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If you know of shops we have listed in your area that are closed, please let us know.



           /H/ Handicapped Accessible*
           /C/ Consignment Shop            /P/ Paid Listing.

               *As shops tell us they have handicapped access, we will
               add this to their listings. Absence of the symbol does not
               denote lack of access. Please call the shops you plan to
               visit in advance of your trip.

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  LOCALE          City                                        Shop:
Alabama 205 Arab              ---Christina's Antiques & Mall, 115 N. Main St., Arab AL.
            Ashland           ---Round The Square Mall, 100 Court House Sq., Ashland AL.
                              (205)354-3513 or Fax: (205)354-4707. /H/
            Athens            ---Athens Antique Mall, 309 S. Marion St., Athens AL. (205)230-0036.
            Birmingham        ---Antique Mall East, 217 Oporto Madrid Blvd., N., Birmingham AL.
                              ---Birmingham Antique Mall, 2211 Magnolia Ave., S., Birmingham AL.
                              ---Consignment World, 1319 Bessemer Super Hwy., Birmingham AL.
                              ---Estate Sales Store & Consignments, The, 4244 Cahaba Hghts. Ct.,
                              Birmingham AL. (205)969-0904.
                              ---Fifth Avenue Antiques, 2410 5th Ave., S., Birmingham AL.
                              ---Hanna Antiques Mall, 2424 7th Ave., S., Birmingham AL.
                              ---Sir James Hats & Antique Mall, 8307 1st Ave. N., Birmingham AL.
            Boaz              ---Adams Antique Mall, 225 E. Mill Ave., Boaz AL. (205)593-0406.
                              ---Boaz Antique Mall, 314 N. Main St., Boaz AL. (205)593-1410.
            Carrollton        ---Lawyer's Row Antique Mall, Courts Sq., Carrollton AL.
            Chelsea           ---Chelsea Antique Mall, Hwy. 280, Chelsea AL. (205)678-2151 or Fax:
                              678-2152.  <>
                              ---Loveless Antiques & the Mall, 14551 Hwy. 280, Chelsea AL.
            Clanton           ---KayeCee's Antique Mall & Flea Market, 224 Town Mart, Clanton AL.
                              (205)755-2494 <A_Adams @>
            Cullman           ---Magnolias & Lace, 1716 2nd Ave., N.W., Cullman AL. (205)734-9639.
            Falkville         ---Interstate Antiques Mall, I-65, Falkville AL. (205)784-5302.
            Fayette           ---Fayette Antique Mall, 114 1st St., S.E., Fayette AL. (205)932-7423.
            Fyffe             ---Fyffe Antique Mall, 1016 Main St., Fyffe AL. (205)623-3024.
            Gardendale        ---Gardendale Antique Mall, 2405 Decatur Hwy., Gardendale AL.
            Haleyville        ---Teas' Antiques & Gifts Downtown Mall, Haleyville AL. (205)486-8096.
            Hamilton          ---Antique Mall, 1975 Military St. S., Hamilton AL. (205)921-9269.
            Harpersville      ---Hen/Son's Antique Mall, 917 US Hwy. 280 W., Harpersville AL.
            Hartselle         ---Hartselle Antique Mall, 209 W. Main St., Hartselle AL.
            Hazel Green       ---Hazel Green Antique Mall, 13685-A Hwy. 231, Hazel Green AL.
            Heflin            ---Willoughby Street Mall, The, 213 Willoughby St., Heflin AL.
            Helena            ---Cherokee Antiques & Ornamental Mall, 2800 Hwy. 93, Helena AL.
                              ---Seasons In Time Antiques, 3871 Helena Rd., Helena AL.
                              (205)663-1288. Open Tues-Sat.
            Homewood          ---Carriage Antique Village, 88 Green Springs Hwy., Homewood AL.
            Hoover            ---Carla's Bargains & Consignments, 807 Shades Crest Rd., Hoover AL.
            Jasper            ---Jasper Flea Mall & Antique Center, 5077 Hwy. 78 E., Jasper AL.
            Jemison           ---Remember When . . . Antiques & Collectibles, 9240 CR 42, Jemison
                              AL.  (205)688-1144.
            Leeds             ---BAMA Flea Mall & Antique Center, 1605 Ashville Rd., Leeds AL.
            Leighton          ---Country Mall Consignment & Variety, 10705 2nd St., Leighton AL.
            Lineville         ---Gentry's Antique Mall, 86795 Hwy. 9, Lineville AL. (205)396-5099.
            Millport          ---Millport Antique Mall, 466 Columbus St., Millport AL.
            Northport         ---Main Ave Antique Mall, 315 Main Ave., Northport AL. (205)759-2333.
            Pell City         ---231 Antique Mall, Hwy. 231 S., Pell City AL. (205)338-0822.
