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           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing.

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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    LOCALE            City                                           Shop:
Connecticut 203 Branford          ---Clocktower Antiques Group, 824 E. Main St. [Rt. 1], Branford CT.
                                  ---New England Antique Dealers Gallery, 515 W. Main St., Branford CT.
                Bridgeport        ---All That Glitters Consignment, 3000 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport CT.
                Darien            ---Antiques of Darien, 1101 Boston Post Rd., Darien CT. (203)655-5133.
                                  ---T-Party Antiques and Tea Room, 2 Squab Ln., Darien CT. (203)662-9689.
                                  We're 1/4 mi from I-95 Exit 11, behind the Complete Angler @ 987 Boston
                                  Post Rd.  <>
                Derby             ---Derby Antique Center, 181 Main St., Derby CT. (203)734-7614.
                Greenwich         ---Classic Antique Consignment, 173 Hamilton Ave., Greenwich CT.
                                  (203)869-0916. /C/
                                  ---Consign It II, 2 Deerfield Dr., Greenwich CT. (203)862-8542. /C/
                                  ---Consign It, 115 Mason St., Greenwich CT. (203)869-9836.
                                  ---Consignments Etc., 283 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich CT. (203)661-7370.
                                  ---Greenwich Antique and Consignment, 249 Railroad Ave., Greenwich CT.
                Guilford          ---Antiques Consignments & Interior Design, 1153 Boston Post Rd., Guilford
                                  CT.  (203)453-1153.
                Madison           ---Madison Trust Antiques, Consignments, 891 Boston Post Rd., Madison CT.
                                  ---On Consignment, 77 Wall St., Madison CT. (203)245-7012.
                Meriden           ---Second Generation Antiques, 819 Hanover Rd., Meriden CT. (203)639-1002
                                  or (203)238-3499. /H/ M-F: 10-4; Sat:11-4; Sun. by appt.
                Mystic            ---Mystic River Antiques Market, 15 Holmes St., Mystic CT. (203)572-9775.
                New Canaan        ---Main Street Cellar Antiques, New Canaan CT. (203)966-8348.
                                  ---Severed Ties, Inc., 111 Cherry St., New Canaan CT. (203)972-0788.
                New Haven         ---Hadassah Consignment Shop, 512 Whalley Ave., New Haven CT.
                Newtown           ---McGeorgi's Antiques & Consignments, 129 S. Main St., Newtown CT.
                Ridgefield        ---C Devens Consignment, 446 Main St., Ridgefield CT. (203)438-6313.
                                  ---Consignments By Vivian, 458 Main St., Ridgefield CT. (203)438-5567.
                                  ---Cromlix Antiques & Consignment Co., 454 Main St., Ridgefield CT.
                                  ---Deja Vu Consignments, 23 Catonah St., Ridgefield CT. (203)431-8176.
                                  ---Hunter's Consignments, 426 Main St., Ridgefield CT. (203)438-9065.
                                  ---Ridgefield Antiques Center, 109 Danbury Rd. [Rt. 35], Ridgefield CT.
                Riverside         ---Classiques Antiques & Consignments, 1147 E. Putnam Ave., Riverside CT.
                Sandy Hook        ---Mill, The, 75 Glen Rd., Sandy Hook CT. (203)426-4469.
                Seymour           ---Seymour Antiques Co., The, 26 Bank St., Seymour CT. (203)881-2526.
                Southbury         ---Salem Antiques Heritage Village, Southbury CT. (203)262-6323.
                Southport         ---Chelsea Antiques, Southport CT. (203)255-8935.
                Stamford          ---Antique and Artisan Center, The, 69 Jefferson St., Stamford CT.
                                  ---Debbie's Stamford Antiques Center, 735 Canal St., Stamford CT.
                                  ---Hiden Galleries, 481 Canal St., Stamford CT. (203)323-9090.
                                  ---Resale & Consignment, 575 Hope St., Stamford CT. (203)327-0006.
