St., High Springs FL.
            Lake City         ---Webb's Antique Mall, U.S. 41-441, Lake City FL. (386)758-5564 or
                              Fax: (386)758-3070.
            New Smyrna Beach  ---New Smyrna Antique Mall, 419 Canal St., New Smyrna Beach FL.
            Orange City       ---Orange City Mighty Mall, 747 N. Volusia Ave., Orange City FL.
                              ---SJM Treasures, 236 E. Graves Ave., Orange City FL. (386)473-3924.
                              /H/ We're two blocks away from 17-92 and across from City Hall. We're
                              open 10-6 all week.
            Palatka           ---Elsie Bell's Antique Mall, 111 N. 4th St., Palatka FL.
                              ---Lemon Street Emporium, Lemon St., Palatka FL. (386)325-1048.
                              ---Marvell's Mercantile Antique Mall, 3605 Crill Ave., Palatka FL.
            Port Orange       ---Consignment & Estate Sales, 5139 S. Ridgewood Ave., Port Orange FL.
Florida 407 Indialantic       ---Antiques Art & Accents, 920 N. Hwy. A1A, Indialantic FL.
            Longwood          ---Brooks & Harris Antique Mall, 256 N. US Hwy. 17 92, Longwood FL.
                              ---U Can Buy And Sell Online, 760 Georgia Ave., Longwood FL.
                              (407)339-0343. /H/ /C/ <>
            Maitland          ---Halley's Antique Mall, 473 So. Orlando Ave., Maitland FL.
            Orlando           ---Antique Mall of Central Florida, 1101 Virginia Dr., Orlando FL.
                              ---Millie's Glass & China, 5512 Edgewater Dr., Orlando FL.
                              (407)298-3355. /H/ Open Tues-Sat, 9-4. <>
                              ---Orange Ave. Antiques Market, 1829 N. Orange Ave., Orlando FL.
                              ---Orlando Antique Mall, 831 N. Mills Ave., Orlando FL. (407)895-3899.
                              ---Top Drawer Consignments, 2500 Edgewater Dr., Orlando FL.
                              (407)423-7373. /C/
                              ---Victoria's Treasure Shop & Antique Mall, 361 E. Michigan St.,
                              Orlando FL.  (407)849-9719.
            Sanford           ---About Time Antiques, 218 E. First St., Sanford FL. (407)321-7576.
                              /H/ Open 7 days a week, 11-5.
                              ---All in One Resale & Antique Mall, 212 W. 1st St., Sanford FL.
                              ---Park Avenue Antique Mall & Tea Room, 1301 S. Park Ave., Sanford FL.
            St. Cloud         ---Heritage Antiques & Mall, 1136 New York Ave., Saint Cloud FL.
            Titusville        ---C C's Antique Mall, 4547 S. Hopkins Ave., Titusville FL.
            Winter Park       ---Deland Antique Mall, Winter Park FL. (407)740-1188.
                              ---Ginger's Antique Mall, 451 Granada Dr., Winter Park FL.
                              ---Orange Tree Antique Mall, 853 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park FL.
                              (407)644-4547 or Fax: (407)644-9245. <>
                              ---Winter Park Antique Mall, 2335 Temple Trl., Winter Park FL.
                              ---Wisteria Antique Shoppes, 501 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Park FL.
Florida 561 Boca Raton        ---Antiques by Boca Consignments, 11099 Highland Cir., Boca Raton FL.
                              ---Circa 1800 Antique Mall, 6359 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton FL.
                              ---Consignment by Sanati, 176 Glades Rd., Boca Raton FL.
                              ---Consignment Gallery, 251 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton FL.
                              ---Five Star Consignment, 493 N.E. 20th ST, Boca Raton FL.
                              (561)391-0908. /C/
                              ---Mark's Interiors on Consignment, 67 S. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton FL.
                              (561)391-1052. /C/
                              ---Past Perfect Consignment Showroom, 99 N.E. Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton
                              FL.  (561)338-5656.
                              ---Summer's Place Consignment, 281 N. Dixie Hwy., Boca Raton FL.
                              (561)392-0336. /C/
                              ---Vintage 'n Vogue, 1870 N.W. Boca Raton Blvd., Boca Raton FL.