                              ---Keepsake's Antique Mall, 2004 Cogswell Ave., Pell City AL.
                              ---Landis Antique Mall, Hwy. 231 N., Pell City AL. (205)338-6255.
            Reform            ---Hope's Chest, 402 1st Street, Reform AL. (205)375-9424. /H/ Located
                              off 82 in Reform AL, behind Boomers Cafe. Open 10 AM until at least 5
                              PM Mon-Sat.  <>
            Scottsboro        ---Village Square Antique Mall, 250 S. Broad St., Scottsboro AL.
            Springville       ---The Ol' Springville Antique Mall, 6364 US Hwy. 11, Springville AL.
            Trussville        ---Trussville Antique Mall, 147 N. Chalkville Rd., Trussville AL.
            Tuscaloosa        ---Hobby Horse Antique Mall, 5500 Old Montgomery Hwy., Tuscaloosa AL.
                              ---Skyland Antique Mall, 311 Skyland Blvd., Tuscaloosa AL.
                              ---Spiller Antique Mall, 2420 7th St., Tuscaloosa AL. (205)391-0308 or
                              Fax: (205)391-0306.
            Vernon            ---Falkner Antique Mall, 314 1st St., N.W., Vernon AL. (205)695-9841.
            Vestavia Hills    ---AAR Antiques, 700 Montgomery Hwy., Vestavia Hills AL.
                              (205)979-8740.  <>
            Winfield          ---Winfield Antique Mall, 1066 U.S. Hwy. 43, Winfield AL.
Alabama 251 Citronelle        ---Timeless Treasures Mini Mall, 19165 N. Main St., Citronelle AL.
            Daphne            ---Gallery Antique Mall, The, 1302 U.S. Hwy. 98, Daphne AL.
            Foley             ---Brown Mule Antique Mall, The, 8340 State Hwy. 59, Foley AL.
                              ---Garden Gate Antique & Mini Mall, 17365 U.S. Hwy. 98, Foley AL.
                              ---Gas Works Antiques Mall, The, 813 N. McKenzie St., Foley AL.
                              (251)943-5555 or Fax: (251)943-1234. <>
                              ---Gift Horse Antique Centre, The, 211-215 W. Laurel Ave., Foley AL.
                              ---Gift Horse Antique Stalls, The, 201 W. Laurel Ave., Foley AL.
                              ---Old Armory Mall, The, 712 N. McKenzie St., Foley AL. (251)943-7300.
                              ---Ole Crush Antique Mall, 200 S. McKenzie St., Foley AL.
                              ---Southern Belle Antique Mall, 1000 S. McKenzie St., Foley AL.
            Jackson           ---Jackson Antique, Collectible and Craft Mall, 213 Commerce St.,
                              Jackson AL.  (251)246-9126.
            Mobile            ---Cotton City Antique Mall, 2012 Airport Blvd., Mobile AL.
                              ---Hogg Wilde Antique Mall, 578 Azalea Rd., Mobile AL. (251)660-7848.
                              ---Red Barn Antique Mall, 418 Dauphin Island Pkwy., Mobile AL.
                              ---Wings of Angels Antique Mall, 8 Hannon Ave., Mobile AL.
            Monroeville       ---Maycomb Mall, 153 W. Claiborne St., Monroeville AL. (251)743-3720.
            Summerdale        ---Summerdale Village Antique Mall, Summerdale AL. (251)989-6912.
            Theodore          ---Southern Traditions Antique Mall, 5786 Hwy. 90, Theodore AL.
Alabama 256 Alexander City    ----Longleaf Antique & Flea Mall, 591 Alex City Shopping Centre Dr.,
                              Alexander City AL. (256)234-3492.
                              ---Antique Mall of Memories, 1534 Hwy. 280, Alexander City AL.
            Alexandria        ---Valley Antiques, 7435 Hwy. 431, Alexandria AL. (256)820-0025. /H/
                              Open Tues-Sat 10-5; Sunday 1-5, with extended holiday and summer
            Anniston          ---Gallery Antique Mall, The, Hwy. 78 E., Anniston AL. (256)831-3100.
                              ---Heritage Antique Mall, 1905 US Hwy. 78 E., Anniston AL.
                              ---Jamie's Antique Village, 1429 Snow St., Anniston AL. (256)831-2830.
            Athens            ---Regency Antiques / Serendipity Antiques, 1880 US Hwy 72 E., Athens
                              AL.  (256)232-1003.
            Attalla           ---Beulah Land Antique Mall, 216 4th St., N.W., Attalla AL.
            Boaz              ---Athens Antique Mall, 4614 Atlanta Hwy., Bogart GA. (706)354-0108.
                              ---Past Times Antiques Mall, 116 S. Main St., Boaz AL. (256)593-6890.
