Directory of Multi-Dealer Shops, Malls, Co-Ops


Our viewers are downloading and printing out copies of each state page to 
take with them on shopping trips. Whatever you do, make sure your important 
information appears on your state page, as that is what they are carrying.

During 2012-2013 we're comparing shops we added in our database during the early years (1989-1995) with the database at Verizon Superpages. We're deleting the shops for which we can no longer find a phone number. (Are you in there?) If your shop uses a cell phone please let us know.

Also, we're running behind adding many shops that were submitted during the past year, but please be patient . . .


Any real shop (not virtual) located in the U.S. or Canada that has at least
three dealers in antiques and/or older collectibles qualifies. This
includes consignment shops with that kind of inventory.

For free listing, please submit the following in any convenient form -- 
we'll use as much of it as possible and edit as necessary. You are welcome to
try the input form at the bottom of this page but it is experimental and we're 
not sure if it works from all computers. The form is set up for shops that 
qualify for free listing.

 1. name of shop
 2. street address and P.O. Box
 3. city
 5. zip code or equivalent
 6. (optional) steering instructions from nearest major intersection(s)
     --please condense
 7. shop phone and fax number(s). If no phone, let me know that fact but try to 
    give us one for our records. And tell us if it is not to appear in listing. 
    We still need your telephone area code for placing your listing.
 8. (optional) handicapped status. If shop is fully accessible.
 9. (optional) e-mail address we can include in the listing
10. (optional) shop URL: mostly to satisfy our curiosity; see also
    "enhancements" below:
11. number of dealers or typical number of consignors

Anything more than this, please see below:



We charge for:

1. Listing shops that are not multi-dealer or consignment shops, 
   for basic listing as above, or to enhance a paid listing, as below

2. Multi-dealer or consignment shops, to add to the listing as below*
   (basic listing is always free)

3. Adding a link to your shop listing that leads to your existing FaceBook page.
   (basic listing is always free)
Please understand that the main push of this project is to list shops
one could sell through, whether by renting space or consigning. It is not 
our intent to list every antique shop in the northern hemisphere. Shops 
that are in the business that want to be listed but don't qualify are 
required to pay a small fee for listing.


Prices are for one-year periods, effective February 14, 2002:

For a shop that is not multi-dealer or consignment, for basic listing: 
$50 for inclusion. Listing expires two years after date of appearance.

For all shops: Expanded Text. To allow additional wording in listing. (use
for denoting credit cards accepted, special features of shop, specialties,
"Dealers Wanted, Dealers Welcome," etc.) For 35-40 words beyond basic 
listing: $10 for year from first inclusion of copy.

To add a link to your FaceBook page: email (herb @ with the FB link 
code to your shop and name of person who is sending it to paypal, and send $20 to paypal 
(herb @ account for one year's exposure. While you are at it, please check 
your listing for errors. You may also use the U.S. Mail.

For antique dealers' associations, Chambers of Commerce promoting local
antiques trade, etc.: Special listing paragraph up to 80 words, indexed on
city, or state/area code, plain text. $100 for a year, see also other
possibilities below. Or correspond with ideas for better description and

For all shops and associations: Live Links. To make the shop or organization's
name a live link to your Web page: $25 for year.*

Listing information is not carved in stone. When you feel changes are
necessary to basic listings, let us know and we'll make the changes for
the next regular update of the page to follow. 


Send a full description of what you need and a check for the appropriate
amount in U.S. funds to:

Herbert Breese
P.O. Box 428M
Moravia NY  13118

If you are unsure of how to specify your order, feel free to write or
send e-mail to When the order is finalized, we
will send you a receipt invoice.  No purchase orders, please.

Input form for shops qualified for free listing:

Shop is: Multi-Dealer, Group, or Co-Op Just consignment Both This is: NEW LISTING CHANGE IN LISTING INFORMATION Name of Shop: About how many dealers represented? Street Address or Road: P.O. Box: City: State or Province: Zip or Postal Code: Email address for the shop: Phone number for the shop (or "none") Fax: If "none", what area code? (If the shop runs on a cell phone, please give the normal telephone company area code here, if different.) Handicapped Status: It is not necessary to specify this, but there are many who really want to know . . . Is the shop totally handicapped-accessible, from the parking lot through any floor and aisle? Yes No If yes, we mark the listing with a symbol. Are any steering instructions needed? (If you feel the shop is hard to find.)
Use this area for hours of operation or seasonal opening:
Does this shop have its own Web page? URL: The above information was submitted by Please note that this form is experimental for now and we're working on making it work better. There is a chance your computer will not cooperate and this information will not make it to us. Please be prepared to check the state lists for your shop information periodically and if it does not appear within about 1-2 weeks please re-submit using email.


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