                Stratford         ---Stratford Antique Center, 400 Honeyspot Rd., Stratford CT. (203)378-7754
                                  or Fax: (203)380-2086.
                Wallingford       ---Antique Center of Wallingford, 28 S. Orchard St., Wallingford CT.
                                  ---Madison Trust II, 118 Center St., Wallingford CT. (203)269-3030.
                                  ---Wallingford Center Street Antiques, 171 Center St., Wallingford CT.
                Westport          ---Consignmart, 877 Post Rd. E., Westport CT. (203)226-0841.
                                  ---Leonce Antiques & Consignments, 1435 Post Rd. E., Westport CT.
                                  ---Riverside Antiques Center, 263 Riverside Ave., Westport CT.
                Woodbridge        ---Barbara Keller Ltd., Selden Plaza, Woodbridge CT. (203)389-9646. Other
                                  shops in area.
                                  ---Red Barn of Woodbridge, The, 378 Amity Rd. [Rt. 63], Woodbridge CT.
Connecticut 860 Avon              ---Antiques at Old Avon Village, 1 E. Main St., Avon CT. (860)677-1150.
                Bantam            ---Old Carriage Shop Antique Center, 920 Bantam Rd., Bantam CT.
                Canton            ---Balcony Antique Shops, 166 Albany Tpk. [Rt. 44], Canton CT.
                Centerbrook       ---Brush Factory Antiques, 33 Deep River Rd. [Rt 154], Centerbrook CT.
                                  (860)767-0845. <>
                Clinton           ---Cedar Chest, The, Clinton CT. (860)669-9425.
                                  ---Clinton Antique Center, 78 E. Main St. [Rt. 1], Clinton CT.
                                  (860)669-3839.  Open daily except major holidays.
                                  ---Clinton Village, 327 E. Main St., Clinton CT. (860)669-3350.
                                  ---Square-Rigger Antique Center, 350 E. Main St., Clinton CT.
                Collinsville      ---Antiques on the Farmington, 10 Depot St., Collinsville CT.
                                  (860)673-0615. Open all week.
                Coventry          ---J.M. Sarnik & Sons, 1140 Main St. [Rt 31S], Coventry CT. (860)742-7999.
                                  At the intersection of Main (CT Rt 31] and Mason Streets. Open Wed-Fri
                                  12-5, Sat-Sun 9-5. <>
                                  ---Memory Lane Countryside Antique Center, 2224 Boston Tpk. [Rt 44],
                                  Coventry CT. (860)742-0346. Wed-Sun.
                Deep River        ---River Wind Antiques, Deep River CT. (860)526-3047.
                Enfield           ---Hazard Antique Center, 287 Hazard Ave., Enfield CT. (860)763-0811.
                Farmington        ---Farmington Lodge Antiques, The, 185 Main St. [Rt. 10], Farmington CT.
                Glastonbury       ---Tobacco Shed Antiques, 119 Griswold St., Glastonbury CT. (860)657-2885.
                Granby            ---Salmon Brook Shops, The, 563 Salmon Brook St., Granby CT. (860)653-6587.
                                  /H/ Routes 10 & 202. Open all week 10-5.
                Groton            ---Consignment Galleries, 957 Poquonnock Rd., Groton CT. (860)446-1154.
                Haddam            ---Key Hole Thrift & Consignment, 206 Saybrook Rd., Haddam CT.
                                  (860)345-2363.  /C/
                Hartford          ---Hadley Antique Center, 227 Russell Rd., Hartford CT. (860)586-4093.
                Kent              ---Kent Antiques Center, Kent Station Sq., Kent CT. (860)927-3313.
                Killingworth      ---Country Squire Shoppes, 243 Rt. 80, Killingworth CT. (860)663-3228.
                Manchester        ---Manchester Mall Shops, 811 Main St., Manchester CT. (860)646-9243.