            Centre            ---Cross Road Antique Mall, 4475 Cedar Bluff Rd., Centre AL.
                              ---Weiss Lake Antique Mall, 1126 W. Main St. [Hwy. 411], Centre AL.
            Courtland         ---Ms. Jane's Antique Mall, 415 Tennessee St., Courtland AL.
            Decatur           ---Bank Street Antique Mall, 818 Bank St., N.E., Decatur AL.
                              (256)351-1070.  <>
                              ---Hummingbird Antique Mall, 721 Bank St., N.W., Decatur AL.
                              ---Old Town Antique Mall, 1221 Byron Ave., S.W., Decatur AL.
            Elkmont           ---Candlelight Antique Mall, 26051 Upper Elkton Rd., Elkmont AL.
                              (256)423-2746. On I65 between Athens AL & the TN state line.
            Florence          ---Bellemeade Antique Mall, 3731 Florence Blvd. [Hwy 72 E], Florence
                              AL.  (256)757-1050 or Fax: (256)757-1075. <>
                              ---Southern Antique Mall, 3801 Florence Blvd., Florence AL.
            Fort Payne        ---Big Mill Antique Mall, 151 8th St., N.E., Fort Payne AL.
            Gadsden           ---Antique Mall of Gadsden, 237 S. 4th St., Gadsden AL. (256)547-8046.
                              ---Grandma's Attic Antique Mall, 301 Broad St., Gadsden AL.
                              ---Wall Street Mall, 306 Wall St., Gadsden AL. (256)546-8847.
            Guntersville      ---Joe B. King Antique Mall, Hwy. 69, Guntersville AL. (256)582-0287.
                              ---Marshall Antique Mall, 12142 U.S. Highway 431, Guntersville AL.
                              ---White House Antique Mall, 21971 US Hwy 432 N, Guntersville AL.
            Huntsville        ---Builders Square Flea Market & Antique Mall, 2601 N. Memorial Pkwy.,
                              Huntsville AL. (256)859-4454.
                              ---Bulldog Antique Mall, 2338 Whitesburg Dr. S., Huntsville AL.
                              ---Firehouse Antiques, 10095 S. Memorial Pkwy., Huntsville AL.
                              ---Haysland Antique Mall, 8503 Whitesburg Dr., Huntsville AL.
                              (256)881-1678 or (256)883-0181. <>
                              ---Lincoln Center Antiques, 1214 Meridian St., Huntsville AL.
                              ---Oakwood Avenue Antique Mall, 905 Oakwood Ave., N.W., Huntsville AL.
                              ---Old Town Antique Mall, 820 Wellman Ave., N.E., Huntsville AL.
                              ---Railroad Station Antique Mall, 315 Jefferson St., N., Huntsville
                              AL.  (256)533-6550. <>
                              ---Red Rooster Antique Mall, 12519 Memorial Pkwy., S.W., Huntsville
                              AL.  (256)881-6530.
            Jacksonville      ---Country Store Antique Mall, 1964 Cedar Springs Dr., Jacksonville
                              AL.  (256)435-6605.
                              ---Old South Antique Mall, 405 Pelham Rd., N., Jacksonville AL.
            Killen            ---Estate Antique Mall, Hwy. 72, Killen AL. (256)757-9941.
                              ---Hodgepodge Antiques Mall, 4225 Hwy. 72, Killen AL. (256)757-4010.
            Laceys Spring     ---Special Touch Antique Mall, 4287 Hwy. 231, Laceys Spring AL.
            Madison           ---Hartlex Antique Mall, 181-18 Hughes Rd., Madison AL. (256)464-3940.
                              ---Purple Tree Antique Mall, 29730 US Hwy. 72, Madison AL.
                              ---Tally's Antique Mall, 7407 Hwy. 72 W., Madison AL. (256)722-7944.
            Owens Cross Roads ---Blue Bird Antique Mall, 9195 Hwy. 431 S., Owens Cross Roads AL.
            Oxford            ---Olde Mill Antique Mall & Village, Oxford AL. (256)835-0599.
                              ---Timeless Treasures Antique Mall, 230 Davis Loop, Oxford AL.
            Rogersville       ---Jan's Antique Mall & Gifts, 1608 Lee St., Rogersville AL.
                              ---Long's Antiques Mall, Hwy. 72 W. Elgin, Rogersville AL.
                              ---Rogersville Antique Mall, 1565 Lee St., Rogersville AL.
            Scottsboro        ---Unique Treasures Antique Mall, 209 W. Laurel St., Scottsboro AL.
                              (256)574-1974. <>
            Sheffield         ---Keepers of the Past Antique Mall, 403 N. Montgomery Ave.,
                              Sheffield AL. (256)386-8600.