                              (561)750-5535.  /C/ I-95 to Glades Road; East to Boca Raton Blvd. then
                              North (left) to shop on right in Kimmen Plaza.
                              ---Wade's Fine Consignments & Antiques, 150 S. Dixie Hwy., Boca Raton
                              FL.  (561)392-9233.
            Boynton Beach     ---Consignment Shoppe, 411 E. Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach FL.
            Delray Beach      ---Anton & Alexander Antiques & Consignment, 424 E. Atlantic Ave.,
                              Delray Beach FL. (561)274-9500.
                              ---Atlantic Antique Mall, 504 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach FL.
                              ---Consignment Treasures, 14530 Military Trl., Delray Beach FL.
                              (561)495-5743.  /C/
                              ---Delray Beach Antique Mall, 1350 N. Federal Hwy., Delray Beach FL.
                              ---Diana's Consignment Shoppe, 36 S.E. 2nd Ave., Delray Beach FL.
                              ---General Consignment, 44 S.E. 2nd Ave., Delray Beach FL.
                              ---Great Interiors Consignment Showrooms, 34 S.E. 2nd Ave., Delray
                              Beach FL.  (561)272-9120.
            Fort Pierce       ---Heltons Colonial House Antique Plaza, 4000 So. U.S. 1, Ft. Pierce
                              FL.  (800)329-1055 or (772)468-1054. <>
            Jensen Beach      ---Affordable Consignment Furniture, 869 N.E. Jensen Beach Blvd.,
                              Jensen Beach FL. (561)334-9066.
                              ---Tropical Antique Center, 863 N.E. Jensen Beach Blvd., Jensen Beach
                              FL.  (561)334-8954.
            Jupiter           ---Sims Creek Antique Mall, 1695 W. Indiantown Rd., Jupiter FL.
                              (561)747-6785.  <>
            Lake Park         ---Family Tree Antique Mall, 1418 10th St., Lake Park FL.
            Lake Worth        ---Ada's Old Towne Antique Mall, 25 S. J St., Lake Worth FL.
                              ---Arcade Antique Shoppes, 824 Lake Ave., Lake Worth FL.
                              ---Carousel Antique Center, Lake Worth FL. (561)533-0678.
                              ---Eight-Eleven Antique Mall, 811 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth FL.
                              ---J & J Auction & Antique Mall, 2129 10th Ave., N., Lake Worth FL.
                              ---Yesterday's Antique Mall, 716 Lake Ave., Lake Worth FL.
            North Palm Beach  ---Consigned, 11141 US Hwy. 1, N. Palm Beach FL. (561)622-4991 or Fax:
            Palm City         ---Martin Downs Antique Mall, 1127 Martin Downs Blvd., Palm City FL.
                              (561)283-1313. <>
            Stuart            ---Beckoning Antiques, 614 Colorado Ave., Stuart FL. (561)288-5044.
                              ---Partners Antique Mall, 6124 S.E. Federal Hwy., Stuart FL.
            W. Palm Beach     ---ABC Quality Consignment, 883 S. Military Trl., West Palm Beach FL.
                              ---Old-Timers' Antique Mall, 3717 S. Dixie Hwy., W. Palm Beach FL.
Florida 727 Belleair Bluffs   ---Antique Alley (14 individual antique shops), 560-596 Indian Rocks
                              Rd., Belleair Bluffs FL.
                              ---Jewel Antique Mall, 2601 Jewel Rd., Belleair Bluffs FL.
            Clearwater        ---Cleveland Street Antique Mall, 1408 Cleveland St., Clearwater FL.
                              ---Pueblo Village Antique Mall, 1412 Gulf Blvd., Indian Rocks Beach
                              FL.  (727)595-2717 or Fax: (727)595-2717.
            Dunedin           ---Old Feed Store, The, 735 Railroad Ave., Dunedin FL. (727)734-4705.
            Holiday           ---Lyon's Head Antique Center, 1824 US Hwy. 19, Holiday FL.
            New Port Richey   ---Cameo Antique Mall, 5800 Main St., New Port Richey FL.
            Palm Harbor       ---Miss B's, 1710 Alternate U.S. 19, Palm Harbor FL. (727)787-0388.