                Marbledale        ---Stock in Trade, 262 New Milford Tpk., Marbledale CT. (860)868-5090. In
                                  winter, closed tue/wed; please call ahead.
                Middletown        ---Compendium Galleries, 861 Middle St., Middletown CT. (860)632-9991.
                New Hartford      ---Collinsville Antiques Company, The, 283 Main St., New Hartford CT.
                North Franklin    ---Morning Rose Consignments, 107 Rt 32, N. Franklin CT. (860)889-3884. /C/
                North Stonington  ---Blast from the Past Antiques & Collectibles, 220 Norwich Westerly Rd.
                                  [Rt.  2], North Stonington CT. (860)535-1851.
                Norwich           ---Look At This! Antiques and Collectibles, 15 Town St., Norwich CT.
                                  (860)892-1291. <>
                Old Lyme          ---Antiques Associates of Old Lyme, 11 Halls Rd., Old Lyme CT.
                Old Saybrook      ---Antiques & Acquisitions, 954 Middlesex Tpk., Old Saybrook CT.
                                  ---Essex Town Line Antiques Village, 985 Middlesex Tpke., Old Saybrook CT.
                                  ---Essex-Saybrook Antiques Village, 345 Middlesex Tpk. [Rt. 154], Old
                                  Saybrook CT. (860)388-0689. Open daily, 11-5 Memorial Day to Jan. 2,
                                  otherwise closed Mondays. <>
                                  ---Old Saybrook Antiques Center, 756 Middlesex Tpk. [Rt. 154], Old Saybrook
                                  CT. (860)388-1600.
                Old Wethersfield  ---Wethersfield Antiques Barn, 141 Main St., Old Wethersfield CT.
                Plantsville       ---Plantsville General Store Antique Center, 780 S. Main, Plantsville CT.
                                  (860)621-5255. Wed-Sat 10-5, Sunday 12-5. <>
                Pomfret           ---Pomfret Antiques World, Jct. Rts. 44 & 101, Pomfret CT. (860)928-5006.
                Putnam            ---Antique Corner, 112 Main St., Putnam CT. (860)963-2445.
                                  ---Antiques & Collectibles @ 44 & 171, 284 School St. [Rt. 44], Putnam CT.
                                  ---Antiques Marketplace, The, 109 Main St. & Rt. 44, Putnam CT.
                                  (860)928-0442.  <> Putnam has over 450 dealers in 17
                                  ---Jeremiah's Antique Shoppes, 26 Front St., Putnam CT. (860)963-8989.
                                  ---Jeremiah's Antiques, 26 Front St. [Rt 44], Putnam CT. (860)963-9485.
                                  Closed Tue.
                                  ---Pink House Antiques, 80 Main St., Putnam CT. (860)963-0422.
                                  ---Riverside Antiques, 58 Pomfret St. [Rt 44], Putnam CT. (860)928-6020.
                Salisbury         ---Salisbury Antiques Center, 46 Library St., Salisbury CT. (860)435-0424.
                Simsbury          ---Simsbury Antiques, 744 Hopmeadow St. [Rt. 10], Simsbury CT 06070.
                South Glastonbury ---Heritage Antiques Center, Heritage Village, South Glastonbury CT.
                                  (860)262-8900 or Fax: (860)264-3347. <heritage @>
                Southington       ---Albert Judd & Associates Antiques, 40 W. Main, Southington CT.
                Stonington        ---Orkney & Yost Stonington Antique Center, 71 Cutler St., Stonington CT.
                                  (860)535-8373. <>
                West Cornwall     ---West Cornwall Antique Center, 7 Railroad St., West Cornwall CT.
                Westbrook         ---Shops at Tidewater Creek, The, 433 Boston Post Rd., Westbrook CT.
                Windham           ---Bargain Barn Antiques, 8 Mountain St., Windham CT. (860)423-1962.
                Windsor           ---Olde Windsor Antique Gallery, Ltd., 184 Windsor Ave., Windsor CT.


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