            Sylacauga         ---Garage, The, 110 W. First St., Sylacauga AL. (256)208-7744 or Fax:
                              (256)208-7740. <>
            Wellington        ---Country Store Antique Mall, 10614 U.S. Hwy. 431, Wellington AL.
                              ---Dishman's Antique Mall, 10770 U.S. Hwy 431, Wellington AL.
                              ---Fowler's Antique Mall, 37 Saxons Lakeside Dr., Wellington AL.
                              (256)847-3737. At US Hwy 431 mile marker 244. Wed-Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5.
Alabama 334 Andalusia         ---Plunder Parlor, 209 E. Three Notch St., Andalusia AL.
                              (334)222-1549. /H/ We're in downtown Andalusia, just North of the
                              Square and open Mon-Sat 10:30-5:30.
            Brundidge         ---Green Star Antique Mall, 126 S. Main St., Brundidge AL.
                              ---Rue's Antique Mall, 123 S. Main St., Brundidge AL. (334)735-3125.
            Daphne            ---Daphne Antique Galleria, The, 1699 Hwy. 98 E., Daphne AL.
            Demopolis         ---Demopolis Antique Mall, 704 Hwy. 80 E., Demopolis AL.
            Dothan            ---Highlands Antique Mall, 7329 W. Main St., Dothan AL. (334)692-5493.
                              ---Land of Cotton Antique Mall, 2210 Ross Clark Cir., Dothan AL.
                              ---Old South Antique Mall, 1861 Reeves St., Dothan AL. (334)794-7568.
            Eufaula           ---Teddy Bear Antique Mall, 106 S. Eufaula Ave., Eufaula AL.
            Florala           ---Florala Flea Market & Antique Mall, 1500 W. 5th Ave., Florala AL.
                              ---State Line Mini Mall, 1603 6th St., Florala AL. (334)858-8103.
                              ---Warehouse Market Mall, 23380 5th Ave., Florala AL. (334)858-8102.
            Guntersville      ---Southern Pines Antique Mall, 336 Gunter Ave., Guntersville AL.
            Marion            ---Marion Antique Mall, 235 Washington St., Marion AL. (334)683-9030.
            Millbrook         ---Sarah's Antique Malls, 2210 Wall St., Millbrook AL. (334)285-4888.
            Montgomery        ---Act II Consignment Shoppe, 3448 Atlanta Hwy., Montgomery AL.
                              ---Antiques Emporium, 401 Coliseum Blvd., Montgomery AL.
                              ---Bodiford's Antique Mall, 919 Hampton St., Montgomery AL.
                              ---Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall, 425 Coliseum Blvd.,
                              Montgomery AL.  (334)277-4027.
                              ---Jefferson Mall, 12 W. Jefferson, Montgomery AL. (334)834-6531.
                              ---Montgomery Antique Galleries, 1955 Eastern Blvd., Montgomery AL.
            Opelika           ---Angel's Antique & Flea Mall, 900 Columbus Pkwy., Opelika AL. (334)745-3221.
                              ---Courthouse Square Antique Mall & Shoppes, 205 S. 10th St., Opelika
                              AL.  (334)737-0355 or Fax: (334)737-0524. /H/ In Downtown Opelika
                              behind the Historic Lee County Courthouse. Open Mon-Sat 9-6, Sunday
                              1-5.  <>
                              ---Gidgets Antique Mall, 7658 U.S. Hwy. 280 W., Opelika AL.
                              ---Highway 280 Antique Mall, 4830 Al. Hwy. 147, N., Opelika AL.
                              (334)821-8540.  <>
            Opp               ---Stewart House Mall, 100 N. Whaley St., Opp AL. (334)493-6012.
            Ozark             ---Reece Antique Mall, 2622 S US Hwy 231, Ozark AL. (334)774-2923.
            Phenix City       ---Zeke's Antique Mall, 1921 Crawford Rd., Phenix City AL.
            Prattville        ---J & G Flea Market & Antiques, 742 E. Main St., Prattville AL.
                              ---Linda's Antique Mall, 1120 S. Memorial Dr., Prattville AL.
                              ---Memories Flea Antique Mall, 1724 E. Main St., Prattville AL.
            Salem             ---Old Salem Antique Center, 50 Lee Rd., Salem AL. (334)749-1925.
            Selma             ---June Buggs Flee & Antique Mall, 1302 E. Highland Ave., Selma AL.
                              ---Selma Antique Mall, 1400 Water Ave., Selma AL 36701. (334)872-1663.
                              Open 10-6 Mon.-Sat.; 1-5 Sun. /H/
            Thomasville       ---Featherstone's Antique Mall, 708 Hwy. 43 S., Thomasville AL.
                              ---Possum Shop Antique Mini Mall, 708 Hwy. 43 S., Thomasville AL.
                              (334)636-0460. <>




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