            Pinellas Park     ---Shelart Antique Mall, 3400 70th Ave., Pinellas Park FL.
            Port Richey       ---Hudson Antique Mall, 11217 U.S. Hwy. 19, Port Richey FL.
            St. Petersburg    ---4th St. Antique Alley Mall, 1535 4th St. N., St. Petersburg FL.
                              (727)823-5700. <>
                              ---Antique Exchange of St. Petersburg, The, 2535 Central, St.
                              Petersburg FL.  (727)321-6621.
                              ---Corner Antique Mall, The, 1535 4th St., N., St. Petersburg FL.
                              ---First National Antiques & Lamps, 556 Central Ave., St. Petersburg
                              FL.  (727)898-9314.
                              ---Gas Plant Antique Arcade, 1246 Central Ave., St. Petersburg FL.
                              (727)895-0368 or Fax: (727)821-4977.
                              ---Memory Lane Antique Collective & Mini Mall, 2392 9th St. North, St.
                              Petersburg FL. (727)896-1913.
                              ---Park Street Antique Center, 9401 Bay Pines Blvd., St. Petersburg
                              FL.  (727)392-2198.
                              ---Patty & Friends Antiques, 1241 N. Dr. M.L. King St., St. Petersburg
                              FL.  (727)822-2106 or 367-6550.
                              ---Saint Petersburg Antique Mall, 321 10th Avenue, N., St. Petersburg
                              FL.  (727)896-6602.
            Tarpon Springs    ---Carter's Antique Asylum, 108 E. Tarpon Ave., Tarpon Springs FL.
                              ---Menzer's Antiques, 134 E. Tarpon Ave., Tarpon Springs FL.
Florida 772 Fort Pierce       ---Olde Town Antique Mall, 116 N. 2nd St., Ft. Pierce FL.
                              ---Treasure Coast Antique Mall, 601 Orange Ave, Ft. Pierce FL.
            Vero Beach        ---Company Store & Antique Mall, 1239 US Hwy. 1, Vero Beach FL.
                              ---Consignment Galleries, 732 21st St., Vero Beach FL. (772)770-1285.
                              ---Estate Furniture & Consignment House, 673 US Hwy. 1, Vero Beach FL.
                              ---Red Barn Antiques, 5135 N. US 1, Vero Beach FL. (772)778-9860.
Florida 813 Brandon           ---Anadan Antique Mall, 6819 So. Hwy. 301, Brandon FL. (813)677-8180.
                              ---Forever Yours Antique Mall, 110 N. Montclair Ave., Brandon FL.
                              ---Sweet Memories, 608 N. Parsons Ave., Brandon FL. (813)685-3728.
                              ---Whistler's Mother Antiques & Collectables, 202 E. Robertson,
                              Brandon FL.  (813)654-6220.
            Largo             ---Eureka Antique Gallery, 12350 Belcher Rd., Largo FL. (813)524-8660
                              or Fax: (813)524-1478.
                              ---Jewel Antique Mall, 2601 Jewell Rd., Largo FL. (813)585-5568.
                              ---Jewel Antique Mall, 2617 Jewell Rd., Largo FL. (813)581-9509.
            North Largo       ---Starkey Auctions Antique Emporium, 11440 66th St., N. Largo FL.
            Plant City        ---Olde Village Shoppes and Le Bistro Cafe, 108 S. Collins St., Plant
                              City FL.  (813)752-3222 or Fax: (813)659-3467.
            Tampa             ---Antique Mall of Palma Ceia, The, 3300 S. Dale Mabry, Tampa FL.
                              ---Booth's Antique Mall, 2305 W. Linebaugh, Tampa FL. (813)935-8860.
                              ---Cottage By The Bay Antiques, 3318 Bay to Bay Blvd., Tampa FL.
                              ---Floriland Antique Center, 9309 North Florida Ave., Tampa FL.
            Valrico           ---Oliver Station Consignment, 3322 Lithia Pinecrest Rd., Valrico FL.
            Zephyrhills       ---Luann's Consignment Shoppe, 38345 5th Ave., Zephyrhills FL.
                              (813)782-7463.  /C/
Florida 850 Alford            ---Old School House Antique Mall, 2388 Park Ave., Alford FL.
            Apalachicola      ---Apalach Antique Mall, 117 Market St., Apalachicola FL.
            Campbellton       ---Antique Country Mall, 2317 Dixie St., Campbellton FL.
            Chipley           ---Chipley Antique Mall, 108 E. Railroad Ave., Chipley FL.
                              (850)638-2535.  <>
            DeFuniak Springs  ---Florida Antique Mall, 254 Hwy 90 W, DeFuniak Springs FL.
                              (850)892-7282. /H/ I-10 to Exit 14, N to Hwy 90, then left (West) one
                              block, on right.  <>
            Destin            ---Abrams Antiques Mall & Interiors, 37B Harbor Blvd., Destin FL.
                              ---Smith's Antique Mall, 12500 Emerald Coast Pkwy., Destin FL.
            Fort Walton Beach ---Rags & Riches Antique Mall, 124 Miracle Strip Pkwy. S., Fort Walton
                              Beach FL. (850)863-2720.
            Ft. Walton Beach  ---Fort Walton Beach Antique Mall, 167 Miracle Strip Pkwy., S.E., Fort
                              Walton Beach FL. (850)243-6255.
                              ---Garden Gate Antique Mall, 85 Eglin Pkwy. N.E., Ft. Walton Beach FL.
            Gulf Breeze       ---Annais Antique Mall, 4531 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze FL.
                              ---Cameo Antique Mall, 5608 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze FL.
                              ---Magnolia Antique Mall, 4390 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze FL.
                              ---Old World Antique Mall, 5608 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Gulf Breeze FL.
            Havana            ---Antique Center, 104 N. Main St., Havana FL. (850)539-0529.
                              ---Cannery Antiques & Collectibles Marketplace, Havana FL.
            Lynn Haven        ---Antique Mall, 2401 S. Hwy. 77, Lynn Haven FL. (850)271-9810.
            Milton            ---Black's Antique Mall, 3691 Avalon Blvd., Milton FL. (850)623-1210.
                              ---Blackwater River Antique Mall, 7060 Hwy. 90, Milton FL.
                              ---Dusty Diamond, The, 6554 Caroline St. [Hwy 90], Milton FL.
                              (850)981-8399. /H/ Located in 6 Flags Shopping Center, cor. Hwys 90 &
                              89. Open Mon-Sat 10-6, Sunday 1-6. <>
                              ---Milton Antique Mall, 6776 Caroline St., Milton FL. (850)626-2912.
            Panama City       ---11th Street Flea Market, 1517 E. 11th St., Panama City FL.
                              ---15th Street Flea Market, 2233 E. 15th St., Panama City FL.
                              ---Consignments Unlimited, 101 Queens Cir., Panama City FL.
                              (850)914-9914. /C/
                              ---Olde Towne Antique Mall, 437 Harrison Ave., Panama City FL.
            Panama City Beach ---Barron's Antique Mall, 8010 Front Beach Rd., Panama City Beach FL.
            Pensacola         ---9th Avenue Antique Mall, 380 N. 9th Ave., Pensacola FL.
                              (850)438-3961 or Fax: (850)438-1334.
                              ---American Antique Mall, 2019 N. T St., Pensacola FL. (850)432-7659.
                              ---Coffee With Cream Resale Mall, 1901 N. T St., Pensacola FL.
                              ---Mixon Antique Mall & Flea Market, 2401 N T St., Pensacola FL.
                              ---Ragtime Antique Mall, 3113 Mobile Hwy., Pensacola FL.
            Perry             ---Another Glance Consignment, 104 N. Washington St., Perry FL.
            Tallahassee       ---Killearn Antiques Mall, 1415 Timberlane Rd. #408, Tallahassee FL.
Florida 863 Arcadia           ---Curiosity Shop Mall, 114 W. Oak, Arcadia FL. (863)993-1588.
                              ---Maddy's Antiques, 101 W. Oak St., Arcadia FL. (863)494-2500.
                              ---Old Opera House Museum Antique Mall, 106 W. Oak St., Arcadia FL.
            Labelle           ---Country Peddlers Antique Mall, 265 N. Bridge St., Labelle FL.
            Lake Placid       ---Poor Richard's Antique Mall, 5 N. Main St., Lake Placid FL.
            Okeechobee        ---Fort Drum Antique Mall, 30950 Hwy. 441 N., Okeechobee FL.
                              ---Silver Spoon Antique Mall & More, 402 Southwest Park St.,
                              Okeechobee FL.  (863)763-0609.
            Sebring           ---Rain Tree Antique Mall, 4676 US Hwy. 27 S., Sebring FL.
                              ---Raintree Antique Mall, 4700 US Hwy. 27 S., Sebring FL.
            Winter Haven      ---Antique Mall Village, 3170 U.S. Hwy. 17 N., Winter Haven FL.
                              ---Robert Holley Antiques, 318 W. Central Ave., Winter Haven FL.
Florida 904 Alford            ---Helen's Antique Mall Crafts & Collectables, 1738 Georgia St. [Hwy.
                              231 N.], Alford FL. (904)579-2199.
            Crescent City     ---Crescent City Antiques & Collectibles Mall, 111 N. Summit [US Hwy.
                              17], Crescent City FL. (904)698-2873.
            Crystal River     ---Treasures Old & New Antique Mall, 756 NE Hwy. 19, Crystal River FL.
            Floral City       ---Antiques & Collectables of Floral City, 7785 S. Florida Ave.,
                              Floral City FL. (904)344-4711.
            High Springs      ---High Springs Antique Ctr., 145 N. Main St., High Springs FL.
            Holly Hill        ---Clary's Antique Mall, 1005 Ridgewood Ave., Holly Hill FL.
                              (904)238-7207.  <>
                              ---House of Gamble Antique Mall, The, 1102 State Ave., Holly Hill FL.
            Jacksonville      ---Avonlea Antique Mall, 8101 Philips Hwy., Jacksonville FL.
                              ---Bayard Antique Village, 12561 Phillips Hwy., Jacksonville FL.
                              ---Carriage House Antique Mall, 8955 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville FL.
                              ---Fans & Stoves Antique Mall, 1059 Park St., Jacksonville FL.
                              (800)752-2532 or (904)354-3768.
                              ---Fronteer Antique Mall, 5161 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville FL.
                              (904)398-6055 or Fax: (904)398-6676. <>
                              ---Old Springfield Antique Mall, 1046 Park St., Jacksonville FL.
                              ---San Jose Antique Mall, 2916 University Ave. W., Jacksonville FL.
                              ---Southern Crossing Antique Mall, 2718 Park St., Jacksonville FL.
                              ---Sugar Bear Antique Mall, 3047 Julington Creek Rd., Jacksonville FL.
                              ---Tin City Antique Mall, 11740 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville FL.
            Orange Park       ---Consignments by Design, 1232 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park FL.
                              (904)213-0070.  /C/
                              ---Olde Towne, 2020 Carnes St., Orange Park FL. (904)269-2318.
            St. Augustine     ---Anastasia Antique Center, 201 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine FL.
                              (904)824-7126. <>
                              ---Lovejoy's Antique Mall, 1302 N. Ponce De Leon Blvd. [US 1], St.
                              Augustine FL. (904)826-0200.
            Tallahassee       ---Antique Center, The, 2415 N. Monroe, Tallahassee FL. (904)386-2429.
Florida 941 Avon Park         ---Broken Spoke Antique Mall, 12 E. Main St., Avon Park FL.
            Bartow            ---Bartow Antiques and Used Furniture Mini Mall, 280 S. Wilson, Bartow
                              FL.  (941)534-1094.
            Bradenton         ---Antiques on the Avenue, 2931 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton FL.
                              ---Dotty's Depot, 2005 Manatee Ave. West, Bradenton FL. (941)749-1421.
                              ---Magnolia Antique Mall, 4420 5th St., W., Bradenton FL.
            Cape Coral        ---Second Hand Rose Consignment Shoppe, 1532 S.E. 14th St., Cape Coral
                              FL.  (941)574-6919.
            Davenport         ---R & M Antiques & Collectibles Mall, 333 S. Hwy. 27, Davenport FL.
            Ellenton          ---The Feed Store Antique Mall, 4407 US Hwy. 301N, Ellenton FL.
                              (941)729-1379 or Fax: 941-721-0002. Go 1/2 mile W on Hwy 301 on Exit 224
                              from I-75. Open Mon-Sat 10-5, Sunday 12-5. <admin @>
            Englewood         ---Consignments, 2828 S. McCall Rd., Englewood FL. (941)475-3583.
            Lake Wales        ---Bittersweet Memories Antique Mall, 113 E. Park Ave., Lake Wales FL.
            Lakeland          ---Agape Antique Center, 243 N. Florida Ave., Lakeland FL.
                              ---Private Collections, An Upscale Consignment Shoppe, 5407 S. Florida
                              Ave., Lakeland FL. (941)647-3046.
            Naples            ---Bailey's Antique Mall, 606 9th St. N., Naples FL. (941)643-1953.
                              ---Vagabond Vendors Antiques, 800 6th Ave., S., Naples FL.
                              ---Yahl Street Antiques II, 5400 Yahl St., Naples FL. (941)597-5454.
            Punta Gorda       ---Ooodles Antiques Mall, 403 Sullivan St., #111, Punta Gorda FL.
            Sarasota          ---Bargain Box Consignment Shoppe., 4406 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota FL.
                              ---Coral Cove Antique Gallery, 7272 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL
                              34231.  (941-927-2205.
                              ---Franklin Antiques & Collectibles, 3512 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd.,
                              Sarasota FL.  (941)359-8842.
                              ---Pinch A Buck Furniture Consignment, 255 N. Lime Ave., Sarasota FL.
                              (941)365-9808. /C/
                              ---Talk of the Town Antique & Collectible Mall, 4123 Clark Rd.,
                              Sarasota FL.  (941)925-3948.
                              ---White Elephant Exchange Antique Mall, 3817 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota
                              FL. (941)870-4149. Open Mon-Thur 10-5, Fri 10-8, Sunday 12-4.
                              <whiteelephantexchange @>
            Sebring           ---Sebring Antique Center, 2031 US Hwy. 27 S., Sebring FL.
            Venice            ---Walter Schemkes Venice Mall, 629 Tamiami Trl. N., Venice FL.
Florida 954 Coral Springs     ---Consignment Gallery, 1300 N. University Dr., Coral Springs FL.
            Dania             ---Antique Center of Dania, 3 N. Federal Hwy., Dania FL.
                              ---Antique Galleries Mall, 60 N. Federal Hwy., Dania FL.
                              ---Grand Central Mall, 47 N. Federal Hwy., Dania FL. (954)925-8181.
            Deerfield Beach   ---An English Rose Consignment, 835 S.E. 8th Ave., Deerfield Beach FL.
                              (954)570-8270. /C/
                              ---Bloomingdeal's Consignment, 3567 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield
                              Beach FL.  (954)429-8531.
            Fort Lauderdale   ---Cooper City Antique Mall, 9800 Griffin Rd., Fort Lauderdale FL.
                              ---Nostalgia Mall, 2097 Wilton Dr., Ft. Lauderdale FL. (888)394-7233,
                              (954)537-5533, or Fax: (954)537-5545.
                              ---Somewhere In Time Consignments, 3038 N. Federal Hwy., Fort
                              Lauderdale FL.  (954)564-7775. /C/
                              ---Times Square Antique & Design Center, 3038 N. Federal Hwy., Fort
                              Lauderdale FL. Phone/Fax: (954)630-9899. Located in Times Square
                              Center, S.E. corner Hwy 1 at Oakland Park Blvd.
            Hallandale        ---Jolly's Antique Mall, 2400 S.W. 30th Ave., Hallandale FL.
                              (954)456-3377 or Fax: (954)456-3168.
            Margate           ---Fabulous Finds Consignment Shop, 2418 N. State Rd. 7, Margate FL.
                              (954)978-5587. /C/
                              ---Think Thrift Consignment Store, 1041 N. SR 7, Margate FL.
                              (954)971-d3376 or Fax: (954)971-3716. /C/
            Oakland Park      ---A Day In Time Antiques, 1001 N.E. 45th St., Oakland Park FL.
            Pompano Beach     ---Hillsboro Antique Mall, 2900 W. Sample Road, Pompano Beach FL.
                              ---Sugar Chest Antique Mall, 960 N. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach FL.




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Big Sky Golf Cars
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Marty's Ski and Board Shop
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